porter lynn

I would have loved to have seen a supergroup with ALL of the newbies! That includes Rory, Sugar, Joe, Unique, Marley, Jake, Ryder, Kitty, Roderick, Jane, Mason, Madison, Spencer, Alistair and Myron.


glee season 6 au [ part 1/? ]

finn is still alive and will has asked him to lead the glee club as his co-director until he finishes getting his teaching degree. with the help of some alumni, whom return to help out when they get the chance to come home, the new directions was able to grow to 13 members;
 sugar motta, joe hart, rory flanagan, ryder lynn, jake puckerman, marley rose, kitty wilde, unique adams, mason mccarthy, madison mccarty, roderick (too cool for a last name), jane heyward, and spencer porter. 
coming together quickly, the underclassmen feel right at home when as they join the directions. finn asks the upperclassmen act as the younger’s mentors, and unique, fun and amazing friendships are created.

I wish Marley, Jake, Kitty, Ryder and Unique could have come back in season 6 and be in New Directions. Then Madison, Mason, Jane, Roderick and Spencer could have joined. That’s 10 members. Then they just needed 2 more. Alistair and Myron could have still joined or just find 2 more characters. I would have preferred that over Warblers/New Directions mega group. The Warblers should have remained competition. It would have been interesting to see a married Klaine be competition rivals.

Some love for the Glee guys! Finn, Puck, Artie, Kurt, Blaine, Sam, Mike, Matt, Jake, Ryder, Spencer, Mason, Roderick, Joe, Rory, Will, Figgins, Burt, Sebastian, Hunter, Adam, Elliot, Brody, Dave, we love you all!


Real Friends ft Chris Dinh, Porter Lynn, and Jennifer Higginson. (:


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