portrai sketch


When technically you’re the chill friend but your best friend for whatever reason refuses to accept the happiness he deserves smh

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I like to believe that whenever Kuroo is taking Kenma out for dates, he doesn’t speak.. Instead he is content enough just staring at him. Which ofc makes Kenma uncomfortable af.


My weaboo furry.

Still fleshing out her character. History’s a bit eh. Personality is eh. I’m going for a regal composed gal. Not at all like what I just portrayed in the sketches above lol. I want her to be very elegant and “O, heals, yes. Fortune-
oh yeah that’s the best part.
she tells fortunes too. She does Ceromancy. 


Отчет по эскизам. В основном Котозомби, ЖБ и ЖБЗ. Как-то так.

King Midas’s touch could turn anything into gold. My touch turns everything into abominations :)

P.S. Yes I do think that JBG is a bara king, and no one can tell me otherwise.

P.S.x2  I’m sorry GHS fandom.

~* Cat is open for commissions *~

hello hello! due to popular demand, I’m now accepting commissions! these are the kind of drawings I’m offering right now, although I’m open to suggestion so ask away. you can see my work at #cat draws people

more info:

payment is to be done via paypal
I can draw you, friends, or even characters from different fandoms
I’ll need at least two photos of whomever I’m portraying
I’ll do sketches and require approval in order to do the best job I can to please you
no drawing will be posted without your permission
anything else, please contact me here on tumblr or via email! thank you