portal to narnia

The Pevensies Reaction to Returning

After coming back through the wardrobe…

Peter: Disoriented at first. He felt a strange relief at the sudden lift from responsibility, but soon it drove him crazy. He got depressed for a little while, and sometimes isolated himself.

Susan: She missed her independence. For months, she felt trapped in a cage. In Narnia, she could run the castle, plan outings, decorate things the way she wanted. The lack of control was hard to bite when things didn’t go her way in England.

Edmund: Acted as if nothing was wrong. He tried to put on a brave face and said they all needed to adjust to England. But, when he was alone, he was terrified he would slip into his old habits without Narnia. He was scared he would become worse.

Lucy: Cried for several hours upon first returning. She desperately missed Narnia and the potential of being so close to Aslan. Spent months after searching for different portals into Narnia again. However, out of the four, she never doubted they’d be back. Not once.

Written for anonymous

Willy dijo que habrán noticias wigetta. Estamos todos diciendo que no se va a confirmar y que solo dirán sobre lo del nuevo libro... Llega el día y wigetta se confirma, el fandom explota, Rubius revive a los chicos en los sims 4 y hace que uno de los dos se embarace, Obama confirma que los alienígenas están entre nosotros, los gatos comienzan a volar, se abre un portal que nos lleva a Narnia, la pizza se vuelve gratis y Carlos muere.

(Se vale soñar  :( )


Cosas que sólo los Géminis entenderán

*Tiendes a cambiar mucho tu personalidad,casi como si tuvieras dos caras, no por algo tu signo son dos gemelas

*Eres muy sarcastica y ironica, y la mayoria de la gente no te entiende 

*Te encanta ser sociable y agradable, pero algunos piensas que estas interesada/o en el o en ella

*Te encanta divertirte y el humor, aunque aveces llegues a herir a la gente con eso

*Te encanta hablar profundamente, ya sea con tu familia, pareja o amigos

*Te cuesta terminar relaciones

*Tiendes a descubrir cosas nuevas cada momento, cuando te cuentan un secreto ya lo sabias 

*Algunos piensas que eres muy intimidante 

*Eres activa/o te encanta estar en movimiento 

*Te emocionas super rapido con cualquier cosa 

*Eres muy curiosa/o aunque eso te traiga problemas

*Tu habitacion es un desastre, que podrías tener oculto un portal a narnia 

*Te encantan las fiestas

so back in my junior year of high school someone wrote in one of the stalls in one of the girls’ bathrooms “this is the portal to narnia” and i thought it was funny so i decided to do it at home

i wrote it on a piece of paper and taped it next to the toilet in the downstairs bathroom

soon after, my mom found it and i explained everything

we then embarked on a six-month long war of sticking that sign somewhere for the other to find, each place weirder than the last

eventually we grew sick of the game and the sign was stashed

recently its been resurrected

world war II has begun, mother