my malec sketches (or should i say ‘’not totally polished fanarts’‘??) that i’m pretty sure i would have never finish and post :’D they would probably just lie there in my folder…. BUT bc today is the last day of Malec Week 2017 and the theme is ‘’Missing moment’’ (add a scene to their canon story that you wish you could have seen) i decided i could post them all :3! have a nice ‘malec day’ you all xD!! <3


I finally made some reference sheets for my version of Portal Ford’s outfit. I just love his portal outfit and wish that we had gotten to see more of it in the show. He looks so good in black. If you’re curious, that round thing on the back of the strap is kind of like a magnet used to hold the Quantum Destabilizer, because I realized in his original design that the strap doesn’t go over his jacket. How else is that gun supposed to stay on his back? XD

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Second of the requests / prompts: 

@silver-stargazing: I already had an idea I wanted to do re. portal Ford and alien birds and having coffee… and I’ll get to that soon.  But I also got this idea and decided to do it to fulfill this prompt.  Ford taking a quiet moment to study some glowy little feathery alien pterosaur-like birds.  (The glow helps to attract their main prey, you see.)  They have no idea what he is, but I guess they don’t have any predators on their planet like him, since they have no fear of him at all.