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If you do graphic designs for t-shirts, caps, hoodies, send us an email!

Psych2Go is looking for help designing t-shirts, hoodies, and caps related to psychology and mental health. 

Email us with the following:

1. A bit about yourself (your education, goals)

2. Your motivation in life and joining

3. Your availability

4. Your potential design concept

Here’s what we can offer you:

1. Honorarium

2. Reference

3. Be the person behind the next trendy design.

Bonus is if you can include a sample design/portfolio, that’d be awesome!

Email us here: socialmedia@psych2go.net

Deadline: June 15th

Looking for Animators

Have you been keeping up with Psych2Go’s youtube videos? If you’re an animator, we’re looking for you to join our team.

Psych2Go is all about creating more educational psychology and mental health content, shedding lights on important topics.

Submit us in the following:

1. A bit about yourself (current education background or goals)

2. What qualities you think make a great animator.

3. What softwares are you familiar with?

4. Have you done projects where you had to adapt to a client’s art style? If so, how did that go?

5. A link to your portfolio.

You can email us here with your interest: animation@psych2go.net

Subject line: Animation

By: Oct 31

Victim Mentality

We at P2G are looking for a writer familiar with the topic of victim mentality to contribute an article. If you are familiar with the term victim mentality and have read research, studies and have life experiences to accommodate the article, that would be a plus.

Victim mentality is something that holds us back and those around us from living fully. We want to produce this article to help those recognize when they are showing signs of it and what they can do.

If you’re interested, email us in the following:

1. Are you familiar with the signs of victim mentality?

2. Have you read studies/sources on the topic that you can add to your points?

3. Your writing portfolio if any.

4. What tone do you plan to tackle with this article?

5. Your favorite Psych2Go’s article and why?

6. Your own personal experiences with the topic. Can be a personal story or someone you know.

This task is ideal for someone:

1. Who has 3 hours a week to work an article

2. Have strong time management and self management skills

3. Enjoy writing and making a difference for others.

4. Collaboration piece to build your portfolio

Our email: Editorial@psych2go.net

Subject headline: VM Contribution

By: Dec 1

“I myself am strange and unusual…” little fact, my daughter is named after Lydia Deetz 🖤 I’m currently looking for models to work with, to book a private session or to collaborate for my portfolio just email me dollfluff@gmail.com

AVAILABILITY & TRAVEL: Due to a diary fuck up (my bad 🙈) I have this weekend free for anyone who fancies a shoot 📸 I will also be travelling next month & have time available in Dorset on 1st Feb, St Albans/London on 10th Feb and Leicester/Nottingham on 23rd Feb 💜 Want to shoot me for your brand or portfolio? DM or email mzbones@outlook.com ☺️💕

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm going to be a senior in highschool in the fall and I've been building a portfolio to send off to art institutes, but I'm not sure what art colleges and future employers are looking for in a portfolio. Would you be able to give me a guide of what you did with your portfolio? If not it's okay, I was just curious and I don't want to come off rude to you or anything.

You’re not being rude at all, Nonny, but it would be much easier for me to respond to you if you were not anonymous.  Please check my art blog @squigglydigg for both a link to my portfolio and also my email address so that you can contact me directly and I can give you a more personalized response!

sozo-ryokuartist  asked:

Hello ladygt i want to know how you got the job as a figurine designer cause i might wanna become one to. Can you give me some advices?

Sure! In my case I was contacted by the company, they were interested in my ability to draw different anime art styles. They saw my crossovers and doujinshi art and asked me if I could contribute with character design at first, like making fixes to the 3D model to make sure it was close to the art style of the series but it later evolved also to concept art, character sheets (Settei) and illustrations.

Usually you can send your Portfolio via email or via an online application (it depends from the company job application procedure).

I would recommend to show all you can do, from sketches to concept art and 3D. Anything you have done (even for practice) is super important. Never leave anything behind.

Hope this can be of some help! Good luck!

Do you think Derek Hale does his own taxes? Or does he have an accountant? It must be complicated, since he’s very rich from life insurance and fire insurance and everything. That would be tricky to manage on his own with TurboTax. Does he save documents all year long so he can do his taxes? Does he let Mr. Adams at the accounting firm take care of it? Does Mr. Adams want him to look at statements before signing on the return? Does Mr. Adams ask if he can fax things over and Derek says “I don’t have a fax machine” and so Mr. Adams sighs and says he’ll talk to his assistant and work something out?

Does Derek also have a financial advisor who manages his portfolio? Does he get emails asking him if he wants to diversify? Has he invested in startups? Did Derek invest in Twitter on a whim and accidentally increase his wealth by an insane amount? Did he once sheepishly call Mr. Adams and ask about setting up a charitable trust because Derek accidentally tripled his savings?

anonymous asked:

How did you go about getting that freelance assistant job? I've just quit a foundation diploma cos it was draining me of my creativity haha but would love to hear your experience? X

I asked a stylist who i have worked with before on shoots whilst i was modelling, to send me some contacts i could send a message to to see if i could end up getting some interning or experience or something idk, it was a shot in the dark really. and i emailed my portfolio / CV etc. And two replied out of like 10. And i ended up getting a job interview without even like knowing i was going for a interview haha and then also I have a meeting today about something else i really dont know what that will entail, but in the other one they just gave me a interview and then had me in for a trial and I got the job ! Thats abt it really!

Pic Sources: Wikipedia and Frontier Works’ SERVAMP website. SERVAMP logo is copyrighted to Tanaka Strike-sensei, Comic Gene, Frontier Works, and other affiliates.


YES! I will be in Japan Early-Mid August 2016 and will be doing some serious SERVAMP shopping and also attending Comiket for the first time! XD Comiket is the biggest doujinshi event in Japan that is held every summer and winter at Tokyo Big Sight – and Tanaka-sensei has confirmed their attendance to the semi-annual event! *^*

Since I’ll be visiting their booths (along with other SERVAMP artist booths), I was thinking: why not give them a fan-book with the arts of the fans here at tumblr to show them our support and undying love to them and their beloved series?? 8D

I hope everyone will participate in this no matter the skill level you possess just to show them that SERVAMP is popular with the international fans too! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

And as I mentioned, I will also be doing some SERVAMP merchandise shopping and won’t mind getting some stuffs for the fans here – especially since SERVAMP goods are not (yet) available globally. Of course, I can’t guarantee getting everything you requested, but I will try my best~ :3

(P.S. I will be going to Comiket Day 1 and Day 2, so I don’t mind getting you stuffs from there too since I *probably* have some time left after visiting the SERVAMP booths. However, I have to charge commission for this since I heard the queue is crazy and the heat is pretty bad or something. X_X PM me for more info!)

What an exciting trip! Please click “Read More” for more information! ^o^

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amabelemillavta  asked:

How did you get yourself a job at sony? Do you applied online? How was the process?

The short version of this story is that I submitted my portfolio through the ‘submissions’ email address listed on their website. The recruiting manager contacted me a little while later and I took the job.

The short version appears deceptively simple, so I think there is more truth in a longer explanation. I had these excruciating headaches no one could diagnose. And, I couldn’t get the jobs I wanted. It was a real bad time. I submitted to feature studios, like Sony, every couple months, and failed test after test at TV studios with board driven jobs. I had some money saved up, so I took some time off. I got a mentor, took a storyboarding class here in LA, finished a short film, and tried to figure out my headaches. My mentor and my instructor pushed me really far. I wrote a story for each, and under their excellent guidance, I got a solid start boarding out those stories.

The day after the class ended, my headaches turned out to be a serious medical situation, and I came out of it with several weeks of disability payments. I used the time to shape up the two storyboard pieces. When I sent the finished storyboards to my mentor and teacher, they seemed impressed. So, I submitted and applied to story jobs again, this time with a much improved portfolio, and two story artists to put in a good word for me.

The rest was just a phone call, it went smoothly. Actually, there was a month or two were I didn’t get any response from anyone at all, stayed afloat on some short term work, panicked, wondered if it had all been for nothing…. Then the smooth phone call.

woke up to discover that “we’ll let you know before before friday if we want a in-person interview based on your portfolio” turned into “we replied that you can come visit our company for a interview within an hour of your call and email because we like your work and attitude”


Greetings people of Earth

I just wanted to let you know that I am doing commissions! I haven’t been promoting this lately because I haven’t been feeling up to snuff. But now that I feel like I can, I’m doing them cheaper than before. (Mostly because I’m very very broke right now and I don’t want a price tag to scare someone off)


For now:

11 x 17 Framed: $40 Unframed: $30

9 x 12 Framed: $20 unframed: $15

(these are for most the art you see above as well as if you’d like a print)


Tattoo designs: $15 B&W: $10

Portraits: $10

Fan art: $10

Album Art: $10

Handmade Necklaces/Earrings/Keychains: $10

Sketches: $5

Name Your Price: Meaning you go to the bottom of my blog, donate whatever you’d like and I’ll draw you anything you want. (within the realm of my ability)

Example: You’re a fan of Teen Wolf and you donate $3, I’ll draw a Teen Wolf related image for you

(this basically like an internet con sketch)

If you’d like to see more examples of my work:

Etsy (But we can work directly from my askbox or email)


Daily Art Blog

Questions and requests and commission inquires 

Donation sketches (button located at bottom of blog)

 Thank you everyone who’s supported me and shown interest in my art, thank you to everyone still following me and keep being dope!

If you’re still reading this.

1. You’re the tits

2. Please reblog so you can help me get the word out! I’m very seriously about this. I’m working for quick turn around) Money for these projects will go towards gas and groceries and medicine and basic Dexter & Juliet & Gambino needs. Will art for money. Rap game Tiny Tim

After months of building up my portfolio and emailing endless fashion houses, I am proud to say that as of yesterday, I have been given the amazing opportunity to intern for Melitta Baumeister this summer in New York City! I wanted to take time to thank you all for the endless amount of support and motivation for my love of photography and fashion and giving me the constructive feedback needed to furthermore improve myself . I will be in New York mid-July to mid-August so I’d be more than happy to meet up and do any collaborations with my time available there ( if anyone is interested of course☺️) I’m really looking forward to it all and thanks again for all the encouragement and support !