#also THIS is how he was supposed to “land”. after reading journal 3 and remembering the show. that’s like… i call bullshit to #that entrance. he was supposed to get there like this lmao falling like the stupid jerk he is

i agree 100%


Knight-mage Chell, portaling her way through an ancient dungeon full of traps

I genre-swapped Portal for an art challenge, and it may or may not have become a whole AU…and there may or may not be a part 2 on the way. Or should I say, a part DOS

Re-designing the portal gun and long fall boots into more fantasy-appropriate forms was a fun challenge

Edit: This isn’t Dragon Age related in any way. Sorry!


The Bumpy Ride
This is one of the 3 pictures I drew for @Cherryviolets‘ GF artbook. I had this as a sketch since before the finale. I just needed a happy ending for them to make this idea work. Otherwise it would’ve been a big picture with stangst and nothing but stangst. But now it’s only like 90% stangst :)