Detalle de la fachada posterior, Apartamentos dúplex, av. Corregidores 732 & 822 esq. Melchor de Portocarrero, Lomas de Virreyes,Lomas de Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México 1957 (remodelado)

Arqs. Octavio G. Barreda y Julio Sánchez Juárez y Lechuga

Detail of the rear facade, Duplex apartments, av. Corregidores 732 & 822 at Melchor de Portocarrero, Lomas de Virreyes, Lomas de Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City 1957 (remodeled)

Ingram Model 5

Gordon Ingram returned to the US after WWII with the belief that the simplest firearms were the most reliable. In 1946, he designed his own submachine gun, which he dubbed the “Model 5” (not because it was his fifth design, but to avoid confusion with the US Army’s M1, M2, M3 and to allow for an M4). Ingram struck a deal with the Lightning Arms Co., who managed to interest the Nicaraguan government with the design, but this amounted to nothing. In the end, only a single prototype was ever made. Here, in the only known photograph of the Model 5, a young woman (who I believe is Hope Portocarrero) demonstrates the simplicity of the Model 5.

 Women in History: Queens and Princesses

8) The Last Empress of the French

Doña María Eugenia Ignacia Augustina de Palafox-Portocarrero de Guzmán y Kirkpatrick (5 May 1826 – 11 July 1920), known as Eugénie de Montijo, was the last Empress consort of the French from 1853 to 1871 as the wife of Napoleon III, Emperor of the French.


I caught a fish T-H-I-S big…on the Trinity Wild and Scenic River with #mypubliclandsroadtrip!

Popular with fisherman and pleasure boaters alike, the 43 miles of the Wild and Scenic Trinity River from Lewiston to Pigeon Point is a class I and II segment that flows out of the Trinity and Lewiston Lakes. This clear, cold section of the river is world famous for its fly fishing. Paddlers enjoy the narrow valley with Ponderosa Pine, Douglas fir, Oaks, and Madrone trees coating the walls of the canyons. If you would like more adrenaline rush, the waters below Pigeon Point rage at class III-V. Those interested in a more relaxing experience can enjoy the abundant camping options in the area or head for the trail with your friends, horses, or dog. If you would like to stay at the river’s edge, you can always swim, fish or do a little gold panning. The river can be accessed from many locations along this stretch of the Trinity River.

Whether you are bank fishing or float in a drift boat, world famous fly fishing is what you will get on the Wild and Scenic Trinity River between Lewiston and Pigeon point. Clear, cold, class I and II water flow through this section popular with fishermen and pleasure boaters alike. Several commercial guides operate on the Trinity River under BLM and Forest Service Special Recreation Permits offering guided driftboat fishing trips.