// 26 4.25.2015

a large hall
walls of lumber and steel
roof pleated and gathered above
floor slickened and ready for more
come together for the night,
we filled the oaken maw
the hall of joy and merriment
to see the perfect laws
of laughter and the light it brings,
of thought in form alive,
of seeing what God gave to us
in new and different eyes
years and years we gathered there
and here is just but one:
and now we gather somewhere else
for our mystery and fun
I see the yellow lights so bright
the night becomes unclear
we fixed our gaze on violin bow
and heard the song of yester-year
its grand crescendoes
its melodious form
the way it dances
as she dances along
as her other heart came out of arco
transfixed and timeless, at peace
her fire within and fury without
come up through the flow as a squall
I see the brown wood paint so dark
finish the tone of cold coals
my fingers, I hear them play their song
as I leave to wander on
I see the things of comedians
circumscribed in their humor tonight
laughing along with what jokes they could make
living in que sera sera
I see the crowded hall alive
standing in the cold inside
from this place I wander in and out
of building and disguise
between the crowded hall and home
and all so open skies

anonymous asked:

Shuploc is an artist.. that's why she has a lot of portiats of Mark on her blog. Not hating on you or anything, but that's why.

Imagine going into a room where there’s over a hundred hyper-realistic drawings of you. All over. Some of them are normal, some are pretty awkward looking, and some of them are slightly sexual (labeled, of all things, foot massage or some shit like that)…

Now also imagine this all being drawn by a 17 year old girl.

Explain to me how this is not creepy??

Markiplier is a real person, not some character that you can draw any sort of fan art. As was stated in the post, he could get in serious trouble, not to mention, I would bet you a thousand bucks he probably would feel completely uncomfortable with the idea that there is a girl obsessed with him to that degree.

Being an artist is understandable. Being that sort of artist isn’t understandable, to me. 

It’s creepy. No matter what she says. 

CRUISING ! If only everyday would be like this… Wonderful sailing day in Algarve. What a better way to celebrate your b-day?! This time it was a group of Brazilian family and friends that joined here in Portugal and rented a couple of sailing boats on a b-day celebration. Congrats!!! (Original photo by: Philip Taveira) #sea#epic#magic#summer#sail#sailing#algarve#portimao#lagos#albufeira#portugal#belief#vsco#portiate#dream#igers#p3top#charter#boat#yacht by sempresailing http://j.mp/1LUFp8x

Tre stelle e un albero nello stemma di Pompili: «perché portiate frutto»

Tre stelle e un albero nello stemma di Pompili: «perché portiate frutto»

Sono le parole «Ut fructum afferatis» – quelle dell’addio di Gesù ai suoi discepoli alla vigilia della Passione – a comporre il motto scelto da monsignor Domenico Pompili a corredo del suo stemma episcopale: «perché portiate frutto». La frase in latino è posta alla base dell’immagine che il vescovo eletto della diocesi reatina ha voluto come proprio stemma. Stemma episcopale di Domenico Pompili,…

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