“The problem comes where Dan was able to close these portals too, instead of letting them naturally collapse. By shutting them early, he prevents the ectoplasm that created the portal from falling back into the ghost world and balancing out to the regular amount of natural ectoplasm that should be in the air. By continuing to open and close portals like that, he would have slowly started to increase the amount of natural ectoplasm present in the human world. 
“Not only that, but the Ghost Zone has these kinds of natural springs that create the natural ectoplasm and regulate the amount left in the Ghost Zone to stabele levels and replenish the ectoplasm lost to the human world whenever a portal opens. The more Dan messed with the order of natural portals, the more these springs would try to compensate, eventually to the point where they become unstable. 
“My point is, is that the future Danny went to was one that had become unnaturally flooded with ectoplasm. It easily could have had negative results on humans as well as messing with, and possibly accelerating, the powers of ghosts. 
“So it’s possible the reason that Danny picked up the ghostly wail and hist ice powers so fast is because he went to that future. Mine and Danny’s bodies in particular would be sensitive to the amount of ectoplasm around us since we pretty much exist on the line in between human and ghost. So it’s possible his body’s regular processes regarding absorbing ectoplasm from the air around him as a ghost were kicked into overdrive, and it hyper-accelerated the growth of his powers a good ten years ahead of schedule. 
“Not that it helped him with control at all.”

Danielle helps me explain my headcanon on natural portals and Danny’s powers, just before the end of the Phanniemay segment, so I couldn’t make a comic for all of it. Maybe I will in the future.