It was really sunny today, so I got to put my shutter speed to 1/4000 and photograph birds. I only saw one robin, but got super lucky with it taking off as I took a photo. 

The robin was in shadow, which gave the photo a dark blue cast, so I adjusted the raw to try to warm the image up a little. 

My favorites are the robin, and the one of the little flying sparrow and the background pigeon. I took around 200 photos in total, so this is already very condensed. 


The latest YA novel from Benjamin Alire Sáenz (author of Aristotle and Dante) was released today and I had the pleasure of getting a signed copy of it at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, MA. It was nice seeing him again since the Lambda literary retreat and he left a nice message in my copy after I said I was insecure about still not having an *official* published first novel yet and possibly being a failure as a writer :)

“Remember that there is time to grow into being a writer and being a man.”

And also my social awkwardness is charming! :>

Things That Go Bump in the Night (The Team Building Exercise Remix)

A/N: For @lifeinahole27. Happy birthday, dear Sarah! I’m so happy I stumbled on this fandom and on you. As I’ve already told you, I adore your writing and for your gift I decided to adopt a tradition from a couple of my past fandoms and remix one of your fics that has been sitting in my head since you posted it.

Link to Sarah’s fic below, for those of you who haven’t read it. Go enjoy it!

Summary: Emma might have a thing about ghosts and ghost stories. Killian might find it endearing.

Original Fic: A Different Kind of Team Building

Words: 2740 | Rating: Light M | ao3 | ffn


It all started with a coffee mug.

It was his first day in his office in Boston and he was lost in a warren of office-lined halls, trying to determine the best way to navigate from the corner conference room to his office. Sidestepping to allow Ruby and her overstuffed filing box to pass, he grazed his hip along the desk of one of the assistants, sending a coffee mug teetering over the edge and shattering across the floor. He apologized profusely and tried to sop up the mess, but was shooed away from the mess before he could be much help.

It was only later Killian found out the desk belonged to Emma’s assistant and the mug was Emma’s prized one. At least that explained the scowl Emma kept shooting him those first few weeks.

Or so he hoped.

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Bagelsaurus is open, local friends. By 8:30 this morning there was a line out the door. They opened yesterday and sold out of their bagels early.

Verdict: bagels very good. They’re chewy with a thick crust. If you like squishy bagels you won’t like these. If you don’t like chewing, you won’t like these. But they’re not cheap. I think a bagel with cream cheese is like $4. But it’s a damn good bagel. The coffee is decent.

Me: *hands Neil my DVD of Neverwhere for signing* So, Neil, have I ever mentioned that the first thing I ever saw Peter Capaldi in was the Neverwhere miniseries as the Angel Islington?

Neil Gaiman: *signing DVD* And now the Angel has the phonebox!

(It’s funny because Peter Capaldi is the Doctor, and the Angels have the phonebox, and Peter Capaldi played the Angel Islington in Neverwhere, and seriously why am I explaining this joke either you get it or you don’t)