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Guess who I get to animate for my ANI 114 final! :D This project has been a lot of fun so far (and a lot of work). Gotta say, my favorite part was doing the character design :) I guess the animating is alright too, I’m almost done with my first rough pass. But here’s my model sheets and a layout!


Thanks for all the great emails and questions about putting a portfolio together. I’ve been getting a lot of the same questions and decided it would be a better use of my time to write it all out. I’ve derived the content from from my own experience and internships before having a full-time job. As you’ll read, a portfolio is the most important thing you’ll do when applying to a job. I’ve tried to be as detailed as possible.

These are the first five pages in a series of posts about how to layout a portfolio, including content, images, size, material and everything in between. Part I is for the artist still deciding what to do for a discipline. I’ve catered the last three pages to a visual development portfolio for animation but the principles can be applied to any artistic presentation (illustration, design, even interior design).

These are my opinions and I realize there are many ideas out there which are also fantastic. What I have written are simple truths and tips I’ve learned along the way. This doesn’t represent a studio I work or will work for. I hope it is helpful and can provide some perspective into a competitive portfolio and help you land your next job!   

Sheridan Animation Portfolio 2016 - Accepted!

I was accepted into Sheridan’s animation program! These types of blog posts helped me a lot while I was building my portfolio, so it’s time to pay it forward.

EDIT: Received my score sheet:


Figure Drawings

Hand Drawings

Animal Drawings


Character Rotation

Expression Sheet

Action Poses


Room Perspective Drawings

Object Drawings



Characters (Supplied by Sheridan for use in 2016 storyboard section)



I had a hard time finding information on how people chose to tackle the presentation of their portfolios, so here are some photos of how I chose to do mine. The information on what they are looking for regarding presentation of the portfolio is about as clear as mud as far as the official requirement guidelines go.

 This seemed very organised (to me), so this is what I went with. I don’t think they are looking for ~fancy~, as sometimes they have upwards of 1000 of these to look at a year, I think they are looking for clarity and ease of use. I guess when I get my marks, I’ll have a better idea if they like it. for now, here you go!

And here is a quick video I took with my phone, moments before going to the post office on my lunch break at work to mail this thing to Ontario. I don’t display every page because that wasn’t the point, just wanted to show how I presented the thing!

And that’s it! Thanks for having a look, and I hope this helps anyone who is looking to get in to the program. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me :)


waking up slow ($225)

okay!! so this is probably the last skin i’ll be putting up for awhile, school has been just SO hectic for me. this is a skin i started on for a site before my hiatus, but the site never took off – so i finished it up and here we are!! this comes with EVERYTHING:

  • custom forums, board stats, topics, profile, and posts using the new jcink html templates as well as a mini profile code
  • fixed sidebar w/ toggle and custom userlinks using black’s popup modals
  • info bar w/ staff images and site blurb

don’t forget to read my policies here before purchasing from me, and PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask me any questions or ask for a live preview if you want one :-)

Happy New Year 2016! ♥

This is the result of the livestream I did earlier today, thank you everyone for watching. ♥

I hope 2016 will be a good year for the all of you and that you all succees in whatever you do! =D ♥