portland poster

A cool geometric travel print for Portland, Oregon. Keep it weird, guys. Find it on Etsy! Use Coupon Code TUMBLR at checkout for 10% off.

Spent today turning old Portland concert posters, watercolour experiments, and my new favourite dotted grid paper into sketchbooks. ✏️📈

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some more posters for shows this summer. trying to do more work on the computer, going to the IPRC on the reg and paying for a buttload of copies that I end up recycling seems increasingly unreasonable. I’m *okay* with this so far.

also the 20xx/Sculpture Club poster is a direct ripoff of a wonderful Stanislaw Lem book cover.

anonymous asked:

I'm the anon that lives by the venue and they are playing in ridgefield,, everyday I have to drive by the venue and there sign says 5 seconds of summer- August 31 and plus they also say portland like my sister is seeing blink 182 at the same venue and the tour poster says portland sorry if I confused you...but I have sc too and I'm so excited !!!

So are they trying to say its like. The Portland show but not in Portland.

I can’t wait I know its still awhile away but it used to be 200 days so 40 something isn’t bad