In Portal, quite understandably, the first thing curious players do is use quantum physics to check out their own ass. The second thing they do is try to put one portal on top of the other. If you know anything about portals, you obviously know this would create the kind of paradox that rips apart the universe, so players are not allowed to do it.

But ripping apart the universe is the endgame of most Internet users, so a Youtuber named CrowbCat used a custom map to squish himself between two portals. It didn’t quite rip apart reality, but it came close:

Strangely, only the top of your head remains immune to the effects of cosmic deconstruction.

6 Absurd Questions Gamers Went To Great Lengths To Answer


About a year ago, stop motion animation studio Open the Portal posted two snippets on Instagram from what they teased was “a secret project”. Both snippets show poor 2D in a nightmare-looking scenario, trapped like a puppet hanging by his elbows.

1st  / 2nd

I wonder if these will end up as part of another music video, or the TV series (they do seem consistent with the spoopy theme of the Saturnz Barz vid).

Door Struggles

Critters asked: How many cumulative hours has Vox Machina fought with doors on stream?

It’s impossible to say in in-game time because some of it wasn’t measured in neat 6-second rounds. We can, however, measure real life time! For this (and for fun), we decided to include some barriers and portals that functioned as doors as well. We didn’t include doors that didn’t pose a threat to Vox Machina. Updated to Episode 85.

Time Spent Dealing With Doors and Barriers: 4:11:13

Thanks to icecream-s-coops, @JacobSBrowning, @_miss_maria_, Monique S., and our past volunteers for their work compiling this list!

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“Cave Johnson, here. If you’re seeing colors and are having difficulty experiencing linear time, then you’ve either been crushed between two portals, or have been inhaling too much fumes from our experimental bio-fuel canisters. If it’s the former, we apologize and will notify your family. If it’s the latter, you’re fired. We’re not paying you to get high, you hippie."

HIVESWAP: Cherub Portal

Of all interesting things and plot points in this game, the Cherub Portal has to be one of the most fascinating. It’s obviously a Juju, with the way Joey is attracted to open it, and it’s what kickstarts the entire adventure. Sure, the Monsters push Joey to the Attic- But without the Portal, we wouldn’t have the whole switching mess that becomes the main plot of Hiveswap! 

This thing is the biggest mystery of Hiveswap.

And I may have just solved it.

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waterofthevalley  asked:

Will we ever learn what happens to Jack and Jill after Every Heart a Doorway?


Future books are always based upon one major factor: sales of current books.  Every Heart a Doorway did so well–and I am super grateful for that–that they were willing to bring me on to do two more, Down Among the Sticks and Bones and Beneath the Sugar Sky, which comes out in January 2018.  Whether more are commissioned after that will depend largely on the sales of Down Among… .

(Which is not to say that Beneath the Sugar Sky isn’t going to matter.  Odds are good that as we get more data on Down Among…, Tor.com will be able to make the decision about whether we want to continue, and re-up for one or two more.  And then they’ll do the same after Beneath…, and so on, and so on, until the books stop selling or I get bored and wander off into a swamp to become queen of the frogs.)

As long as there’s hope of more books, I won’t rule anything out.  I’ll say there are things that are less likely–like I’m less likely to write Nancy’s “before school” book than I am to find an excuse to spend a whole book with her in the Halls of the Dead after the school, since we know she never had a grand quest, she just really liked being allowed to be still for a change–but that’s really splitting hairs.

I know how, at minimum, the next two “school” books and the next two “portal” books would go, if I’m allowed to continue.  But that’s about it.

If you want to make it more likely that we’ll find out, the best way is by either a) buying the books, or b) encouraging other people to buy the books.  Tell people why they need their own copy.  If someone asks for a free download on a forum, ask them to either go through their library or consider buying a copy, because you want to see the story continue, and sales are the only way that happens.

So…yeah.  Maybe.  Someday.

Gosh, I hope so.


Don’t worry about him. Robots don’t feel pain.

You can call this… filler, I guess. All my motivation to draw portal has been thrown into that longer animation I keep mentioning. (It’s still a meme. I can’t even believe I’m pouring so much effort into a meme.) So I decided to take a break from working on that one to make this one, which has been floating around in my head since Neurotoxin. Cheers to uploading the first animation of the year. Goals: upload at least two more.