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Do have to admit I like the effect of these infrared camera nature videos. Something the eyes really aren’t used to seeing, yet familiar. Here’s Oregon. Original caption: 

Created entirely with infrared converted cameras, Invisible Oregon is a study of light across time and space. As the sun rises over the State of Oregon infrared light travels across the earth revealing the subtleties of new growth and the dramatic intersection of sky and earth. Witness for the first time this diverse and interconnected landscape rendered from light we can’t see with our own eyes.
Filmed and Produced By Sam Forencich samforencich.com/

brehtnecropolis  asked:

Wait...burrowing carnivorous slugs? Where did you fond those and how hard is it to keep them?

I found them right by our house in Portland, at night, in the rain, and I was ECSTATIC because I read about them all my life but always heard they were “rarely seen.” I think it’s really just that people don’t tend to look for them. They live in moist, cool places where there are lots of earthworms to eat, but they stay deep, deep underground most of the time.

They have tiny vestigial shells on their butts:

I can find no mention anywhere of anyone ever keeping them in captivity and I’ve only had them for a few weeks so I don’t know how they’ll do in the long run, but so far they just tunnel in and out of the damp dirt I provided them and eventually slurp up any earthworms I put in there.


Night Skyline View over Spring Street towards Casco Bay by Corey Templeton

He has yet to formally announce the news – but Benedict Cumberbatch has become a father for the second time.

The actor’s wife, Sophie Hunter, 39, gave birth to their second son at the £1,200-a-night Portland Hospital in London on March 3. And in true thespian style, Cumberbatch named his boy after a Shakespearean hero. Hal was the nickname Henry V had before he became the hero of Agincourt. But in choosing the name, Cumberbatch could also be acknowledging his affection for fellow screen star Tom Hiddleston.

The pair starred together in 2012 in The Hollow Crown, an amalgamation of Shakespeare’s history plays in which Cumberbatch played Richard III and Hiddleston took the role of Hal.

The baby’s full name is Hal Auden Cumberbatch, and is a brother to Christopher, who was born in June 2015.


Harbor Fish Market, Winter Night by Corey Templeton
Via Flickr:
The historic Harbor Fish Market in Custom House Wharf in Portland, Maine.