portia lynn dahl

bunnikkila  asked:

Portia is amazing I really love her please keep talking!!! <3


In life, she was a very quiet and dutiful girl but she never really felt loved because of the way everyone treated her disabilities. After she became a ghost and possessed her doll, she realized that even in death she still had them and went into a bit of a downward spiral. She spent most of the next 150 years alone, isolating herself because she thought a “broken” ghost could never be loved or worth anything.

When she started at MH, she kept mostly to herself; she didn’t want to talk to anybody, lest they hear her stutter, and she didn’t let anybody see her float too closely. She would take a longer time going to and from places in order to look as if she didn’t have a limp. She was quiet and miserable, even surrounded by people. And even then she couldn’t hide her disability forever. She got overloaded once during lunch when one of the sirens let loose with a song. Portia started crying uncontrollably and grabbing her ears and everybody started laughing at her. Sometimes she would rock in her seat or stim using a crack on her hand and people would imitate her doing so.

Portia considered dropping out for awhile, until she sort of had an epiphany about things; she’s been treated badly, not only in one life but in the next. Why? Because of something she was born with and died with. She never asked for this and even if she had, that would be no reason to treat her this way. Why was it okay for everybody to be mean to her for nothing she’d done wrong? Why did she deserve this?

The simple answer was that she didn’t deserve it. It wasn’t okay for them to be mean and she didn’t care if people didn’t like her. They were going to respect her whether they did or not. Instead of caving under the pressure and getting sad again, Portia got angry. They treated her like this and treated other disabled students badly, and it wasn’t fair. So, Portia made herself a promise; nobody was ever allowed to get away with hurting her again. Her voice may be shaky and even disappear sometimes, but that doesn’t mean she can’t use it and make it as loud and proud as she needed to.

After that, Portia became a bit of a new monster. She was still shy and reserved, but now she stood up for herself. Even if she couldn’t think of some clever quip to tell someone off she did her best. She let people know that she wasn’t messing around and if they were going to talk to her they better do it with respect.

After Barbara Corsair transferred in, Portia became fast friends with her by standing up for her whenever people shouted or made noises into her deaf ear. Barbara became Portia’s first best friend and, after much encouragement from her newfound BFF, the two began publishing “All Creeps of Life” on the web, a Zine built around the empowerment and activism of young disabled monsters everywhere.

Portia’s next goal is to form a support group at school for other disabled monsters and maybe even branch out to the ghost school in the other realm.