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scott.portelliI often get asked what are my favourite animals that I have spent time with. So Thought I would share my top 10 favourite wildlife to get up close and personal with. Number #7on my list is The rarely seen Leafy Seadragon. They camouflage themselves to look like the surrounding kelp


Because of their adaptive abilities — rapid growth, short lifespans and flexible development — cephalopods are sometimes called “the weeds of the sea.” And it seems like that might be serving them well.

According to study published in Current Biology cephalopod abundance has increased since the 1950s. The reason for this growth is not yet clear, but it maybe that their adaptability has allowed them to thrive in a changing climate while other ocean dwelling populations suffer. Study author Bronwyn Gillanders says that figuring out the reason for cephalopod abundance may tell us a lot about “how human activities are changing the ocean.”

Killer Whale Puts on Show for Divers

A killer whale put on an exclusive show for these scuba divers. Scott Portelli and his friends were out for a dive in Tonga when the marine mammal decided to show off its skills. Credit: Scott Portelli via Storyful

False Killer Whale Puts on a Show for Divers

While scuba diving in Tonga, Scott Portelli and his fellow divers were treated to a stunning show.

The Australian native was on a dive, when a false killer whale began to swim near his group. The false killer whale decided to show off its talent by jumping out of the water near the gang in a quite extraordinary display. Credit: Scott Portelli via Storyful