“Goodbye, Caroline. You know, deleting Caroline just now taught me a valuable lesson: the best solution to a problem is usually the easiest one. And I’ll be honest. Killing you? Is hard. You know what my days used to be like? I just tested. Nobody murdered me. Or put me in a potato. Or fed me to birds. I had a pretty good life. And then you showed up. You dangerous, mute lunatic. So you know what? You win. Just go. ”

What better time than now to look back on this photo from Emerald City Comicon 2016?  I remembered thinking of @geekenders and the original Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical when I saw these folks walking around.

And less than a year later, I’m a part of things too!

(Plus I really like pictures of me in my Tenth Doctor cosplay…)

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Sakura-con 2017 day one, part two!

Photo’s have captions.

Portal Ford Pines by @assbanditkirk
Bill Cipher by @spookyeyeimagery
Mako Mananshoku by Me!


{{Best shots from the GLaDOS and Chell cosplay my friends and I did at @momocon. I was GLaDOS. These have captions too! This was WAY too much fun! And shout out to my Chell (Emily) for letting me be so mean to her! Let me know if you saw me or got a picture!!}}