full comic for the @yoimafiazine !! thank you to mod @sleepyfortress for putting up with all my dalliances and organizing such a fun and amazing project!! and a hurrah to my first long-ish comic! 🥂 hope y’all enjoyed !!

+ reminder i have a twitter now!!


This commission for @salmonking was lucky, it was gorgeous weather today so I could take some nice outdoor shots before mailing them! This is my Verdi Deer pattern, with an added wool mane and unicorn style tail to make it a Kirin, which is why the bamboo was extra appropriate!  Also new on this one was 2-tone limbs. These art doll deer stand about 12″ tall (tho they can’t stand on their own like in the photos, that was aided by some invisible thread.  :’D).  They are firmly stuffed and button jointed.


It’s been a while y'all, and I’ve been slowly working on a new miniature project: a 1:12 scale greenhouse full of plants and just general gardening related things.

Here are a few pieces that I’ve made so far, and there will be many more to come!

Also I recently updated my etsy shop with a few miniatures that I’ve made in the past, just to clear up some storage space for more 😅