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Saturday 8/20 – Christian and Ana arrive back at Seattle from honeymoon in Europe 

Sunday 8/21 - lunch at a Grey Manor; Ana is already starting to feel weird /moody as a result of pregnancy; after lunch, Chris plays the piano and sings “Wherever  you will go” to everyone’s surprise; car chase after leaving Grey Manor; sex in the car (Audi R8); once in the apartment she agrees to carte Blanche “kinky fuckery” in the Playroom (keys in the “yes” keychain); Christian agrees to be rough if Ana promises to say STOP; first time they do anal play; mention of Ana’s strange moods again; while taking a bath they discuss again her not having to go back to work; Ana identifies Jack Hyde as the arsonist from a video feed; while preparing a sub for Christian Ana alludes the saying “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen”, but Christian says “not yet”…he wants kids but he is not ready to share Ana yet; make out session and sex in the TV room in front of the TV

Monday 8/22  - Christian drops off Ana w/Sawyer at SIP; once at work, first disagreement with Christian via email about change in name; Ana goes into a meeting a notices animosity from peers; Ana is having lunch in her office with Hannah, when Roach comes in ushering Christian to discussing “rebranding” his “assets”…he tells her “I want your world to begin and end with me”; he announces to her that he is changing SIP to Grey Publishing and in a year he wants Ana to run it, this is his wedding present to her; when he presses for sex in the office, she agrees to change her name; Christian visits Dr. Flynn that afternoon; that evening when he picks her up she is still mad at him; Ana is looking pale; meeting with Gia (architect) during which Ana  sets her straight about keeping her hands off of Christian; after Gia leaves they have a good conversation and Ana really agrees to change her name since it means so much to Christian; she washes his Christian’s hair meaning to give him a haircut, but they end up having sex; Ana spots Taylor kissing Mrs. Jones; in Christian’s desk, while getting scissors to cut Christian’s hair, she sees Leila’s loaded gun; they discuss the possibility of Ana binding Christian during sex, but he feels uncomfortable about it

Tuesday 8/23 - over breakfast Christian announces trip to NYC at the end of the week

Thursday 8/25 - Christian flies to NYC in the wee hours; Ana promises that she’ll stay in with Kate that evening but Kate convinces Ana to go out for one drink; Ana learns from Kate that security has been increased all the Greys; they stay out until 10:15pm; at 9:30pm Christian had called Sawyer and decides to fly back to Seattle since he is mad at Ana; Jack Hyde breaks into Escala but is captured by Ryan; police is called in

Friday 8/26 - Ana wakes up in the morning to a mad Christian sitting next to her; press is in front of Escala and SIP; she is driven to work without Christian; Ana confronts Christian over email because she deduces that he returned from NYC because she had gone out with Kate and not because of Hyde breaking into the apartment; interview with Detective Clark at 3:00pm in SIP; when she gets home Christian is wearing the Playroom jeans; he tells her about the threat to the rest of the family; blindfolds her and feeds her; after leading her into the playroom and exercising orgasm-denial on Ana, Ana uses safe-word “RED” much to Christian’s shock; afterwards she agrees to be mindful of his need for control by promising to inform him whenever she changes her mind; we learn that Christian was born in Detroit (Elliot and him were adopted there before the Greys moved to Seattle) and that Jack Hyde was planning to kidnap Ana; after talking for a while they fall asleep in the red room; Christian wakes up with a nightmare (dreams Ana is dead like his birth mom)

Saturday 8/27 - Christian can’t sleep and, thinking about what Ana told him about her not seeing her friends enough, he emails Elliot and Mia and organizes a surprise trip to Aspen; Ana wakes up at 3:20am to the sound of Christian playing the piano; Christian tells her about his nightmare; when they wake up in the morning he tells her that he wants to go to Aspen; when they get to the airplane, Kate, Elliot, Mia and Ethan are there; on the plane they discuss Hyde and the possibility of an accomplice; they arrive to Aspen at 12:45pm; once in the house she’s overwhelmed by the wealth that is now hers; while talking to Christian about Elliot having had an affair with Gia, he responds that Elliott has slept with most of Seattle, “mainly women”; Ana notices that there is something going on with Elliot and Kate; later Kate tells Ana that he has been distant but she has falling in love with him; Ana, Kate and Mia go shopping the boys go fishing but Elliot announces that he has to go to town to get a battery for his watch; back in town Ana spots Elliot coming out of a jewelry store and hugging Gia; while at dinner Elliot drops down to one knee and proposes to Kate, who immediately accepts; Christian hugs Elliot calling him “Lelliot”; at 11:30pm they get to club ZAX to continue celebrating; the three girls go dancing and some random man gropes Ana and she slaps him; Christian punches the guy and dances with Ana; once at home Christian removes Ana’s make up and puts her to bed

Sunday 8/28 – In morning Christian asks Ana to play resisting him during sex, and as Ana takes “charge” Christian expresses that he feels confounded by her in a good way; during breakfast Ana eyes Christian playing with a bamboo cane outside and becomes worried; after a hike and a picnic, they return to Seattle; that evening Ana approves plans for the house and confronts Gia about seeing her with Elliot (Gia says it was a coincidence); once in bed Ana confronts Christian about whether he misses the canes, he answers that he is fine with their sex life

Monday 8/29 - While starting to discuss her schedules with Hannah they get interrupted by a call from Roach as Hannah is starting to say “Dr.” (referring to Dr. Greene); that evening Christian and Ana attend the American Shipping Association dinner; Ana uses Ben Wa Balls

Tuesday 8/30 - Hannah announces another impromptu meeting with Roach implying the some appointments must be moved again (Ana doesn’t realize one of those appointments is with Dr. Greene)

Thursday 9/1 - Christian let’s Ana know that Hyde has been refused bail and remains in custody; Ana mentions to Christian that she doesn’t like Prescott as her security detail

Weekend of 9/2-4 - Ana and Christian go sailing, soaring/gliding; Christian spanks Ana for pleasure

Tuesday 9/6 - while Prescott is on a bathroom break, Leila shows up at SIP, with Susi, another ex-sub; Prescott advices Ana against meeting with Leila, but Ana meets with her nonetheless; Hannah mentions the need to cancel another meeting across town (implied appointment with Dr. Greene); Ana learns that Christian is paying for Leila’s art classes and that he has 2 of her paintings (we later learn the he gave them to Elliot); she also acknowledges that she came to Ana because she knew Christian would come; Christian barges in, fires Prescott on the spot, and tells Leila not to ever harass Ana again; re conciliatory sex at home

Friday 9/9 – Ana and Christian have enjoyed 3 days of mind-blowing sex; morning is interrupted by a call from Jose’s dad telling Ana that they have been in an accident and Ray has been airlifted to OHSU in Portland (drunk driver crashed onto the side of the car where Ray was as they were returning from a fishing trip); Ana tells Hannah to cancel all her appointments again for that day and Monday; Ana has Sawyer drive her to Portland; she calls Christian en route to Portland, but he is stock in a meeting with Ros and some people from Taiwan (Christian is buying a shipyard in Taiwan), and joins her a few hours later after flying on Charlie Tango; after operation Ray is stable but in critical condition in an induced coma; Christian moves Ana to The Heathman to the same suite as the one she slept in the night the she dunk-dialed Christian; when they return to the hospital they find Grace (Christian’s mom) checking on Ray (she drove from Seattle on her own accord)

Saturday 9/10 – Ana’s birthday; Christian gives her a Cartier charm bracelet with an Eiffel Tower, a London cab, a helicopter, a glider, a catamaran, a bed, an ice cream cone, a letter “C” (for being the first to use his first name), a key and a heart locket; after breakfast Ana uses Christian’s toothbrush in “homage” to the first morning she woke up in Christian’s suite; once in the elevator they recall the “fuck the paperwork” moment a couple of months before; once outside Ana gets her second birthday present…a white R8 as she had asked Christian the night of the car chase; after visiting Ray at the hospital they go for a ride and for lunch at Le Picotin, the restaurant where they had dinner the night of Jose’s show (when they reconciled); after lunch they go back to the hospital; in the evening, back at The Heathman surprises Ana with a dress he bought for her to go to dinner; after a bath he blow dries Ana’s hair; when they get to the private dining room, it is a surprise party for Ana with the entire family, including Kate, Ethan (flown in on Charlie Tango), Jose and his dad, and Ana’s mom and her husband (flown in on Christian’s private jet)

Sunday 9/11 – Breakfast with the all the attendees (except Jose and his dad); they visit Ray with Ana’s mom; Ana’s mom returns to Savanah; in the evening, as Ana reads the sports section of the newspaper to Ray, he wakes up from the coma; they dine in private in their suite

Monday 9/12 – Christian tells Ana that detective Clark wants to come to Portland to interview her; at the hospital Anna tells Ray that they want to move them to Seattle; at 4pm Clark meets Ana at The Heathman, he tells them that Hyde is accusing Ana of sexual-harassment, but Anna tells him what really happened

Tuesday 9/13 – by noon they have move Ray to Seattle’s Northwest Hospital; Anna gets a call from a number she doesn’t recognize (which was Dr. Greene); as Ana walks out of the hospital Dr. Greene catches up with her; Ana has missed the last few appointments; pregnancy test shows that Ana is pregnant; ultrasound shows “Blip”; Ana goes back to work; at six Christian picks her up; they go see Ray; while at dinner Anna tells him that she’s pregnant and he flips out storming out on her; Mrs. Jones consoles Ana; Ana falls asleep in the Library; Christian goes to Dr. Flynn but he is at a teacher-parents conference; Christian ends up in front of Esclava and runs into Elena: they go for drinks and he tells her that Ana wants kids, but does not tell her she is already pregnant; Elena makes a pass at Christian and he recoils; they say goodbye for the last time

Wednesday 9/14 – At 1:30am Christian returns home drunk; Ana gets him to bed; as she undresses him his blackberry falls from his pants and she sees a text from Elena mentioning that he will be a great dad and Ana assumes that he told her about the pregnancy; Ana feels betrayed; she snoops through his emails finding an email about the investigation into Hyde; she sends Christian an angry text; she sleeps in the playroom; when she gets out they have an all out argument; Ana goes to work; in the evening she goes visit Ray; Christian stays in the office working late; Ana sleeps in her old/sub room

Thursday 9/15 – When Ana wakes up she sees a chair close to her bed and Christian’s grey tie on the floor; over breakfast Mrs. Jones tells her he came home but left early; mid-morning Christian emails Ana letting her know he is flying to Portland; Mia is kidnapped from her gym by Elizabeth (SIP HR); during lunch Ana gets a call from Mia’s cell, but it is jack Hyde telling her he has Mia and wants $5 million; Ana tells Sawyer she is not feeling well and wants to go home; Ana gets Leila’s gun from Christian’s desk; she dishes Sawyer at Escala; at the bank they call Christian; when he gets on the phone with Ana she tells him that the reason for the money is that she is leaving him; Christian is already back in Seattle and gets a call that someone paid Jack’s bail, and Christian suspects Ana’s money withdrawal has to do with Hyde; Ana drops her cell inside the bag with the money and asks the banks manager for his cell; when she walks out the bank through the back Elizabeth is waiting for her with a van, she grabs the phone Ana is holding and tosses it in the garbage; as they drive away, Christian gets to the bank and follows them by tracking the phone; when they get to Jack he slaps and kicks Ana when she falls to the floor; Ana fires gun at Jack hitting him in above the knee; as she starts to go unconscious, Christian arrives with police; they rescue Mia, who had been sedated with horse tranquilizers; Elizabeth is arrested; Jack is taken into custody and taken to the same hospital as Ana
Friday 9/16 – Ana remains unconscious but hears various conversations between Christian and Carrick, detective Clark, Grace and Ray; Christian confides in Grace and allows her to hold him for the first time in his life as he cries; Christian remains by Ana’s side

Saturday 9/17 – In the early hours of the morning Ana wakes up; before she is discharged she gets a visit from Carrick, who is thankful for her having risked her life for Mia; detective Clark also comes to the hospital; she is discharged and returns to Escala; while she is napping, Christian gets a visit from Welch with information about his connection to Jack (while waiting for the adoption to finalize, he had been in the same foster home as Hyde); Ana tells him to call his parents to get some insight, since he doesn’t remember; the entire family comes at Mia’s insistence, including Kate and Ethan, who is seen holding hands with Mia; Christian finally opens up to Ana about how his affair with Elena, how it started, and what happened the night he walked out on Ana

Sunday 9/18 – Ana is at home recuperating

Monday 9/19 – Ana gets ready to go to work but Christian forbids it; they drive to the new house to check on Elliot’s progress; on the way Christian learns that Elena’s ex-husband was the one that posted bail for Hyde, and he instructs Ros to have his share on Lincoln Wood consolidated into GEH and to have the company dismantled, effectively driving Mr. Lincoln to bankruptcy; after touring their new house, they have a picnic in the meadow and have sex

Wednesday 9/21 – Ana and Christian have been working from home and Ana is thinking that they haven’t been back in the playroom since she safe-worded the night before the trip to Aspen over two weeks before; Christian has remained open to her; as he plays piano “at dusk”, Ana entices him to go into the playroom by assuming a submissive pose in their bedroom; once at the door for the playroom he instructs her to assume the same pose inside, looking at her with “love, wonder and wicked thoughts”

May 2012 – Theodore Raymond “Ted” Grey is born via emergency C-section; Elliot and Kate marry

March 2014 – Ava, Kate and Elliot’s daughter, is born

May 2014…one day before Ted’s (Theodore Raymond Grey) second birthday

Ted’s  party will include all the Grey’s, Ray and Jose

Picnic in the meadows; Ana is six months pregnant with second child (a girl); she remembers the previous night in the playroom at Escala; it is evident that Ana is very comfortable with Christian and his “kinky fuckery", and Christian is very comfortable with parenthood

Taylor and Mrs. Jones are married, and Taylor’s daughter, Sophie, spends time with them and the new house; Ted likes Sophie

Christian wants many children; Ana replies “at least one more” (a total of 3)

Ana is successfully running Grey Publishing, though Christian is still pushing her to stop working

We learn that Ana got Christian to admit that he loved his birth mother and he visited her grave; he does not, however, want to give their daughter his mother’s name (Ella); he wants to call her Phoebe

Remembering the emergency C-section, Christian tells Ana this time it will be an elective C-section

Christian puts Ted down to sleep, reading to him; he sets up toy train for Ted’s birthday

Story ends by Ana and Christian looking out their new house watching the sun set over the sound