etsyfindoftheday | wedding week shop feature | 6.13.15

shop feature: portergulch

featured rings: moissanite solitaire with pavé diamond band + amazing diamond eternity band


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week shop feature | 6.13.15

shop feature: portergulch

and then i got to check out some of brooke’s wedding ring and engagement styles … oh. my. god. SO BEAUTIFUL. i definitely took hella pics to show the husbo. hint hint.

one of the topics i was most excited to ask brooke about below …

EFOTD: tell me about 1 or 2 stories/anecdotes of some of your selling experiences (wedding-related if possible!) ;)

BROOKE: recently i designed an engagement ring for my sister. we are very close. we even live in the same apartment building and i was so worried that i was going to slip up and mention something about the ring or her being engaged. i am a very good secret keeper but when it’s your sister you are keeping a secret from it’s much harder! on the day her fiance proposed to her i was equal parts excited for them and relieved that i hadn’t ruined it! the best news was that she loved the ring: a gorgeous oval diamond with two diamond trillions on either side set in yellow gold.

i have worked with so many wonderful couples all over the world. one that stands out is a client in fort collins who created a scavenger hunt for his fiancée. at the end he proposed with a custom ring that he had made for her. we had the morganite stone cut just for her!

AAAAAAHHHmazing. i love love <3 i’ll feature a few of the pieces i got to try on next!! stay tuned for more from brooke, too.

shop portergulch now: engagement rings | men’s rings | more ring styles

culturally-astray  asked:

Question! I'm soon to be married to a lovely lady and we are both very much into the simple life, nature, reusing, repurposing, etc. While she has a nice engagement ring we are still lacking any matching couple rings. Can you recommend some etsy shops that make unique matching wedding bands or couple rings? Can be any material, not too pricey, not engorged with diamonds, must be "unexpected", uncommon and just not typical for a wedding band set. Cheers and thank you!

i am in love with this question and curation request. culturedwanderer, i think i like you :)

so i was racking my brain for shops that i know of offhand that could fulfill your request, and immediately i thought of these beauts:

  • pegandawl has the kind of vibe i think you’re looking for. they specialize in housewares, but they also have quite a few jewelry pieces here. i really dig the rough textures, the unusual shapes, and the hand-carvings.
  • find more carved and super-unique rings at datter, available in plain carved pieces, pieces featuring stars or skulls or hands, pieces in yellow, white or rose gold. swoon.
  • a go-to of mine for fine jewelry is brooke over at portergulch. she does custom items for her clients, and i think she’d be a great resource for you if none of these suggestions are *perfect* for what you had in mind!
  • you said you guys are into nature — i think kristincoffin’s twig bands would be a lovely option for you. check ‘em out here.
  • aurumjewelry’s plain and textured wedding bands can come as singles or sets, and vary in price — some under $500! they do lean towards the typical shape, however.
  • personally, i find nestedyellow’s knot rings SUPER romantic and unexpected. do you think they’re too feminine for you to want to wear daily, though?
  • moiraklime, all day long. check out these wedding bands — you could get a brushed one for you and a delicate, intricate stacking band for her.
  • and sundayowl’s wedding bands also look like your standard shape, but the wax casting technique leaves them looking like you want to run your fingers over them again and again.
  • a follower recently suggested robandlean for affordable and unique wedding bands. anything there that you like?
  • lexluxe has your typical wedding bands — hammered, in multiple metal options — and some have stones included. i’m calling it out for you because the ones sans stones are VERY affordable.

so i started digging deeper using etsy’s search box and left navigation to drill down, and there are a TON of other shops that carry things that may interest you — these are just the ones i remembered first. what do you think, man? anything stand out for you? let me know if you would like me to look for more options for you, or if i can help with other specifics i may not have inferred from your original note. hope this helps!!