portland student union

February 5th, 2014.

Portland Student Union organized a walk out and got 600 out of 1200 students to walk out of our high school, in solidarity with the teachers union about to go on strike.

This picture shows the point in the march that I’m most proud of. The police tried to barricade the street so that we would turn around, and instead the students just walked around them, got back in the street, and kept going. 

today during my speech i said “we shouldn’t be fearing the next cuts to our schools, the district should be fearing us” and now it’s all up in the news reports and on twitter and shit.

600 students walked out at my high school today, and 1000 around the city.

plus, the teachers voted to authorize a strike, so we could be seeing a strike on February 20th.

solidarity forever, the union makes us strong. <3