Hale Woodruff (American, 1900-1980), Sunday Promenade, from the portfolio Selections from the Atlanta Period, 1939; printed 1996, linocut on paper, Gift of Ivanhoe B. Higgins, Jr. and Jill M. Ward, © unknown, research required, 2013.6.1h

This work is not currently on view.

I haven’t been able to find much written on this work, but that may be due to not having specific resources at hand at the moment. I’ll just say this for now: based on the fashionable dress of the women walking down the street and the wooden clapboard style buildings - especially the church dominating the composition in the central background - I think this shows a common southern Sunday morning scene with recently migrated-north folks come back home to show off the wealth and opportunities they’ve found. I particularly enjoy the courting scene of the couple with their backs to us, and the gentleman who has his head tilted slightly to hear what the lady is saying.