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You live in Oregon? If so, I'm thinking about moving there... could you tell me more about it?

Depends on where in Oregon. Eastern Oregon is very different from Western Oregon. It is high plains and desert out there. I live in Portland, which is probably what you think about when you think about Oregon with lots of trees and rain and green stuff.

First, it doesn’t rain A LOT, it rains OFTEN. Like, we don’t get thunder and lightening hardly at all. We get drizzle and mist for several months out of the year. It’s not so much the rain that gets to you as not seeing the sun because of the cloud cover and because we are above the 45 parallel which makes Vitamin D absorption more difficult.

Portland is not a big city. Portland started as a timber town and when that started to go away Portland actually lost population in the 80s and 90s. This made it a cheap place to live and when I moved here in 99, it was. My mom grew up here and that’s one of the reasons I moved here. Also, craft beer and zines. Portland is a town that is having some huge struggles with growth. We have no real industry and no real jobs. People keep moving here and there are no jobs. Portland is very much a service industry town and when I moved here you could have a part time service industry job and have a cool house with some people and have time to spend on art or music or whatever. Now rents are skyrocketing, and lots of beloved old buildings and houses are being torn down to make condos that are ugly. basically, all the weird and quirky things people think they like about Portland are being destroyed and it’s really upsetting.

Quite honestly, Portland has jumped the shark. Ian B and I have a 3-5 year plan to get out of town. One of our biggest complaints is the people that move here and don’t give a shit about the past and see progress as inherently good. Or people move here and won’t shut up about where they used to live and create enclaves to revel in where they came from but not where they are. Why did they move here if they won’t shut up about Brooklyn/Wisconsin/LA? I don’t know.

Finally, Portland is one of the whitest cities in the country. Oregon was a state founded by white people from the south that opposed slavery. All this means is that they didn’t want black people here and there were actually fucking laws about it requiring whipping punishment to live here for black poeple. It’s really fucked and that shit doesn’t just go away, that stays in the veins of a place. Part of this large influx of people is causing gentrification and displacement of communities. This history and recent past is the stuff that transplants don’t even care to study or learn about and I find that really frustrating.

So, to recap. It doesn’t rain a lot it rains often, Portland has no jobs, rent is getting really expensive, and it is racist.