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Hello, Dev Man! I'm the second anon from your last upload. There's one area that you mention the Switch cannot guarantee the ability to develop games with a standard controller in mind. I'm not trying to contest this, but I'd like to ask if you could expand on the nuances when creating control schemes. People will say "Switch has a standard XBO/PS4 layout". But I assume it goes beyond that? Like ergonomics, touch, and the sheer amount of native control schemes the Switch will have? Thanks! c:

What I meant was that we will have to support both this (the easy):

And this (the hard):

This is not a trivial thing - the second control scheme has a lot fewer possible inputs that we have to account for that no other console does. This doesn’t even begin to account for the difference in comfort or ease of use; this is just directly mapping the buttons on the controller to game inputs. You have to remember that the Switch probably won’t be our lead platform either - it will probably be one or two engineers and designers that have to make the control scheme for a PS4 game work on half of the buttons and only one analog stick (in addition to all of the other tasks to port the title over). 

As a thought exercise, think about how important that second analog stick is to controlling console FPS titles today. Do you remember how it was before we used both analog sticks? Solving this problem isn’t impossible by any stretch, but it certainly isn’t trivial to do. Controls are some of the most important aspects of game design; many otherwise-good games were sunk by the clunkiness of the controls.


Al grano: quedada en Salamanca. ¿Cuándo? El 4 o 5 de Noviembre. ¿Por qué tienes que venir? Porque, si vives en Salamanca y no nos conoces y odias aún, esta es una oportunidad de oro :)
Además somos gente aseada, sensual, cultivada, NADA PRINGADOS, y muchas, muchas cosas más…
Si no vives en Salamanca pues da igual. Vienes también. Así haces turismo y podemos hacer cosas salmantinas, como meternos coca en la plaza de San Justo o cantar el cara al sol frente al medallón de Franco.
Venirsus todos.

It can’t be found. (…) You should know this yourself. No matter whether you’re on the side of killing people or saving people, there will never be anything that can surpass your mind. There is no place in this world that can fill your loneliness. You will linger in the darkness forever.
—  Bungou Stray Dogs, Second Season, Dark Era, Sakunosuke Oda.

053 San Pedro Trolley Car 500 20150814 AKW by Metro Library and Archive
Via Flickr:
From photographer’s notes - “This line has been in operation for eleven years. A great effort was made to get the details right. It was well designed and built. The only problem after the crowds that attended the inauguration have all faded away. It does not carry very many passengers because it is only a ride and does not serve as a transportation service.” Alan Weeks (Photos) September 6, 2015


Keiss Harbour by Kev Gregory
Via Flickr:
Keiss harbour, off the A99 between John O'Groats and Wick, in the Scottish Highlands.

The Downward Spiral Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Start The Show

Lessons had ended early that Friday, all Hunter teams competing on the first day of the tournament had been flown to the stadium ahead of the crowds for a final repetition of the rules of the tournament and regulation drug test, Velvet sat in the team her changing room her team had been allocated prior to the match Coco was sat next to her fidgeting nervously with her beret while checking over her weapon while Fox and Yatsuhashi changed in the opposite side of the room a row of lockers hiding them from view, the tense silence eventually broken by the sound of a scroll vibrating the Faunus answered the video call
“Hey honey” her father said with a broad grin as he came into view
“Hey Dad” she breathed out forcing a weak grin onto her face
“Is that Velvet” the voice of her little brother could be heard in the background, soon after he came into view
“Hey Flax, Cocos’ here as well”
“H-hey Coco, erm g-good luck….Not that you’ll need it right” the younger Faunus stammered oblivious to his fathers’ wry smile
“We’ll take as much luck as we can get” Velvet said
“Rubbish” her father laughed “You’re more than capable, go out there and do your best. I’m just sorry we couldn’t get tickets, we’ll be watching from home”
“It’s okay Dad”
“Go get ‘em” he said beaming proudly Velvet collapsed the scroll before throwing it in her locker turning to Coco
“I was expecting Flax to have a smart-ass pep talk for me I suppose he couldn’t think straight after he thought about you getting changed” she smirked at her team leader “I needed that though”
“Yeah it helped, my parents are in the crowd somewhere but I haven’t spoken to them yet” Coco sighed as she rose from the bench and began pacing
“Coco” Velvet hissed sternly “Relax, we’ve faced tougher than anything these guys can throw at us” the Faunus rose to her feet and wrapped an arm around her shoulders
“I know” Coco said with a grin “I just can’t shake these nerves, I really don’t want to fuck this up” she returned the hug pulling the Faunus closer, Velvet barely had time to register how close their faces were before Cocos’ lips met hers, she placed a hand on Cocos’ hip to steady herself which she took as an invitation to continue her hands cupping Velvets’ cheeks before the Faunus eventually pulled away, her expression shocked
“Coco what are you doing?” she whispered
“Sorry” the fashionista mumbled unable to meet her eyes “I totally misread that didn’t I”
“You just….You just kissed me, out of nowhere”
“Sorry” Coco repeated “I’ve just been thinking about you a lot with everything that’s happened lately….especially those great legs of yours” she added with a small chuckle
“Coco, I’ve never thought about you that way” Velvet said dumbstruck
“Oh, right….It’s okay” Velvet cut her off by pulling her into another hug
“Hey, I didn’t say I’m opposed to the idea it just shocked me, like a hell of a lot. We’ll talk about this when we’re finished” the sound of a throat clearing behind them caused them both to whirl round to see Fox facing away from them as if averting his eyes despite his blindness
“We know you can’t see us Fox, besides we’re dressed” Coco pointed out softly
“I know” he shrugged “I wasn’t born blind though and it’s habit. It’s time to go so as much as what I think I just walked in on makes me smile we don’t need anxious Coco with a crush, we need our Team Leader” Coco grinned and made for the entrance to the arena patting Fox on the shoulder as she passed him, Yatsuhashi and Velvet falling in behind her
“No problem tough mother-fucker Coco it is, Team CFVY let’s go kick some ass”

Read the rest of the chapter HERE


From the Bungou Stray Dogs anime Twitter:

文豪ストレイドッグス#16『文豪ストレイドッグ』、本日放送開始! 各放送局お見逃しなく!
TOKYO MX25:05~、サンテレビ25:30~、TVQ九州放送26:35~
(現場レポ) #bungosd

(Bungou Stray Dogs#16『Bungou Stray Dog』, starts broadcasting today! Don’t miss it in each of the broadcasting stations*!
TOKYO MX 25:05~, SUN-TV 25:30~, TVQ Kyuushuu Broadcasting 26:35~
Under Yokohama’s blue sky, the stray dogs’ way of life, please do view** them in real-time.
(on-site report) #bungosd)

* that was an awkward sentence *nervous laughter*
** “view” as in “television viewing”