Draaaculllaaaa! Following the rule-book of mass tourism, the shopping area of the Cluj airport dedicates an entire area to the local celebrity, the Transylvanian legendary dark prince. No duty free product category seems to be forgotten, Dracula here and Dracula there and space is the only limit - as Cluj is still a tiny airport… Is this a true celebration of bad taste? Um, airport souvenirs aren’t exactly known for class are they. I didn’t actually try any of the liquors so I can’t vouch for their quality but well, I’m sure I would grab something on my way out if relatives wouldn’t regularly bath me in their homemade schnapps. And surprisingly enough there’s also no Dracula beer, is it… so this is going to be about a tasty roast of crisp malts, refreshingly fizzy with just an afterthought of sweetness, a new brew called Gaura Neagra (black hole) from the local masters “Bere à la Cluj”.