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Bacon has spent his entire career working as an educator in and around Portland. He began teaching in the mid-’80s and became vice principal of Albina’s Jefferson High School a decade later. Many of his students from Jefferson are now parents of his students at Boise.

But the same families who grew up in the neighborhood can’t afford to live here now. Bacon says the student body’s homelessness rate has been ticking upward, and others have long commutes from the outskirts of the city. The travel means students often can’t stay for after-school programs or that parents pick their kids up early to avoid traffic. The students who rely on public buses often face an hour of commuting each way. “When an older sibling who comes to school on the bus is sick, that means the younger sibling doesn’t come to school either,” says Bacon. “Kids also just don’t sleep enough. They get up early to get here and then get home late.”

Bacon laments that the neighborhood’s new residents haven’t embraced Boise. It used to be a source of pride for the area, which had long battled for a quality school to call its own. That sense of ownership is fraying.

He knows his school will become whiter, though that will take time. In this year’s parent meeting for incoming kindergarteners, he was surprised at the number of white families. He says Boise will “be here for whoever wants to come” and that he’s tried to embrace the white families who have already enrolled. “I’m not going to spend too much time trying to force white people to come that might not want to come, but we’ll be open to their questions and sell the best parts of the school like we always do,” he says.

There are plenty of reasons why white, more affluent parents don’t send their children to Boise. They might cite the test scores or the draw of creative instruction at charter schools. But much of it involves internalized racism—racism that is amplified by ineffectual school district policies.

White families often transfer their children to Trillium Charter, a high-achieving school that’s less than 10 minutes away and 82 percent white. They can also send their kids to Portland magnet schools if their test scores are high enough or use the petition system to transfer to schools closer to their jobs. According to district figures, only half of neighborhood children attend Boise. Staff say many of these are black families who’ve long attended the school and have managed to stay in the neighborhood. The black students who fake their addresses, indicating they still live in neighborhood boundaries, also skew the numbers.


The Gals in college.

 I’ve been asked this a 100 times so..

  1. Hope Solo –> School: Washington ; Major: Speech Communications
  2. Syd Leroux –> School: UCLA ; Major: History
  3. Cap America –> School: Monmouth ; Major: Special Education
  4. Becky Sauerbrunn –> School: UVA ; Major: English
  5. Kelley O’Hara –> School: Stanford ; Major: Science, Technology and Society
  6. Whitney Engen –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Political Science
  7. Shannon Boxx –> School: Notre Dame ; Major: Psychology/African-American Studies
  8. Amy Rodriguez –> School: USC ; Major: Psychology
  9. Heather O’Reilly –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Education
  10. Carli Lloyd –> School: Rutgers ; Major: Exercise Science and Sport Studies
  11. Ali Krieger –> School: Penn State ; Major: Advertisement/Public relations
  12. Lauren Holiday –> School: UCLA ; Major: Sociology
  13. Alex Morgan –> School: UC Berkeley ; Major: Political Economy
  14. Morgan Brian –> School: UVA ; Major: Kinesiology
  15. Megan Rapinoe –> School: Portland ; Major: Sociology
  16. Lori Chalupny –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Sociology
  17. Tobin Heath –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Communications
  18. Ashlyn Harris –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Communications
  19. Julie Johnston –> School: Santa Clara ; Major: Communications
  20. Abby Wambach –> School: Florida ; Major: Leisure Service Management
  21. Alyssa Naeher –> School: Penn State ; Major: Kinesiology
  22. Meghan Klingenberg –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Business Administration
  23. Christen Press –> School: Stanford ; Major: Communications/Psychology
  24. Emily Sonnett –> School: UVA ; Major: Sociology
  25. Kealia Ohai –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Journalism and mass communication
  26. Crystal Dunn –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Sociology
  27. Sam Mewis –> School: UCLA ; Major: English
  28. Casey Short –> School: Florida State ; Major: Criminology
  29. Andi Sullivan –> School: Stanford ; Major: Management Science and Engineering
  30. Jane Campbell –> School: Stanford ; Major: Psychology
  31. Rose Lavelle –> School: UW ; Major: Sociology
  32. Lindsey Horan –> SKIPPED COLLEGE TO GO PRO

The last known image of Kyron Hormon, who mysteriously vanished without trace at the age of seven on June 4, 2010, from Skyline Elementary School in Portland, Oregon.

After posing for a photograph with his science fair project, Kyron just falls off the face of the earth. His stepmother, Terri Hormon, told police she last saw him walking to math class at 8:45 am after helping him set up his display. He never arrived at his class. The police were notified only when the school bus driver confirmed Kyron had been marked absent.

Terri Hormon has been a person of interest for years in Kyron’s disappearance due to the fact she was the last person who confirmed seeing him alive. Reports that she asked the family gardener to murder her stepson were never substantiated. No leads have ever been produced nor has anyone come forth with a sighting of Kyron. His disappearance is one of the most baffling in recent memory.

ok I’m gonna tidbit about the Future!Falls Au, focusing on what the Grunks r up to:

They still floating all around the globe on the Stan O War doing their thing exploring the depths and being old old bro-men. Maybe they found Atlantis, maybe took a gallon or two from the Fountain of Youth to keep them spry and healthy enough to watch the kids grow up, maybe they’ve just been getting more exercise, but whatever the reason they don’t really seem to have aged a day in the last six or seven years (”It’s all the….. Kale.” Stan turns to Ford, “That’s a vegetable right?” Ford shrugs.) They come back to Gravity Falls in the summer to spend with the family and Wendy, now in her twenties, says she’s not interested in going back to school in Portland and wants to travel, and Stan invites her to spend a year on the boat with them.

  • Ford is hesitant because while he can definitely agree that Wendy is cool and all, he doesn’t really know her that well? There was never any real opportunity to engage in anything farther than being mild acquaintances, and he’s unsure if she’ll be able to contend with some of the perils they face on a day to day basis? And Stan reassures him that Wendy is one of the most competent, capable people he’s ever known while also being able to get along with virtually everyone
  • “Plus, she always has the GOOD weed.”
    “The good what now”
  • Mabel knits her a wool hat and gloves for the cold seas and Wendy wears them at all times
  • She sets to learning about the boat and maintenance and Ford’s maps and charts like she does everything; with determination and almost otherwordly ease
  • She once killed a sea creature by literally snatching Ford’ gun off his belt and climbing over the railing to shoot the thing and Ford was. Impressed.
  • They stop at some sea town and Stan goes ashore for supplies, leaving Ford and Wendy alone on the boat and Ford was not for this at first
  • “This is exactly the sort of social situation I’m not comfortable with!”
    “….What social situation are you comfortable with?”
    “Stanley, I’m serious, you can’t leave me alone with her!”
    “You’ll be fine! …..Eh, you won’t, but I’ll be back in an hour.”
  • Stan comes back to Ford and Wendy playing Dungeons Dungeons and More Dungeons, which turns out Dipper taught Wendy at some point. He walks into the mess to see Wendy standing and yelling about being the Orc Queen of the World and Ford cracking up so Stan can assume they’ll be fine
  • There are a lot of nights with the three of them sitting on the deck getting drunk and high and telling stupid stories of when the Grunks were kids or Wendy’s life in Portland or sometimes, if they finagle enough, they can get Ford to tell them about the different dimensions he went through
  • Once, when Stan had passed out, Ford confides that he’s been studying his body, and turns out his aging has been altered while dimension bouncing, and he’s worried that he’s going to lose Stan sooner than he was thinking.
    “You won’t.” She tells him
    “How can you be sure of that?”
    “Because you’re too smart and he’s too stubborn to let that happen.”
    He’s not sure he can believe her, as much as he desperately wants to, but he’s still irrationally comforted.
  • They stop by villages and towns and go to the bars where Wendy can p much drink everyone in the place under the table. Stan starts to place bets and since nobody ever thinks this skinny freckled girl is much of anything, he always wins
  • Wendy is a good middle ground for the grunks: She’s more level-headed than Stan but much more proactive than Ford tends to be. 
  • Basically they’re the Adventure Trio and it’s. good. really good.
  • Wendy sends Mabel and Dipper postcards whenever she can to let them know she’s taking care of Her Guys
The Portland Sandwich Tour

1.The pork belly from Double Dragon- nestled in SE Portland, this place holds nostalgic value for me. It was one of the first places I ate when I was interning in Portland during grad school. The patio welcomes you in with picnic tables and inside you’ll find an eclectic mix of Asian inspired decor. Their pork belly ban mi is a twist on the original- layered with house made kimchi, chipotle aioli, cilantro and caramelized pork belly, all resting between a perfectly crunchy but chewy roll.

2.The smoked turkey sandwich- Figlia. This place is a cute new eatery established by older sister restaurant, Renata. The space feels like a European cafe where you can order just a coffee, or a full spread for lunch. The smoked turkey is a sandwich I haven’t stopped thinking about since I tried it last month. Fresh, vibrant, and perfect for sharing or devour it yourself.

3.Fried egg I’m in love, Srirachalot. The best breakfast sandwich place around this sandwich has all the goods including ham, cheese, avocado, a fried egg and sriracha! Check out their entire menu which is filled with amazing choices. A little yellow food cart settled right next to bustling SE Hawhtorne St. Perfect stop to hit before shopping or even call in a to go order before work!

Lardo- this is my go to for anything sandwich related because it’s their entire menu! Their signature? Head chef, Rick Gencarelli, likes it saucy “I actually get irritated when the sauce isn’t spread to all corners of the sandwich.” Sink your teeth through layers of flavor and texture, as this sandwich shop goes above and beyond in both creativity and quality.

5. Last but not least, the Meat Cheese Bread bacon sweet potato sandwich! This place was recommended to me by so many people that I finally had to try it for myself! I was blown away by the creativity with ingredients and textures. They try to take traditional sandwiches and put their own twist on it. Look for the seasonal favorites as well, he incorporates different things as they go in and out of season.

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Foggy Night at the Reiche Elementary School Playground by Corey Templeton
Via Flickr:
In Portland, Maine’s West End.


ART SCHOOL | Q&A w/ Alex Chiu (PDX)

From hyper color drawings, doodles to wood cut outs and even full blown costumes, artist Alex Chiu brings to life some truly fun and imaginative creations. Not just one thing, Alex not only makes comics, animations and sculptures, but also worked as an art instructor at Walters Cultural as well as created a fun online show the MAZZY Show, where he cooks with his daughter Mazzy.  We’ve excited to chat with Alex, who is getting ready to work on a mural for Portland Transit, and learn about his approach to drawing, his favorite medium, and about his upcoming project with Portland Transit. 

Photographs courtesy of the artist. 

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