So, I started playing Portal 2 Last night (got pretty far actually had to stop ‘cause it was 4am) but, apparently I did a Test in a way that wasn’t right, but still passed it…

Now I want to know is… has anyone else done it this way too?

It’s Test Chamber 17 (the one that has the last Rat Man Den in it) and instead of using the block to block the laser ('cause I had it sittin’ on the button) I used the Camera that I had knocked off the wall… it worked and I finished the test.
My roommate was like “But HOW!?”
then went to tell me all you had to do was use the block to do both parts at the same time… *laughs*

So, has anyone else used the Camera as part of their testing in Portal 2 or am I the only insane one to do so?

You know! I was told, that if I /ever/ made an ask blog, that I would DIE!.. Heh, well.. Well.. Well! look at me now! Got my own blog an all! And Going quite fine IF i say so myself~ though, erm.. Am lacking the “Ask” to the “blog” part though.. Yeah.. O-oh! So uh, would'ya mind? Just erm maybe, clicking that box-y icon, thingy? and erm sending though a question or two!? Thanks luv!

Leaving for California! for two weeks...

about two weeks. I’ll be away from tumblr almost the entire time. probably will come on to see some things, when i’m bored or something.

have to leave the house at 4am XD so like… 6 hours. less than six hours.

I’ll hopefully get a camera while I’m there. might not though. probably not… sigh.


I’m in space

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