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Field Trip

“We both have such great memories of going on adventures when we were kids and exploring with our school and friends. It is a break from the daily grind and a chance to reconnect to that fun carefree part of ourselves we can lose in our day to day responsibilities.“ Go inside Portland’s celebrated boutique Field Trip and discover how owner Kara Green is humanizing the store’s shopping experience…

Photos by Nicholas Peter Wilson for The Style Line

Obsessed w/ Portland, Oregon.🗻 Hoping to be moved to the west coast by summer of 2017 😁crazy how short our lives are on this planet, and that the majority of people only get to see a small portion of the world. I want to travel as much as I can while I can. All these places and people across the globe are so beautiful.
Let’s travel the world 🌎✈️

So my friends and I are traveling to Portland...

At the end of June (the 25-30), myself and four of my friends are traveling to Portland. We’re looking for a place to stay that is relatively safe and decently affordable (less than $150 a night if possible). Seeing none of us know anything about Portland or traveling there, we are seriously at a loss trying to use websites to find a decent hotel. 

So mainly if anyone has advice on places to stay in Portland we would greatly appreciate it.

I do not recommend that men in their sixties father children. My childhood was spent worrying daily that each day would be the day my daddy would die because he was old. And then, one day, he did. When I arrived at adulthood, I came to the conclusion that the only way I could have a meaningful relationship with my dad was if time travel were possible. And what fun it would be to transport myself back to New Orleans in the 1930s to visit dapper young George—or World War II naval officer George! How vindicating to say, “Hey, I’m your future daughter, I come from the year 2016, and you were right, we do carry an electronic link to all the world’s knowledge in our pockets in the future.” (My dad predicted the smartphone when I was a child. I’m proud of him for that.)

Read “If We Could Rewind It,” by Mo Daviau, debut author of Every Anxious Wave


Portland Evening by Bob Gingg
Via Flickr:
Morrison Bridge Portland. Shot from Treasure Island. Visit Facebook at: www.facebook.com/RGinggPhotography