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After settling through all the paperwork he had to do to check out the machines, Kmex’yts was finally ready. One machine was the discontinued transporter that had a hapit ofjust throwing things into nowhere, and the other a machine to recharge his BioCore in the event of an extended stay.  He turns on the transporter, locking into the coordinates that Gaster had sent to him. 

Now, he minimises both machines, both taking the forme of a rectangular block. Both were placed on a hovering dish, connected by a steady stream of electricity that led to Kmex’s BioCore, embedded into his back and stretching up to two circular regions on the back of his neck.  At the last moment, he places a pair of file folders on the hoverdisk as well.

Taking a breath, he uses the calm to straighten his jacket and feathers, before stepping into the portl and into the entryway of the CORE. The hoverdisk trailed behind him, keeping at shoulder level. 

“Dr. W.D. Gaster?” He knocks at the wall of the CORE, keeping the other arm folded behind his back. Kmex himself was a very straight-laced person. He kept a blank, somewhat authoriative expression while keeping a perfect posture. His tail sways along the ground impatiently.