*round of applause*


Happy National Dog Day From The Video Game Dog Park!

Sniper/GLaDOS mini-print design I drew (painted?) for Omni Expo. John Lowrie and Ellen McLain were guests at the convention, and I really wanted to make something for them to sign.

Several bazillion drafts, hours of trial and error, more than one moment of crying, and a print run later, I managed to do just that. Admitedly, it didn’t sell out (wweh), but considering the usual performance rate of my prints (that is to say, bottom of the barrel), it did really well. And to think, this thing got signed. Multiple times. Heck, even the original lineart I did got signed. And they LOVED my work, omg!

It makes me so happy and bashful, I feel like curling up in a little ball to hide my blushing.

This piece was a lot of firsts: first (of about two) digital painting(s) of this sort (I call it “blobby style”) to be printed, first time pulling off this crossover, first time drawing something for celebrity guests, and first time drawing anything Portal-related.


Woodlands: Tristram maps are currently available on Neutral Ground’s shop.

In collaboration with Neutral Ground, I designed and illustrated a map of Diablo’s Tristram. Similar in style to our first two Woodlands maps, the isometric angle is new to the Woodlands series, implemented here to stay true to Diablo’s Town Map. The core map is accompanied by a heaven/hell dagger, an amulet modeled after Diablo 1’s Optic Amulet, and a scroll of Fire Wall. After illustrating the map, I handed off the files to Neutral Ground, where they were laser engraved onto 18 1/2″ x 14″ pieces of hand-selected wood.

Also available are our maps of Super Mario World and Hyrule.

By Alex Griendling / Blog / Twitter / Shop