porter city

For anyone looking for reading soundtracks:

- The Dear Hunter // Act I, Act II and Act III(and Act IV when it comes out in September)

- Keaton Henson // Romantic Works and Dear

- Bon Iver // For Emma, Forever Ago

- City and Colour // Sometimes 

- Casey Crescenzo // Amour & Attrition 

- Ludovico Einaudi // Una Mattina and Islands 

- Gregory Porter // Liquid Spirit and Be Good

- Manchester Orchestra // I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child

-  Radiohead // Ok Computer, The Bends and Pablo Honey

- Lucy Rose // LIke I Used To

- Amplifiers // Everything Obsolete

-Mitski // Bury Me At Makeout Creek

-Mac Demarco //Salad Days

Enjoy 😊

this is like,,,, bad. But i just had a vision at 2am and had to draw it at 8am in class next day so….. Y'all know lionhearted and the icarus story so here’s a connection that might lead to shelter. Also Porter’s saying “Lets never separate again.” why?
Let’s go back to the canon story. They’ve been friends since they were kids. But, Back to the AU, Porter gets his whole city world domination ideas, Hugo’s like, IM GONNA BE ICARUS,,, BUT KEEP MY FUCKING WINGS AND M NOT GONNA FUCK IT UP. So they have different plans and ideas, don’t like each other’s ideas because Hugo’s like “Don’t take over the world.” and Porter’s like “It’s gonna be exactly like Icarus all over again” but now they’re back together.


Sampled on draught this brew poured a dark opaque mahogany with a small beige head. The aroma had lots of Earl Grey tea and the small of bergamot flowers. There were also aromas of caramel , tea, hints of chocolate and dark fruit. The taste too had lots of fragrant Earl Grey tea with roast caramel malts, and a little citrus. I do like Earl Grey, and liked this but would have liked the malts to be a little more pronounced. The tea and citrus rind stay with you in the aftertaste. The body was light-medium, the mouthfeel was a little thin and the carbonation was soft. I found this quite drinkable and the lightness made it refreshing in a way.

5% Guelph, Ontario   20 IBU

Photo courtesy of Royal City Brewing