Just got home from seeing Chris at the Portland TLOS event. A good crowd of around 300 people, probably 2/3 of them kids, came to see him and the kids were so excited it was hard not to be charmed. And of course Chris was his usual sweet and engaging self.

He read part of the Blimp Boy chapter, then did costumes (a 7y.o. Red Riding Hood with Shirley Temple ringlets was the winner.), Trivia, raffle numbers for the meet and greet, the Q&A, then he read the intro to the upcoming Classic Fairy Tales book. It lasted about an hour overall but felt faster.

Highlights were a little girl who blasted out the first trivia answer without waiting to be called, which cracked Chris up. “Well, that hasn’t happened before!” Another girl who asked about his Speech and Debate days and asked permission to use Struck by Lightning for her piece. Chris said that’s how SBL originally started, so it was going full circle. And he loved the kid who entered the costume event as a farmer from the RRH kingdom.

Good fun overall, and while I like the face to face signings a bit better personally, I could see that Chris really enjoyed this new format and had plenty of energy left at this, his last tour stop, so no complaints.