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Resist 45

Last night we watched the interview of Laurence Fishburne on The Daily Show. He never said the name of the current President. He just kept saying 45.

I really like that.

I have this UPG that 45 is an evil magic user and every time his name is said it gives him power. He just strikes me as an abusive ass who lives, not just believes, lives that all press is good press. Like, he’s got bins somewhere that fill up when you say or type his name.

I can’t say it. It leaves a terrible unsettling feeling in me. Ian B and I have been struggling with ideas for resistance buttons at Portland Button Works. We dont want to use his image or his name so I really enjoyed Laurence Fishburne using 45.

45 is now. 45 is one in a series of Presidents. 45 is one in a series of numbers. There will be a 46. I am just going to say 45 from now on.

Resist 45.

moodymaenad  asked:

The idea of rebranding trump as 45 is such a brilliant idea! He has built a legacy on his name as his brand. And saying it brings up a lot of muddled images and a lot of things. If 45 is used instead it gives US control of the narrative and diminishes him to something singular.

I just saw Laurence Fishburne use and if the dude that gave us the red pill has a mental hack for this dystopian nightmare, I”m in!

Also, I am using a word replace plug in for my browser and I don’t even know if your first 45 was a 45! Ha! I’ve changed it so I just keep seeing “President 45″ and it really reframes the situation for me.

Coincidentally, I was looking at text order notes for a Portland Button Works order and it referenced their artwork as being “45 Lies”. I was all “cool! Someone else is doing it! Then realized my browser just changed the text. Ha! The artwork was a graphic flie so it wasn’t changed, just the reference to it in text.

I’ve seen in the notes that some people are reticent about reducing a human to a number, but to me, it is a public service job and we do often reference American Presidents as their place in time and also their administration. I also like the person that noted it was solemn, I like that. It is solemn. It is a solemn time. I am not resisting his name because I am scared. I am resisting his name because he is irrelevant and a distraction from what is going on and what we should resist. #resist45

anonymous asked:

Sorry but could you explain what a zine is please?

Sure, I’m just cutting and pasting something I responded to on here months ago:

Simply put, zines are self published magazines. They are usually photocopied and stapled like a little booklet or pamphlet and have a small print run.They are generally made as a hobby as there isn’t much money in making or selling zines. In fact, a lot of zines are traded.

What you put in a zine is entirely up to you. You could write fiction, draw comics, write recipes, print photos you have taken, write your political beliefs, or write about your own experiences. You could stick to one genre or you could mash it all up together. I generally write what is called a “personal zine” that means I write stuff about personal experiences and tell stories and occasionally other topics show up in my zines as well. The contents of a zine are only limited to your imagination. Zines can be any size or shape but I’m a firm believer that they must be physical. I don’t consider ezines to be zines.

Some people that make zines consider themselves to be the progeny of the likes of Thomas Pain writing Common Sense, early 20th Century Sci-fi fanzine writers, beat poets and chapbooks, 70s punk music fanzines, and the 90s zine explosion including riot grrrl zines.

All of that just tells you what zines are physically.

I’ve been reading zines since the early 90s and making my own zines since the mid-90s. I was living in Salt Lake City, Utah on the cusp of the internet. I would trade zines with penpals through the mail and write letter and really get to to know the people behind the paper. This is where I get to the cultural aspect of zines. These connections could take you on a greyhound ride across the country to meet someone where you know their handwriting better than their face. There are conventions for zines called zine fests where people get together to trade, sell and display their creations and attend workshops and skill shares. Most of my friends are people that I have met through zines and the only thing I can really think that we have in common is that we all appreciate the written word. We celebrate the tangible and sometimes the ephemeral.

Some people talk about zines dying out after the internet and blogs became popular, but I don’t think that is true. There is still a very active and vibrant community of people creating zines and reading zines. the internet has just added a new dimension to zines and zine culture. it makes it easier to find other people that are interested in zines and easier to spread the word about new zines, zine fests, and distros (a hobby sort of business that sells a bunch of different zines)

In the context of this being my witchy blog I’d say that zines are a big part of my life and that blends into my witchy life because it is just another facet of me. I’ve also been kicking around the idea of writing a zine about witchcraft but I can’t seem to find the time to write my own zines these days let along sit down to do editing and reprint the book I wrote about zines, Stolen Sharpie Revolution. (I just reprinted it!)

Also, my day job, Portland Button Works, is running a business that makes custom buttons and sells our own buttons designs. It is also a zine distro and we sell lots of zines in my brick and mortar shop. When I travel, like when I was in Chicago and LA a few months ago, it is probably for a zine fest. I have friends all over the US and Canada and even some in other countries and it is all because of zines.

The growing collection of witchy zines in my shop! I think when I get back from LA Zine Fest I’m going to fix up this box and make a special place for it in the shop. My brain wants to go a bit overboard and drape it with cloth, cover it in herbs, and get some LED candles, but I think I’ll refrain from indulging myself!


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