portfolio talk


Wow, that was an incredible show last Saturday. Thank you all so much for being a part of it! The questions we received on the show were fantastic, loveteacupkisses​ and I had a blast answering them all.

Here are a few topics we discussed:

  • Getting started in the Artist Alley
  • Developing a strong portfolio
  • Artist’s block
  • Dealing with negative criticism
  • Structuring commission rates
  • Networking for artists all ages in all places
  • Creating a Brand
  • and much much more

Congratulations to Janalee Gardner and gweakles​, winners of Love Teacup Kisses’ Drawventure giveaway! Thank you again for participating!

Missed the show? Catch up here: https://youtu.be/Bv6evWmkAnA?t=1m35s

says-the-slytherin  asked:

Um. Hi. I have a really weird request. I'm taking a class on adaptations of literature, and our grade is based on a portfolio of essays that talk about adaptations. I was wondering if I could write about how your stories are a commentary on problematic parts of Harry Potter and how they are a discussion of philosophy within the context of a familiar narrative. I would site you and everything (after I figure out how to site a fic), but I wanted to get your permission. If not that's totally ok.

I’m making a horribly loud excited sound, which you should interpret as an enthusiastic yes.

I haven’t posted in a few days and there’s a reason

Guerrilla Girls

1985, screenprint on paper

This is one of thirty posters published in a portfolio entitled Guerrilla Girls Talk Back by the group of anonymous American female artists who call themselves the Guerrilla Girls. 

Since their inception in 1984 the Guerrilla Girls have been working to expose sexual and racial discrimination in the art world, particularly in New York, and in the wider cultural arena.


woah my whole family is starting to notice that I can draw because my dad showed 2 of my non-fanart drawings to his siblings, my uncle just called me to tell me that he’ll give me a pc he isn’t using anymore!!! …and also he and all my aunts wants to see my drawings or “designs” as they call them. 

All my shit is fan art!!…also lesbians lmao

I realized today I don’t have any up to date hour-long pilot scripts in my portfolio. The latest I have is the most recent iteration of TIMELESS, and that’s from 2013. So one of my goals over the next six months is to write an awesome pilot script I can send out.

I’ve earmarked two I’m gonna prep this winter. One’s a post apocalyptic Veronica Mars called Everything is Ending; the other is a TV version of Dead City Blues. (Hear that @glamrocktrash?)

This is on top of all the other writing projects I’ve got on tap, including new scripts for @santiagoseries. But - no rest for the wicked, right?