portia munson

Portia Munson at PPOW Gallery

From the pervasive, musty scent of perfume to the claustrophobic, tented ceiling of PPOW’s transformed back gallery, Portia Munson’s installation ‘The Garden’ assaults the senses and may induce panic in the clutter-adverse. The overload of frilly and feminine things is oppressive – calculated to send visitors gasping for more gender-neutral territory. (In Chelsea through Feb 11th). Portia Munson, installation view of The Garden, mixed media installation, 1996-98 at PPOW Gallery, Jan ’17

Portia Munson

I really like the accumulation of objects. It gives us such a clearer understanding of consumption. I think this attraction to what we accumulate, collect even, comes from the trips I used to take to the local landfill with my dad before the advent of large trash pick up days. Seeing what look no different than the surrounding mountains of Tucson and realizing it is trash offers a unique perspective.


These images show how artists have gathered collections to a specific colour, image 1 by Portia Munson gathered pink items to create her “pink project” collection. i find that image interesting because the artist has made a consciencous effort to find objects that are pink and the image has a range of pink tones within. Image 2 is by Peter Blake, and is a catalogue of a collection of items that are white or a black colour. He has also ordered his collection by size, making his work visually ordered and more presentable as a piece of artwork.