‘Official Spanish to English Again’

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It’s a Phantom

He’s a phantom

(Danny Phantom, Danny Phantom)

When he was only 14 years old,
His parent created the strange portal
It was created to see what anyone can see
Danny will be able to do it because he is the phantom

As it didn’t work, his family gave up
But Danny wanted to see and went there
Suddenly, for Danny, everything changed
His DNA was altered

(Danny Phantom)

He lost consciousness and woke up.
The white hair and his eyes changed.
He go through walls, he could fly.
It was more unique than the others.

Danny Phantom, knew what to do
The threat of the portal, he should stop.
He will fight for you and me

He will face them because he is Danny Phantom;
he will overcome them because he is Danny Phantom.

He will overcome them because he is… Danny Phantom.

I love this version is quite similar to the original *-* 

I include it just because it’s difficult find this song in the internet, so I thought it would be nice have it somewhere :)