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Before Newtown: Connecticut’s First School Shooting

27-years before Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary and murdered 27 people, there was another, little discussed school shooting in Connecticut. 

On December 11, 1985, 13-year old Floyd Warmsley was told by his principal to remove his hat, which was against school rules. The eighth grader was “reluctant to do so”, so he walked home, stole his fathers Tec-9 assault pistol, walked back to Portland Junior High School and entered the principals office. 

He pulled the gun from his trench coat, and pointed it at the principal. Another teacher pushed him out of the way and they both hid in an office. Warmsley then shot and injured the school secretary, before going to the upper level of the school, randomly shooting at lockers and taking a student hostage. 

The school janitor, David Bangston, was returning from his break just as the vice principal announced via the intercom that there was an active shooter in the building. Warmsley aimed down the hallway and shot Langston from about 200 feet away, killing him instantly. Several hours went by as the parent of the student he took hostage pleaded with him over the intercom system. Eventually Warmsley threw the pistol out of the window and surrendered himself to the authorities. 

Floyd Warmsley was tried as a juvenile, found guilty and sentenced to four years in a juvenile facility. He was released after three years for good behavior. 

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studying for my calc and physics exams this week. just got the notification that my tones are about to run out of battery and I don’t have the charger, damnit. oh well, the white noise of Portland will do :)
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Last night I went to a Winterhawks game cause I live in Portland for school, and honestly I was super sad the whole time cause even though this new team gets into tons of entertaining fights, nothing beats watching your home team and Martin Jones looking amazing



in 2002 a coyote did sneak on to MAX (aka portland’s light rail) and now modest mouse gave it a tribute in this music video!