i don’t understand how people can’t ship stucky. like it makes sense, stove snd buckaroo have known each other since like the 1940’s and they’re old and practically married. like if u watch the movies u can see how in love they r with each other like Steve is like “lol must protect buck 2k16” and also like “u no portect buck?!” bam civil war. it’s basically canon. like ok u don’t have to ship it but. it’s. canon. fulc u and ur children and ur pet bird™. stucky is canON. wathc the first cap movie and go to part where buck falls and dies for a couple years. Stopv is like ‘omfg I’m crying and drinking my pain away lol pls don’t talk to me buckaroo is ded’. and then when Bucky think Steve is going to die at the fire explosive part his facial expression is so sad and it gave me 13 different mental issues.
take this into consideration and tell me that they aren’t in love. TELL ME. LOOK AT ME SND TELL ME.
this has been a PSA.

Hogwarts house relationships

Being in a relationship with a Griffindoor would include:

•Them being portective of you.
•Sneaking out to go to Hogsmeade with them.
•Them standing up for you.
•Cute looks at each other across class.
•Holding hands in their robe pocket.

Being in a relationship with a Slytherin would include:

•Borrowing their green attire and wearing it proudly.
•Mocking all the teachers with wicked good voice impressions.
•Getting into trouble with your SO constantly.
•Seeing their sweeter side despite their mean reputation.
•Being a non pureblood and them being okay with it.

Being in a relationship with a Ravenclaw would include:

•Tutoring dates
•Random facts all the time.
•Cuddling and reading books together.
•Being nerdy with them.
•Clever poems and riddles they write for you.

Being in a relationship with a Hufflepuff would include:

•Hugs everytime you see each other.
•Volunteering somewhere together.
•Running your fingers through their messy hair.
•Them buying sweets for you a lot.
•Hanging out by the lake and them pointing out different plants they recognize.

mychildrenwhy  asked:

So you don't want the innocent and pure Izuku "Deku" Midoriya to be protected and loved at all costs then? (Referring to the 'not being apart of the Deku Portection Squad™ thing)

“I genuinely didn’t know there was a deku protection squad. I knew there was an all might protection squad though.. And speaking about these protection squads, shouldn’t there be one for bakugou? He was the one that was kidnapped.”

elhawke hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet: ❝Oh? The candle sizzled out. Ah hope this isnae a…

[ be afraid seb, be very afraid :P ]

Truth be told, if that encounter ever happened, Sebastian’s initial reaction would be to gush over how wonderfully caring the relationship between Neil and his siblings is and how great it is, that his sister is so portective of him. He’s fanboying about the Hawke-siblings hard, even if he only loves one of them. X,D