portal sweater

An Adventure Gone Wrong

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Angel had just finished his assignment that was due in two days and since he had some free time before night fell he thought he’d go out on an adventure. Of course he hadn’t expected his roommate to be home so… early. Surprisingly the former Guard Morty seemed to be fine with him leaving since he was to busy studying to even notice that he’d taken the unregistered portal gun from under his bed.

He left the apartment and walked all the way to the school before opening a portal on the side of it. He took a deep breath before walking through the portal, slipping the portal gun into his sweater vest as he exited the other side of the portal. He looked around at the city street that the portal had lead to and a small frown crossed his face. This place reminded him of his home dimension a little bit and that made him feel a little uncomfortable.

“It’s not there… it’s not the same place.” He told himself before realizing his wings were still very much out in the open. He took a deep breath closed his eyes as they slowly began to fade.