Finally finished an original piece - Dark Blue - Inspired by the Jack’s Mannequin song of the same title

Other than the books, the only media that transported me to Hogwarts was the video game. Specifically, Half-Blood Prince. I loved collecting all the crests in the school, and to see every detail the designers came up with; brewing potions was also great! DH part 1 was another fantastic game! My second fav place is the Ministry and they made a great job of its portrail in the game, I loved it!

Personal rant

I don’t usually post stuff, I’m just happy reblogging and admiring people quietly around here. People like @were-cheetah-stiles @minhosmeanhoe @mf-despair-queen and many others have left in awe with their sheer talent, and I’d like to thank them for taking the time and putting in all the effort. You guys really are amazing and you deserve everything that is good in the world.

I’d also like to talk about Dylan O’Brien, because I have recently seen a video of him at a film festival that has left me speachless. And I know you guys already know this, and I’m boring you, but I feel like my admiration for the man has no limits. I mean sure, I liked him at first because he is hot, but then, the more I discovered about him, the more I fell down the rabbit hole. His portrail of Stiles is just perfect. And having gone through enough rough patches in my life as well, I feel that he really got the essence of the character. He’s quirky and sarcastic and beautifully broken at the same time. And he still tries to take care of everybody,because he knows all to well what it’s like to lose someone you love. And the way he played the Nogitsune; I still get chills from watching some scenes.

I was amazed to find out that he plays quite a few instruments, and thanks to him I’m once again inspired to take drumming lessons. 

But, most importantly I admire him because he is so very down to earth and has a fear of public speaking, which he admits to. He points out, several times over, that he is human, he is flawed and he is far from perfect. And I dunno, anyone who tells people to embrace their flaws because that’s what makes them unique,will always have a special place in my heart.

OK,rant over. Sorry!



“It’s offensive to hear about you,” she replied, her lips thinned tightly. Minerva ran a hand down her front, smoothing her robes down.

Perhaps it wasn’t her place to say anything or to go off on the official but it was the wrong day to be disrespectful in front of her. Especially about Severus. She realized that they weren’t best friends or anything of the sort but she did consider him a colleague that she considered as a decent human regardless of his past.

Scoffing, Minerva looked at him, “It’s nothing to me, but it infuriates me when people are so blatantly disrespectful. Wot does he bloody know about you? Hmm? Nothing, that’s wot.”

Even though he wouldn’t readily admit to it, he was greatful for her concern, if he could call it that much. In all honesty, though, he did find that the words spoken about him weren’t exaggerated. He deserved no better, given his past.

“How touching” he said, rolling his eyes, in an attempt to discourage her from ever stepping out of line on his behalf again.
He wasn’t worth it. Besides, there was too much going on now to worry about trival things such as a few hard words. The ministry was doing it’s best to portrail them all as a bunch of old fools, which was not only highly unbenificial for their cause in the Order, but would also have it’s affect on the school itself.

“Though I suggest, in the future-, 

      you bite. your. tongue”

“I believe there are far more pressing matters than this little game of namecalling.”


Parents visit

Take them to Moma museum

There’s a Video games exhibit surprisingly

Vibe rabbit is playable but controller is ruined. All the controllers for everything is ruined. Is this a meta portrail of a Chuck E Cheese?

For someone who rails so much against rape culture she sure does seem to be sending some strangely mixed messages with how she’s showing herself off… Looking almost undressed in the picture, come hither look - she’s by all means giving off sexual signals.

So a pony blog is'nt allowed to have a mare running around screwing things for shits and giggles - but she herself is allowed to broadcast the same kind of sexual messaging?

I would certainly love to verbally molest her for her hypocrisy and idiocy. 

To Clarify (since I’m getting a ton of reblogs here…)

I have tangled with scientologists. I have gotten threats from muslims over prophet drawings I’ve made. I can recognize a serious and problematic issue when I see it. Molestia was not such a thing.

People who get their panties in a bunch over something this silly - since JJ’s blog NEVER advocated that humans should rape humans - are fucking retarded.

My beef with PinkiePony is that she clearly is showing herself off as a sexy fun girl - but at the same time railing against JJ’s portrail of Molestia as pretty much the same thing. That is her hypocrisy.

You may disagree with my word choice, in which case I’ll admit that my original post was typed up in anger - but I stand by its current wording in that it reflects my honest opinion.

Second Edit: Now with more fun info

JJ’s blog was clearly labeled and marked as being meant for humorous adult entertainment. If kids ever got access to it, it was by bypassing and ignoring age restriction settings.

PinkiePie on the other hand has also made pony porn. No really. Check her ED page, they have lovely copies of it.

Basically she’s the kind of hypocrite who simply saw something more popular than herself - and decided to destroy it - because she felt it was infringing on ‘her territory’ (because clearly she’s the only one allowed to draw pictures of ponies having sex…)


Happy 57th to one of the best actors this world has ever known. Mr. Gary Oldman’s ruthless portrail of Stansfield in Luc Besson’s 1994 film Leon the Professional is legendary and more than inspired this painting. It’s the first time we see Stansfield on screen and his look says so much without speaking a word.

Thank you for your amazing talents.

Acrylic and Col Erase on stained birchwood 30x40 painting by Bowman 2012.