6th grade class photo from the Whittier School, Denver, Colorado, 1940’s.

The Whittier School was located in the Five Points-Whittier area of Denver at 2480 Downing Street. This historic African American neighborhood also became home to Latinos, Native Americans and even some Japanese Americans who moved there to escape wartime internment. The fact that this fully integrated school existed years before Brown vs. Board of Education and in a period when the power of the Klan was on the rise in Denver political life is inspiring and amazing.

(photo from a private collection, Portland, Oregon)


Just a little taster from the Pendleton Portland collection we have at our showroom right now for AW12. Following on from the Opening Ceremony collaboration, Pendleton have come back with an amazing range for AW12. All made in Portland from the sheering of the sheep onwards. The touch value and pattern quality on the collection is second to none, with each fabric weave having its own story running through a selection of shirts, jackets, accessories and home wares. Look out for AW12 in the UK

Stylish Laptop Bags

They exist!

Have you ever experienced the challenge of trying to lock down a bag that is worthy of carrying your laptop? It gets quite serious. Not only are reading up on specs and features to make sure your technological baby is kept safe, you’re simultaneously judging the alternatives by their aesthetic appeal. It’s a difficult task for sure, which is why a lot of people think stylish laptop bags just don’t exist. If you look in the right places though you’ll see that these hard-to-find accessories are attainable!

Here to help you out, we selected 15 good-looking laptop bags for you in 5 different styles to match your taste in fashion.

Tech Ninja

Focused Space The Slimline Backpack

Modern Minimal

Cote & Ciel Alias Isar Laptop Backpack

Heritage Hipster

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack
Fjallraven Kanken Laptop Pack
Focused Space The Holster Backpack

Trendy Hand Carry

Filson Padded Laptop Briefcase
MARC by Marc Jacobs Computer Commuter Laptop Case
Griffin Volstead Laptop BriefcaseWheelmen & Co. E. Homes Laptop Case
The Portland Collection by Pendleton Monument Laptop Bag

Snazzy Sleeve

Haerfest F21 Laptop Sleeve
MARC by Marc Jacobs Dreamy Logo Laptop Sleeve
ModCloth Passing Notes Laptop Sleeve
Brooks Brothers Mackintosh Laptop Case
Vivienne Westwood Porta Laptop Case

Don’t doubt the existence of stylish laptop bags! They’re just waiting to be found. So whether you’re looking for a backpack, messenger bag, briefcase, or sleeve to fashionably carry your tech with, always remember you can discover stylish laptop bags you’ll love on Wantering.


one of our newest additions, Daniel, wearing pendlton portand collection shirt [$198], altru warhol devotee-shirt [$36]

top 5 albums//thrice [identity crisis], mxpx [teenage politics], descendents [milo goes to college], juliana thoery [emotion is dead], j roddy walston and the business [self-titled]

currently listening to// lana del ray

jean of choice//nudie slim jim, “a blend of looking good, not too skinny, not too relaxed, a higher rise and comfortable when they have the stretch in them, the original nudie”

drink of choice// makers mark on the rocks

cereal box character that I’m most like//sonny the cocoa puffs bird

currently coveting// nudie tape ted in black

embarrassing fashion trend I followed// jnco wide leg denim

childhood dreamk job//basket ball player

beatles or rolling stones?// beatles