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I’m excited to (finally) officially announce a Boku no Hero Academia Fashion Zine I’ve been working for months on! It’ll contain each student of Class 1-A dressed their best as well as more stylish finished pieces and doodles. Click here for more details on the content + preorders! These are just 10 of the pieces that will be in the zine. Look forward to it!

Here’s Part 2!

Zynga hiring scam warning

I was recently hit with this horrible scam, i needed some time to recover before speaking about it but please help me spread this to warn others!!

TLDR; Scammers are Impersonating the real company Zynga and are targeting artist looking for work. They try to get you to deposit a check and then have you send it to a “vendor” they runaway with the money and you’re held responsible for almost 5k of fraudulent money. 

Update: Zynga’s HR team is aware of this scam and are doing their best to put a stop to it. 


It started out innocent enough I received an email telling me that they found me as an artist though a looking for work jobsite that i actually use

They told me a VERY nice job was open and that I should apply for it.

I thought no harm right? It was a really nice job so i probably wouldn’t even get the position but, like many freelance artist needing the work, I decided to apply anyways

I go an email the next day saying that they liked my portfolio and was selected to move on to get interviewed! I was so excited about the opportunity at an interview that i went to sleep early on my birthday in order to wake up the next morning to do this “interview”   

unfortunately I think i’ve lost the messages to this “interview” but they had me do it all over text?/ google hangouts. At the time this seemed suspicious but the man conducting this interview seemed on the up and up? every quested they asked sounded like a real interview question, they asked me about my experience and if i knew how to use a list of industry standard programs. I got good feed back and by the end of it all He had me convinced that I did great and that i had gotten the job. At this point i was easily swept away all doubt gone They said they were going to send me a contract letter and everything.

But then finally came the scam

After convincing me that i had gotten the job they told me they’d pay me in advance to be able to buy everything I needed to work from their “trusted vendor” 

Thank fully The whole time I had been speaking to friends about this, One of which actually knows people who work for Zynga and pointed out to me that all the emails and names were fake. I was able to back out and block them all before things went too far but if i hadn’t they would have had me send them four THOUSAND dollars of fraudulent money that i would have been held responsible for. 

SO PLEASE these people are horrible and purposely targeting artists! They are going out of their way to impersonate a legitimate company to trick people /looking for work/ out of what little money they have. I’ve also heard that other artists have been hit with a similar scam recently but i cannot say if it was the same.  If you’re an artist please keep an eye open and if something feels fishy trust your gut and don’t bother with it!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any thoughts on portfolios? I'm currently taking my schools portfolio course and while I'm already locked into what I'm doing (a box containing 3.5x5.5in cards of my work) I feel the need to create a more "normal" portfolio or website and use what I'm making now as supplementary material. I feel that it's too weird/small to be taken seriously. Most sites seem to recommend A4 sized portfolios.

Check this link for previous responses on this subject. and this article 12 Tips For Making an Outstanding Architecture Portfolio.

I would focus in making sure the digital version of your portfolio is absolutely kick-ass. When reviewing resumes I always check the portfolio before selecting who to call in for an interview. Remember the reviewer will glance the portfolio only to ascertain the overall quality of the work and will expect you to be ready to talk about your portfolio projects in the interview. I would be OK with an unusual format physical portfolio is the work is strong and you can discuss the projects with passion.

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It’s not often that data about Metro Vancouver’s much-debated housing market can make a roomful of politicians gasp, but that’s just what happened Monday during this year’s annual UBCM convention.

A trio of experts gave captivated municipal leaders from around the province insight into the affordability crisis plaguing parts of B.C., a look at serious ramifications that could follow, and a glimpse at possible solutions.

David Ley, a geography professor at the University of B.C., helped lay the groundwork for the discussion.

“We are in an absolutely bizarre situation here,” Ley said, presenting 2017 data from U.S. consultancy Demographia that showed detached homes in Vancouver cost 11.8 times median incomes. A ratio of at most three times income is defined as affordable.

Andy Yan, director of Simon Fraser University’s City Program, put that same relationship a little more simply.

“Where does Vancouver sit? Its (housing) values are between Honolulu and San Francisco at Halifax incomes.” Things are similarly bad in the Fraser Valley, where housing prices are seven times median incomes.

And here’s where those gasps and exclamations of “wow” came in: Yan first presented a slide that showed million-dollar-plus detached homes in Metro to be concentrated in Vancouver. Then he showed another that included household transportation costs paid out over a 25-year period. Suddenly, those million-dollar homes had spread clear across Metro.

“We can’t necessarily sprawl our way out of this housing situation,” Yan said.

Local families have taken on extraordinary debt loads to get into the housing market, Ley said, calling it “a very serious problem just waiting to happen.”

“What if current economic conditions change? What if there was a significant recession or even a small recession? What if interest rates went up two to three per cent?”

Even if those things don’t happen, what will at this rate become is a serious Metro labour shortage, he said.

By 2020, workers in 82 of 88 in-demand jobs will be unable to afford a single-family home in Metro, Ley said, citing a 2015 study from Vancity. And in just 10 years, most people will forgo career opportunities in the region and simply relocate elsewhere, he said.

There are a few things driving the out-of-control market, and it’s not a strong local economy or in-migration from other parts of Canada, Ley said. It’s not a writ large lack of supply, either, the panelists agreed.

In fact, increased supply through redevelopment can actually worsen the problem, Ley said. As an example, he said speculative land assemblies drive up land costs and are eventually converted into high-priced units. Instead, what is driving increased prices is global demand and investment.

“Housing has become a valued asset in an investment portfolio. Capital flows to select desirable locations. Resort locations and gateway cities,” said Ley, who added that Vancouver has become viewed as “a honey pot for global investors.”

Josh Gordon, an assistant professor at SFU’s School of Public Policy, agreed that the problem was foreign money.

“You have to understand supply claims are largely about distracting us from doing stuff on the demand side,” said Gordon, who added that developers simply want to be able to build endlessly for the world’s rich.

He called current demand-side measures like the one-per-cent increase in the property transfer tax on pricey homes, Vancouver’s empty-homes tax and the now-weakened foreign-buyers tax “insufficient and modest.”

For Gordon, what’s needed is a progressive property surtax that is offset by income taxes paid. “What that would do … if you wanted to own property on the basis of foreign income and wealth, you’d have to pay your fair share of taxes.”

Most residents pay for their homes using local income on which they pay taxes that are used for social and other services that make their properties so valuable, he explained. A buyer who uses foreign income doesn’t. And for Gordon, that amounts to a subsidy that a surcharge would eliminate.

Ley pointed to changes in loan regulations, steep and progressive property transfer taxes and sellers taxes to prevent flipping as other possible measures.

There were few hints of optimism in the presentations.

But Ley had this to offer: “We are at a very promising juncture with a federal government (and) a provincial government that is concerned about affordability in a way we have not had for many years. I see this as a moment of opportunity.”

Bravo, thank you liberals and china

HIRING: Composer

Cylight Studios is in need of a second composer to work alongside the talented nathanael-platier who’s been with us for a year. If you’re a composer interested in working with a start-up company involved in the indie game and visual novel industry, check out the details below the fold!

UPDATE: We are NO LONGER TAKING APPLICANTS. Thank you to those who submitted their portfolio.

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Ding! level up~

Looking back at previous projects, or previous iterations of them, is really the best way to feel good about your cosplays. Not competitions or making “best of” lists for the cons you attend, Costober, “cos-fame”, or any variation thereof.

No matter what your starting level is, you can always get better, do better, and make something that would impress past you, become that person who walks by at the con that you go “wooow” and step out of the way of.

When Fellowship of the Ring came out when I was 11 I decided I wanted to be an elf, but would settle for making costumes. It was what made me get into fashion, and school for patterning and design. Fourteen years later I got to hear one of the designers for LotR tell a whole crowd I looked like I could have stepped off the film set; and I felt validated in all my learning, successes and failures along the way.

I think the cosplay community in general tends to lose sight of the fact that it’s not about the end goal/cosfame/whatever and a lot more about the journey to get there and what you’ve learned along the way.

I’m submitting portfolios of a selection of work to a number of production companies this year. We’ll see how that goes. Work until your heroes become your equals!

I am very happy to announce that I will be one of the lucky students selected from my school to attend the Burbank, California CTN Animation Expo! I submitted my portfolio and was selected to go this November. I don’t know if anyone else will be going but it is an amazing opportunity!

Representatives from major studios will be there and I will get a chance to show off my portfolio to some big names! I am just so happy about this opportunity! It will take a lot of money from me in order to go so I will be opening commissions soon so I can pay for food, a hotel, and for a few of the presentations!

I just want to thank you all for the support you have given me this past year – I could never have gotten this far without you all!