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Bruh u met Sebastian ? Heck?

yeah, my girlfriend and i were in portland and we went to starbucks. and then i made eye contact with him as i sat down and then i went over and said hi and asked for a picture and he said no. so we apologized for interrupted as we left and now he owes us a picture and a bagel because he distracted us from eating a bagel. 


I had such an amazing time with you. You being in my arms made it feel like our worlds finally collided. I finally felt whole and at home. I loved pulling you in closer to me,just when I thought we couldn’t get any closer. I loved kissing all over your face and those lips and then being the silly kid that I am when I make growling noises at you and pretend to nibble on ya.😂 I finally held the world in my hands. The time spent being there with you physically has been the best time of my life. I never felt more comfortable than I did with you. We went from 2 years of texting and skyping to holding eachother in both of our arms. I wish our time could’ve been a bit longer. Thank god my flight got cancelled the original day I was going home, I needed that extra time with you. I never knew what a slow,burning love felt like until I experienced it with you. There is so much passion in everything that you do. I’m glad I get to see it with eyes wide open. You are my home. You are the person I want to build my life with. I didn’t think that can happen with another person but It happened with you. I’m so use to being alone in this life but you came along and have brought me so much joy. You teach me so much as time goes along. I’m so happy to be yours. I am so in love with you.

This is my girlfriend @vacant-heart-open-mind, everybody. I couldn’t help taking a picture of her when she wasn’t looking…just look at her. I’m so lucky to call her my partner.

Portland area queers please help

My girlfriend and I have just lost our sublet for the month of October a day before we were supposed to move in. I am facing homelessness for the first time in my life and I’m so completely terrified. There’s maybe a lead on a place in Seattle but it’s with a cishet couple who I don’t really know and I’m very very hesitant about that idea for obvious reasons. Please if you know about anything about a temporary safe space or can help me and my girlfriend out at all feel free to message me. We have been forcibly evicted from our home by individuals in positions of administrative power in our previous community which has firmly revealed itself to be intrinsically transmisogynistic and implicitly supportive of TERF ideology and rhetoric. I know things will work out in the long term because I need to feel that way in order to keep going, but I am so afraid about my wellbeing for the next couple of months. At this point with how extremely depressed I’ve been the last couple weeks and the intensity of my anxiety tumbling out of control the last 72 hours, and now hearing that I have no place to turn next… Idk things are just incredibly difficult and extremely scary, I’m not doing very well atm.

URGENT - my partner needs housing - portland, or

hey everyone my girlfriend quin kerosling’s sublet is up next week (8/29) and they are desperately seeking somewhere to live in the portland area. they are 23 and transfeminine and will obviously need to live somewhere queer/trans friendly. they can afford to pay around $300-400/mo and i can vouch that they are friendly, respectful, clean, and generally an excellent person to live with. even if you don’t live in the area could you please signal boost this post? we are super worried that they won’t find somewhere in time. thank you!