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Ra’s al Ghul by Cliff Chiang and Patrick Gleason

Ra’s al Ghul and Lex Luthor in Young Justice

Ra’s al Ghul and Damian in Son of Batman

Alexander Siddiq as Ra’s al Ghul in Gotham

Arkham City Ra’s al Ghul 

Young Justice Ra’s al Ghul and Dynamic Duo by Christopher Jones

Ra’s al Ghul by Howard Porter

Red Robin and Ra’s al Ghul by Marcus To 

Batman and Ra’s al Ghul by Eddy Barrows and Patrick Gleason


Independently wealthy. Utilizes his vast fortune to finance and further his goals. Incredibly intelligent. A brilliant strategist. Master martial artist. Allied with a host of expert warriors under his command.

He is Ra’s al Ghul, the Demon’s Head, leader of the League of Assassins and the only person in the world capable of going toe-to-toe with the Bat on every level.

Ra’s al Ghul first became aware of Batman after the Dark Knight became entangled with his daughter, Talia. As another man of power who was fully committed to his cause, Ra’s al Ghul saw Batman as a worthy heir to his position as leader of the League of Assassins, a shadowy group that seeks to cleanse the world of corruption and achieve perfect environmental balance. However, the Dark Knight refused, seeing Ra’s al Ghul’s methods—such as killing half of humanity through biological warfare—too ruthless and brutal.

Utilizing the regenerative powers of the Lazarus Pit, Ra’s al Ghul can heal himself from any injury and has often been resurrected from death itself. His exact age is unknown, but he has been around for hundreds of years, giving him an immeasurable amount of knowledge and resources. He is easily one of the world’s greatest threats and can be seen as the embodiment of Batman’s desire to be more than a man, to be a symbol. For long after Bruce Wayne is gone, Ra’s al Ghul shall live on.

Character Facts

Immortality, Combat skills, Genius-level intellect, Exceptional martial artist, Inexhaustible wealth, Master swordsman

International terrorist

First Appearance
BATMAN #232 (1971)

Playlist #1- Midoriya Izuku

Here are some songs for Deku that I though fit quite well with his character and role. I hope you enjoy!

d e t e r m i n a t i o n

  1. Best Day of My Life by American Authors
  2. Revolution by The Score
  3. Shelter by Porter Robinson and Madeon
  4. What Do I Know by Ed Sheeran
  5. Stand Up by The Cab
  6. Missing You by All Time Low
  7. Believer by Imagine Dragons
  8. Unbelievable by Owl City ft. Hanson

For anyone looking for reading soundtracks:

- The Dear Hunter // Act I, Act II and Act III(and Act IV when it comes out in September)

- Keaton Henson // Romantic Works and Dear

- Bon Iver // For Emma, Forever Ago

- City and Colour // Sometimes 

- Casey Crescenzo // Amour & Attrition 

- Ludovico Einaudi // Una Mattina and Islands 

- Gregory Porter // Liquid Spirit and Be Good

- Manchester Orchestra // I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child

-  Radiohead // Ok Computer, The Bends and Pablo Honey

- Lucy Rose // LIke I Used To

- Amplifiers // Everything Obsolete

-Mitski // Bury Me At Makeout Creek

-Mac Demarco // Salad Days and 2

-Alvvays // Alvvays

-HOMESHAKE // Fresh Air

-Mild High Club // Skiptracing

Enjoy 😊
Playlist #3- Iida Tenya

Here comes the star of this week’s episode!! Iida spam this week 

l o y a l

  1. American Dream by MKTO
  2. My Calling by AJR
  3. Polarize by Twenty One Pilots
  4. Lionhearted by Porter Robinson ft. Urban Cone
  5. Interstellar by Vexento
  6. Geronimo by Sheppard
  7. Shooting Star by Owl City
  8. Shine A Light by Banners
  9. Maps by Maroon 5
  10. Miracle by The Score

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