Yeah, I love them too. Kind people. Warm people. People who pursue things they’re attracted to and want to live earnestly. I love them too.”

I am a huge idiot with a hundred deadlines to meet but i wanted to draw something that isn’t for class or portfolio hhhhaaaaaa byeee 


Hey Guys! Here is the final set of keys for my personal project. Today is the last day to sign up for Part III of the Colorscripting Masterclass on patreon.com/tycarter which goes into process on these and the entire color script. There is over 4 hours of content for those looking to learn more about color scripting. For more info visit the link.
Have a great day!

I wanted to wake up at 10 and now it’s almost 2

posted this to instagram but forgot to do so here oops!
here’s the cover page of my final portfolio for character design class last semester (turned out to be about 6 pages total)
I formatted the entire thing like a vintage comic book so that’s why I decided to do a little extra with the cover page which was really fun to work on!
it’s amazing to see how much my characters have progressed throughout the class ;0;

i went to my first writing poetry class today and the professor is being kind enough to help me actually get into and manage the portfolio review class i need, which literally nobody else has been able to do up to this point, so as soon as i actually get placed in an english 296 class i can apply for graduation

i also already wrote my first poem for peer review

it’s been a good day

Vacation’s over and I’m in a super motivated mood. My gym is closed and my art supplies are all packed away, so I guess I’m gonna write up how I plan for this semester to go. It’s all stuff that’s been floating around in my head, but hopefully writing it out and posting it somewhere that people will see it will be enough to force me to stick with it.

1. Working on my portfolio: I have two classes this semester. One of them is flat out just called “portfolio” and the other will allow me to produce content that can be added to a portfolio. I have no excuse to not be drawing for at least six hours a day to work on improving it. That means making more complete artwork, touching up old artwork, making some mock storyboards, making some environmental pieces. Basically, fucking draw.

2. Working on animation: This ties into the portfolio, but I fucking love it and all that’s been holding me back is laziness and that’s no excuse. Find a program, preferably free, though I have a good amount of money at the moment so I can maybe get Flash or ToonBoom which I am familiar with, and just fucking practice. Do the animation practices again, this time finishing them. Basically, fucking animate.

3. Take my training to the next level: The past couple of months have shown some solid results, but I know I can achieve better. Out of everything I do, lately my strength training has been the prime example of “When I set my mind to something I can take it seriously” and it’s been great to see the improvements I’ve made, especially since 2015. But it’s time to take it up a notch. Vacation was a good start to this. I’m eating a lot, drinking a lot of water, drinking alcohol a lot less, and pushing myself at the gym. I just gotta make sure I keep it up and don’t slack. Also add in getting 8 hours of sleep and stretching three times a day. Basically, fucking lift.

Though I spent a majority of my vacation playing Dark Souls III (probably bad) and being lazy (definitely bad), I spent a lot of it thinking and tonight everything kinda just fell into place. I only have a semester left of college and that scares the shit out of me. I’m not sure what exactly happens next but I’m gonna make sure that this semester is spent figuring it out and making the transition easier. 

TL;DR: Don’t slack off, you fucking moron.