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高円寺 #11






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高円寺 #07






My Lomo LC-A missed the tram. What to do Mr Lomo was thinking, before he decided to go and buy more film for the spring shoot out. It was hard to decide what to buy, because of the prices here in Sweden, where most of the photo shop owners don´t know a shit about the film market anymore, and always are to expensive. The man behind the counter said: -Hey aren´t you an old crappy Russian camera that produces shit images? and laughed.
Mr Lomo answered: - You wouldn´t even know what art is, even though it was in front of you. The man behind the counter said that everybody stoped making film. Oh boy! he was so wrong. Mr Lomo walked out and realized that it was the same in all shops, they all really didn´t know what they where talking about. They all had forgotten where it all started and they didn´t even have the slightest clue, that the film market flourished again.

Mr Lomo called me and said he was so sad, I comforted him and said we could buy from ebay and get really good deals. Is it true? Yes, never buy from shops in Sweden, well there is one guy who can deliver and he truly is a saviour, a photographic Messias in this cold northern part of the globe. -What is his name? Mr Lomo asked. - Dex at dexfoto.com, I answered.

This is a true story……