Put together a new gifset of my GLaDOS cosplay in motion, courtesy of MLZ Studios’ amazing videography at Fanime!

I opted for a game-accurate version of GLaDOS, which of course had to involve me hanging upside down.  I built a 6-ft structure from PVC pipe, created a custom harness, and constructed the armor body from Worbla.

Character: GLaDOS
Series: Portal 2
Cosplayer: Enayla
Videographer: MLZ Studios


so my friend Cyan and I were ATLAS and P-body for Sakura-con! It was like being freaking Johnny Depp on Main Street. five minutes out of the hotel people were asking for photos. We felt like celebrities! :D

There were a few complications, like Cyan’s head fell off a few times and my leg thingies kept getting fucked up - but whatever! It was still fantastic.

If you were one of the Chells, let me know! The first girl was only in for a few photos but the second stood with us for at least five minutes straight by that coke machine. And that gun was so heavy I felt like my arms were gonna fall off.

Thanks so much to anybody who took photos or complimented us on our costumes. Cyan and I were exhausted afterwards but we both had a great time while we were there, which was only for like 40 minutes.

Portal Cosplay Tutorial and Resource Master List

I’ve had a lot of questions about Chell cosplays or Portal props. You know what that means? Time for a long list of links to tutorials and other resources!  As a bonus you will also get a  tasty cake recipe!

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