Writing For Games (Week 4)

I feel it’s a tad early to look back on the opening weeks of this class and pinpoint exact moments of enlightenment. I can say that Tim is a very knowledgeable and passionate lecturer who has a very canny understanding of not only the games industry as a whole, but what it takes to deliver story and world within the unique strengths of the medium.

His choice of games in our class-play sessions is also very well considered - a great cross-section of industry heavy-hitters (Bioshock, Portal 2) and smaller games with more experimental ideas (Papers Please, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons) gives a very broad view of what it means to tell stories in games today.

Personally, I can say that working on my twine game has been great fun. In a matter of weeks I’ve already developed a complete working prototype of my game and am happy with the direction it’s taken.

As much as I love playing games (possibly more than watching film and TV!), I’d never considered writing for games as being a serious option. I think this class is quietly stoking a new creative fire.

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To all of you who like Portal 2, I recommend this awesome musical parody of the game by Geekenders. It’s hilarious with a ton of parodied musical songs to fit the game. Plus the Wheatley is really cute…

It’s an actual full length musical! Watch it here!

Here’s some screenshots:

They use portals…

There’s an entire music number and dance CENTERED around the portals!

Wheatley is honestly the best thing in this entire musical.

Plus the GLaDOS is killing it too.

Seriously, I recommend watching it.

  • portal: probably like 15-20 minutes long in its entirety
  • portal 2: get ready to devote your entire weekend to learning GLaDOS' tragic back story