Just a little taster from the Pendleton Portland collection we have at our showroom right now for AW12. Following on from the Opening Ceremony collaboration, Pendleton have come back with an amazing range for AW12. All made in Portland from the sheering of the sheep onwards. The touch value and pattern quality on the collection is second to none, with each fabric weave having its own story running through a selection of shirts, jackets, accessories and home wares. Look out for AW12 in the UK


Clothing by Pendleton Portland Collection.

There isn’t a lot in the fashion world that really moves me these days. But the new Portland Collection by Pendleton is one of them. I got together some friends to help put this shoot together. Thanks so much to www.francesmay.com for lending us some pieces from the collection and to www.unionpine.com for lending us the space to shoot in.


one of our newest additions, Daniel, wearing pendlton portand collection shirt [$198], altru warhol devotee-shirt [$36]

top 5 albums//thrice [identity crisis], mxpx [teenage politics], descendents [milo goes to college], juliana thoery [emotion is dead], j roddy walston and the business [self-titled]

currently listening to// lana del ray

jean of choice//nudie slim jim, “a blend of looking good, not too skinny, not too relaxed, a higher rise and comfortable when they have the stretch in them, the original nudie”

drink of choice// makers mark on the rocks

cereal box character that I’m most like//sonny the cocoa puffs bird

currently coveting// nudie tape ted in black

embarrassing fashion trend I followed// jnco wide leg denim

childhood dreamk job//basket ball player

beatles or rolling stones?// beatles

Pendleton's Fall 2013 Portland Collection

Hot on the heels of my idyllic week-long trip to Portland, Oregon, Pendleton’s Fall 2013 Portland Collection came to my attention (thanks for the heads up Sally Jane Vintage!). Apparently it was launched back in April (how did I miss it until now??).

It brought to mind Junior year of college (at the University of Oregon, no less) when I was obsessed with finding the perfect “Grandpa” cardigan, a term I like to think I coined (at the very least in my own world). I realize now that the obsession originated during my final visit with my grandfather–Grandpa Doc, as we kids sometimes called him. He was dying of cancer and looked like a different person to us. He was wearing a gray cashmere cardigan with a cozy collar and brown buttons. I searched in vain for most of the school year and came up with nothing. The closest I’ve come is a pale beige, inflated cost, prone-to-pilling cardigan from Urban Outfitters–grim!

One wouldn’t imagine this to be such an exhausting and fruitless search–maybe I was too picky–but the best match I’ve seen thus far is this men’s cardigan in the Pendleton collection. It’s moving swiftly to the top of my wish list.  

A men’s cardigan paired with a dress lends the “ex-boyfriend” vibe to the look. Love it. Want it. Need it. 

Here are a few more of my favorite looks:

If I were to buy anything from the collection it would be the above navy trench.

The above is my favorite dress in the collection. The boat neck, three quarter sleeves, and pockets lend an elegance to it. If only I had a pair of Rachel Comey Mars books to wear with it. 

And lastly, the styling of this is perfection to me. I would love recreate it.