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Irreplaceable VIII

A writing collaboration with @ocarina-of-what and @cynfuldax for brief mention.

“I can’t do this…” Felo’thore murmured at the baby under his suede glove, considering the slow blink of her eyes before closing his own. Not more than a second had passed before his ears twitched with the sensation of her movement, his eyes opening to see she had his finger now in her little grip. Felo'thore did not understand how babies talked, nor did he expect her to understand him talking to himself. But by some force unknown to him, the mage found a response. “You’re right. Now is not the time to fret. I must.”

Slipping gently out of her hand, he left a single glove of his for her to continue holding in her tiny fingers, gently adjusting the amethyst wrap around her to loosen and giving a gentle rock of the bassinet as Xelda had shown him hours ago.

The door that grounded the mage’s portal room to the Silvermoon apartment’s study clicked, the arcane lock snapping with a dim shimmer. Heels clapped softly onto the floor of the study and there Felo'thore stood, snow still dusting his long mourning robes, stiffening in a bout of surprise to see Adrianal only several paces away at his canvas. He froze hesitantly for a few seconds, before swallowing and tugging his remaining glove off his hand.

Adrianal had heard the ghosts of Felo'thore’s swaggering footsteps on countless occasions. Long had they lost the ability to make him turn. So when he heard them again he frowned and his ears uncharacteristically tucked back. He didn’t move to paint, to do anything at all really, he just kept staring at the blank whiteness. He missed Felo'thore. Now the thought that he would surely lose what family he had made for himself made his throat close and eyes redden.


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Is it bothering anyone else that in joeys office tour he never shows us the right(for him left for us ) side of the room next to his desk. Like there could be a fucking dead body and we would never know

Teen Wolf 6A Ending Predictions

Only two episodes left until the end of 6A. So let us begin.

Let’s go over the stuff we know:

           A) The remaining pack members will remember Stiles and somehow open a portal in Stiles’ room. After the door opens the will see a light and Lyda will ask: “Stiles?

           B) Two members of the show will leave

           C) Two people will return to finish their stories

           D) Unlike 3B the story will continue between 6A and 6B without a time gap

I believe that, sadly, all the kiddies will remain in all possible endings. For those who don’t know the “kiddies” are: Selena… No, wait. Hayden!, Liam, Useless Corey and Mason.

Who will leave? Lydia, Stiles, Parrish (Not likely: Malia and Peter Hale)

Who will come back? Kate Argent, Araya and Severo Calavera, Derek Hale, Jackson Whittemore (Not likely: Alison, Victoria Argent, dr. Valack, Kira)

Now let’s start speculating:

After the trio remembers Stiles the portal will manifest but it will be closed. A Ghost Rider will come out of it and Malia and Scott will fight him. Hopefully, Lydia will use her banshee powers on him and kill him. After that Lydia will open the portal. Why lydia can open the portal? Simple.

In some tales, the figure who first appears to be a banshee or other cailleach (hag) is later revealed to be the Irish battle goddess, the Morrigan.

The banshee is immune to everything supernatural, including a supernatural portal that sets you on magical fire. And if Lydia is the Morrigan it would make perfect sense.

I recently made a theory how Lydia died when Peter bit her and that trauma made her a banshee and that her soul is now trapped between life and death

The proof lies in the last few episodes. First Lydia brings up the Morrigan despite no one ever mentioning her, then Lydia uses the term reverence - deep respect for someone, like the dead or a divine being.

To find out more check my friends, @maroltkiki, theory about this titled LYDIA THE BATTLE GODDESS: http://maroltkiki.tumblr.com/post/156164767598/lydia-the-battle-goddess-heres-what-i-believe


After the portal is opened Scott, Malia and Lydia will enter it and find Stiles and the others. But before they can exit the will face off Douglas and Parrish. Scott, Malia, Argent and Hayden will handle Douglas and Lydia, Stiles, Corey, Mason and Melissa will deal with Parrish. Scott and Malia will somehow strip Douglas from his Ghost Rider abilities and Lydia will bring Parrish to his senses. But the other Riders will take control over Parrish. The trapped people will run towards the portal and Lydia will open it so the humans can escape it. After they all escape the portal it will close and vanish and the Wild Hunt will leave Beacon Hills for they have Douglas and Parrish. But Lydia will collapse and Stiles will catch her, at that moment she’ll say to him that she loves him. Stiles will kiss her and we will get that perfect Stidia moment. But unfortunately, Lydia will die. And Stiles will cry just like Scott did over Alison. After a while Stiles and his dad will move away because all the trauma.

Liam forms his own pack with Mason, Hayden, Corey and +/- Theo


Maybe Melissa and Argent will sacrifice themselves and everyone else will live and Scott and Stiles will be brothers, living in the same house. Parrish will remain in BH, Lydia may or may not end up with Stiles. Stiles may or may not continue his relationship with Malia.

And the third option (the most boring ad cliche one) everyone makes it, but Malia decides to leave with Peter

Now, let’s go back to the person who will walk toward the pack when they open the portal, it is possible that it is the villain for 6B, and that would be Kate Argent, she would be perfect, her story was never concluded, it would be awesome to see Araya and Severo Calavera again. Everyone forgot about Kate so it would be perfect to see her return with the excuse that she was closed behind a door in the Ghost train station.And as Kate attacks Scott Jackson and Derek could appear and fight her off. It can be a action packed second part of the season.

In collaboration with @maroltkiki

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depressed mood again
because people live with emotions 
its what drives them and motivates them
and i dont feel anything in particular 
but “negative” emotions 
(fucked up) but if i could
i would run a torture planet 
like an evil villain 
And sit in a dark castle in a scary mountain 
immortal and would have a 
pond of blood circulating my throne 
and lots of dangerous weaponry at my disposal 
to use on innocent prisoners 
and would acquire the most powerful mages 
to help me summon inter dimensional lords 
and make galactic sith deeds with them 
like trade humans for powers 
and every day i would have visitors through my private portal 
in my living room floor 
as i would be the sorceress of planet earth 
and demented leaders and masters would like to address me 

It had been a good day today. After playful banter, games, and roughhousing with a few of their fans, Error and Blueberry had settled outside the portal to Blueberry’s room from the multiverse. Error had gotten comfortable with letting Blueberry wander a short distance into the multiverse. He was confident that if that other Error returned, he could shove Blueberry back into his room in time.

For now, Error was propped up on one arm as he watched some television on his laptop, resting an arm protectively around a sleeping Blueberry that curled up against him. However, things were not as peaceful as they should’ve been as Blueberry began to whimper in his sleeping. His body began to twitch uneasily as he muttered inaudible nonsense. Error frowns as he looks down to Blueberry, knowing there wasn’t much he could do. These nightmares had been a frequent thing recently and all he could do was rub his side gently as he nuzzles Blueberry’s head. But still, Blueberry seemed very restless, his bones cracking and moving in strange movements with his jerks, his body still not fully healed.

Abruptly, Blueberry sat up, staring blankly at the ground, his back towards Error. Error looked up with worry and sat up with him, his arms resting around him with concern. “B-Blueberry, it’s just a dream. Go back to sleep…”

Blueberry suddenly flung Error back, Error crying out as he hit the barrier to Studiotale roughly. Blueberry crawled back from Error, horror in his black, empty eyesockets as he stared at Error in mortification. “Stop! Please…Stop, it hurts! Please…Error…Error, help…!”

Error stood up slowly as Blueberry scrambled back from him, his tailbone cracking and scraping beneath him and some pieces crumbled completely off, managing to slip from his pants. Error knew that Blueberry was still trapped in his dream as he watched him worriedly, holding his arms up in a surrendering gesture. “Blueberry, it’s me! You’re just dreaming! I’m here, I’m here, I promise!”

Tears were streaking out of Blueberry’s empty voids of his sockets, his face twisted in pain until he heard Error’s words. His bright and blue eyes returned, thought they were small, simple pricks in his eyes. He whimpered softly before collapsing into a heap on the ground, sobbing pathetically. Error wasted no time rushing to him and holding him in his arms gently, not wanting to hurt him further. Error shushed him softly as he pulled Blueberry onto his lap. “Shh…I’m here, I’m here…I’m never letting him near you again…”

Blueberry shook in Error’s arms as he sobbed gently into his chest, clutching onto his sleeves. He whined among his wheezing squeaks of breaths as he attempted to wake fully from his dream. “I…I’m sorry…I’m sorry..Error, I’m so-sorry….

Error sighed as they sat there for a few minutes, letting Blueberry sob against him. Error ran his hands along his back slowly as he thought to himself. He had been so tempted to return to Studiotale. But as he saw how scared Blueberry was at the idea of that Error coming back…He couldnt bring himself to do it now. “I promise…He’s never going to hurt you…He can’t reach you…”

“I…I know…Error…I’m sorry…I’m sorry, I…This is all m-my fault…Y-You should have let him…j-just…” Blueberry trailed off, his soul racing in his chest as he held Error tighter against him. “I…I am s-so afraid w-when you are not there…”

Error closes his eyes, resting Blueberry’s head against his chest. “I know…I never want to leave your side again…I…[͘R̷̕͢͝É̴͜D̕͠͏A̡̕͏C҉͘͘͜͞T̷̡̨Ȩ̕D̴͡͝]҉ I’ll do anything to keep you safe…”

Blueberry looked up to Error with teary, broken eyes, one of his eyes still red from the swirling of paint rubbed into it by the other Error when he was painted to look like one. “Please… I will stay here forever… right beside you. I [̸̵̧̛R̨͟҉̸E͜҉͜͢D͠A̸̕͡҉̛C̸̴͜T̷̵̡̡̢E͟͜D҉̕]͏̧͢͢͞  I… I never should have put you in this d-danger to save me…”

Error laughed softly as he nuzzles against Blueberry’s neck, his voice muffled as he mutters with a joking tone. “You know you don’t mind being the damsel in distress so you can watch me in a real fight scene instead of an act…”

Blueberry cooed softly with the nuzzles, shifting lightly as a crumpled piece of paper fell out from Error’s pocket. He whined softly at the mean joke as his cheeks flushed. “You know I do- Ow!”

Blueberry winced a bit at the feeling as Error accidentally nudged a particularly unsightful bruise on one of his neck vertebrae that the other Error had caused. Error quickly pulled back with worry. “Sorry, sorry, sorry!”

As Error kept apologizing with Blueberry rubbing the pain away from his neck, he glances down to the paper that had fallen and unfolds it with both of his hands, looking it over. There were some sort of letter coordinates, and a long sequences of 1 and 0s. “…E-Error…What’s this?”

Error pauses in his apology as he looks up and almost seems to pale at seeing what Blueberry got his hands on. He quickly tries to take it back with a nervous laugh. “I-It’s nothing. I may have…tried looking into the coding and I t-took those notes, but those are useless. They won’t help.”

Blueberry held the paper away from him, his hands clutched onto the parchment as he looked at Error with a visibly hurt expression. “Y…You’re lying to me…”

Error opened his mouth to deny it, but…After all Blueberry’s gone through…It wouldn’t be right to lie to him again. He glances down, his voice quivering. “Y-Yeah…I-I…B-Blueberry, I-I just…I-I can’t stand being th-the reason you k-keep having those n-nightmares…I-I could’ve prevented this f-from the start, j-just…I-I just…c-can’t…I-I’m not strong enough t-to see you like this…”

Blueberry visibly flinched, as if he had been struck as his eyes teared up. Error had been lying to him again. “So…So you are torturing yourself staying here…because of me. Because this…really is my fault…”

Blueberry hung his head as he clutched his chest over his soul, letting the paper fall from his hands. “N-Not…strong enough…t…to see me…l…like this…I…It was wr-wrong to make you suffer w-with me h-here…I never…s-should have let Yan c-convince me to come back…I…I…should go find Core!Frisk…Th-Then you can be free of m-me…”

“N-No! No, Blueberry…Blu-Blueberry, please, look at me…” Error’s eyes had widened with Blueberry’s words, clutching onto his arms tightly, like he knew he’d run away. Blueberry’s breathing became heavier as he attempted to stand on his trembling legs, his femur shifting side to side in his pants where it hadn’t healed together yet. “I…I should go…I’m…I’m sorry, Error, I…I’m sorry…I…I ruined it…Everything…Y-You can go b-back now…I…I will g-go where other…things that d-do not be…long go…”

“B-Blueberry, no, just…L-Listen to m-” Error closed his eyes tightly as he tried to hold Blueberry in his arms as Blueberry continued to struggle and fight to pull away. As Blueberry finally pulled away and began to walk back to his dressing room for his things, Error stood, facing away from him, his arms shaking besides him. “I̴̵͞͝'̶̛̀́L̨͏L̕͢͢͡͡ ̷̷̶͡D̀͢͠I͏̢̕E̕͝ ͞W̵͘͟͜͡I̷͏̨T̷̢̕͢H̸͟͟͢O̕҉U̕T̸̷́͠ ̨̀͠͞Y̵͞O̵̵͘͜Ư̷!̵̵̨͟”

Blueberry let out a tiny sob as the glitching in his voice that he normally loved to hear made him wince and slow to a stop. “No, you won’t…Y-You…are so s-strong…P-People love you…I…I love you…I…I won’t be the reason you r-rot in here…”

Error lowered his head as he spoke softly, his body breaking apart. “B-̕͘B̛͟e̸̷͞f̸͟͡o͟r͘͜ȩ͞ ̸̧̛I̧ ̢mè̶t̀̕ ͏y͞o̡̕ù..̢͠.̸̡̀I͘͟-I͞ h̶̀̀a͏d̵̀́.͠.̢.s̛͢o͏͞ m͝u͘çh͘͏ ̶҉r̴͜-r̡e̴g̡͡r̢͟e̶̕͘t̴͢ ̶i͏n͘͟͟ m͡y̶͝͠ ̷͢͝lif̧̛e͢.̕͝.̷̀͠.͘͘C̵Q͘.͡.̴̧.̵̵̛h̀͢͡a͞͞d b̶̡èe͟͡͞ń ̸̢t̢͘-̡̛͟t̵r̛ý̢i̛͏ng̸̶̡ ̸s̢̨̨o͝ ̴͘h̵a̷͟r͡d̷ ̸f̷-̀͟fơ̵҉r̛͘͟ ̕͝m͘͟e̴҉ ̛͠t̵̡ò̷ ̛́o͠͏p̵̢͘e͞͝n̴͟ ̕up̸͝͝.̶͜.̨̀͘.̸Ę-̨́E̶̢ve̸r̷͡y͜ ͜͏n͜i҉̷͞g̀͟h̕҉t̵̨͝.̕͜.̵̕͝.̶̸Į͘ ̶͟w̵̢̨-̴̡̧w̶̨ó͟ų̸͢ld͘ ̶͜s̵̢̛i̴̛t͘ ̢͞on҉ ̵̛͞m͢y̡ ͝b̨e͠d.҉̢..̶a͢-̴̛a̕͝͞n̡͟͞d͏ j̡͟͞ù͘s͠t ͏͞t̀òr͟t̴̢̕u̢r̨e͜ ̧m-̴̀m̛y҉ ̸̕͞s̵o̷̕͢u̢͞l͟͟.̶͜.̡̀͟.̕I̸-͞I҉͜ ̷w͡҉̢a̴̧s͏҉ ͡a̶̢ĺw̛͜á̷yś̨͟.̵̧.̴̡͡.͝s̕͝͡ó ͏̷t̸̛҉-t͝e̡̧m̧͏p̶̕t́̕e̸d̸ ̷͏t̴̸͘o̸͢ ̵̡j̀͢ú͏ş̶͜t͡͏̸.̶.҉.̴̧̕e̴̵̢-̀ȩn͞҉d́͞ ͘͟i̧t͏̶͜ ̶̢ţ̴͘h̷e̶ŗ̷͜e͢͜͜.̢͘.҉̴.͝t͘͢o̢͞ ͢͠p͡-p̧áy̨ ͘f͜o̷r͢ ͏̶̛m̧̢̢ỳ͡ s͘i̶͢͝ns̨͟..̛͘.̡

Error smiled sadly as he turned around to look at Blueberry, showing the blue tears streaming down his face. “B̸ut̢̕.̵̕.͘͞.́B̷̨ų̕t ͟ţ҉he̴̕n I͏-I҉͘͝ ́m̕͜͞e̡ţ͟ ̴y̶ǫ̡͜u̷..͘͠.̕͜”

Blueberry finally turned around to look at Error, his heart aching as he watched him glitch so severely. He didn’t say anything as he listened to his words before he steps closer, reaching up to stroke Error’s tears away with his slightly bloodied bandaged hand. He whimpered, his chest resting against Error’s as he just watched him, stroking his face to try to calm him. “Error…I just want everyone to be…h-happy…”

“S̴͞-̀̕͞S͘͝ơ̶̧ ͢d̸o̧ ̨̀I̴.̀̕͏.͜.҉̨A̧n̵͏d̴̶ ͘I̵͡-I ̛ha̡̛t̶̨e ͏̨̧h̢o̵w͝͏.͟.̀͟͠.h̛͡͝o͘͜͟w̢͡͞ ̛҉̀m̸͢uc͡͠h̵̕ ̶̀I̧ k͏ee͜p͘ hu̷͟r̛͢͜t̡͞i͏̛n͝g̛͘ ͟͜y̵̛͝ou̸̡.̨̛͡.” Error smiled sadly, holding Blue’s cheeks in his hands gently. “̧̀́S͘͜-̵̀͜͜͡S̨̡͝͝ơ͏҉͏m̴̨e͘̕t̸̵͢͟͝i̷͜m̶͟e͟͝s̵̴,̡͠͞ ̡̧̀͘t̢̡̛̕͜h̛͜ơ̸͘͞ų̛͟͝ǵ̶h̸̴̢.̷̨̕.̛̕͢͠.̸̵́I̸͠-͏͏҉Ì̴̡͏'̵̢̨l̶͢l̵̵͏̢͞ ͞͡͞b̨́̀͟͠e̶͠ ̨̡͡ļ͟y̵̨͢͠͞į́͜͠n҉͏g͞͞ ̵̴͜i̴̧͟͜n̴̴̡͡ ̨͟͡͏͠b̨̛͡҉é͟d̵͝҉.̡̛̀͞.̸͡.̷͢a̵͢n͏̷̴̸͟d̴͜ ̶́͘s̨͏̧͞-̡̢̡͠ś̶̕͜҉o̸͜m̀̀é̷̸͟t̡͡i̵̕͢m͞҉̵́e̢͜͏s̶͟.̢͏͠.҉̢̢.̸̶̷̨͜I̸͠-̨͝I̴͘ ̕f͢͡͠e҉̀̕͟è̀͟l̕ ́l͟͟͝͞i͡ķ̷e҉̵͠ ̴̵̕͟͡I̢͟͝ ͢͝͞c̷̡o̴͠҉͡u̸͝ĺ̕҉̸d͏̵̡̛.̵̵̵̸̢.̸̶҉̴͜.̨͟͝b̶͜͡è̕ ̧͢͞w͘͜͜͏͏i̢t̶̨h̷̛͜ ̢̛̕y̶̛͝ờ̧͏u̢͢҉̵̛ ͠ơ̧̛͢n̸̨͝͝é͜͠ ̧̧̨͟d͏͜͝a҉͢͢y̡̕͢͡.̶̕.̧̛͘.̢͢͜T̵̴̨̛h̵̛͜͡-̷̸̨̛͢T̢̨͠͝͠h̡̛a̡͞t̶͠͝ ̵̵̧́͞Í͠͡ ҉̡w̵̢̧̢͜o̷̶͞͠n͠҉̴̷͞'̸̵̴̕͏t̸́͠͞ ͠b͠҉̴͞e̸̢͘ ̧͏s̵͜͢o͡ ͠͞s̶̨͡c͏̡̀a̧̡̛͜r̷̴̨͡e̶̡d̡͠͏͘͢ ̷̷̕͟t̶̀͘o̵͠͏.̴̢̀͟͠.̴̨.̶̷b̧̛͞͝͝e̛͟͡ ̵̢͢҉͘ẁ̸̛͘͟í̵̧̢̛ţ҉̴h̛́ ҉̀͡s̵̨̀͟o̧͢͢m̸̛͘̕e̷͘͡͝͡ǫ͢͜͝n̵̸e͘͡.̛̛̀ M̛-͢͞҉̢M̕͟a̵͢͠ý̷̴̕͡b́e͏̧.͡͠.̵̨̨͞.̴̶͜͟E͢͏̵͠v̴̴̕͘͟é̵̢̧̨n̷̵͢͟ ̢͠p̧̕͏̵r̴̸̀́ǫ̴͜͡͠m̢͏̶͘͡i͢s̢͘҉̧͝e̴̡͟ ͡҉̴m̨͘̕͢y̶͟͢͝͞s̵̷e̴͏͢͟͡l̨͜͟͝f̵̴͘ ̸̷̸̕͘t̵͟͝͏͏o͏̛̛͟͢ ҉͜͞ý̧o̷͞͝͝u̷͘̕͟͟,̵̡̡́́ ́͡͡͏ò̸̢͟͠-̢̀͡o̶̡̡n̢͜͜e̢̛͟ ̷̸̴͜d́͟à̸̛͞y͘͟͞͝.̴̵̧̢́.̵̢̢.̴̶̸͝”̡̕͞͡

“̛͝͞B҉͠-͏͘B͢u̡͜t̛.̷.͞͞.̶͠I͢'͝m͘͘.̧̀.҉̨.̛͜I̴̵̛'͞m̧͜ ́͘j̀u̢͟st.̵̛̀..̷à̛ ͏l̶͢i͞͏a͟r͢.̴̀..̵I̢̢͝'̢͟v͢͞e̷̷̕.͟..̧al͜͡w͟͠ą̸y̶̸͞s ͠b̷̛eé̸n.͟.̵̶.̷̡” Error turns away as his tears came down his cheeks heavier. Blueberry listened to his words, tears coming to his eyes once more as he stroked Error’s cheek. They were…sweet swords…to know he had thought about it. About them. But then Error turned away and spoke again. It hurt. It was painful to hear those words, but Blueberry smiled despite them, wrapping his arms around Error from behind him as he pressed his face into his shoulderblade. “Flaws or not, secrets or not, lies or not…I love you. Nothing you say or do will ever change that. If I can never have you completely, if I have to share you with every person you meet… If I have to watch you from afar and have you not love me… even hate me…. I will never, ever stop loving you. For all my arrogance and selfishness…. and all my own petty wants and always putting my own needs before everyone else… Please know that how I feel for you will never change. You make me feel so… whole… like you are my reason to be… and to go… and anywhere you go I will follow, and anywhere you stay, I will wait with you.”

Error stayed quiet for several moments as he listens to Blueberry’s words before he’d finally move, reaching up to his chest. Closing his fist, he summoned his black, glitching soul from his chest so it floated in front of him, letting out a shuddering breath. “B̛l̛͜u̧͏e͘͝҉.̶҉.̸.̴̢́C͡a̷n҉͠͠ ̡̀y̛̛o҉҉ù͜ ͠ŕ̸ę̵͞a̛͢d͘ ̵Ĺ͞V͡?̷̛”

“Error…I…” His voice trembled as Blueberry looked at his soul, his eyes flicking dangerously. The blue of his right eye seemed brighter, flicking with its own dancing flames. He didn’t want to answer him. He hated admitting it winces with his next words. “I…I am not…a normal Sans…I…I am inferior. I am…probably the only one…who cannot…”

Blueberry moved away, however, to stand besides Error as he reaches his hands out to Error’s soul so delicately, looking at him, as it to question if he was even allowed to touch it. Error nodded and with that, Blueberry had his own idea, closing his eyes as he reached for his own chest and produced his own cyan glowing heart, bright and brilliant. So pure - no LV at all. But that was to be expected for someone like him. Not quite a Papyrus yet not quite a Sans. He held it forward to allow him to touch it, completely trusting him that he would not hurt him, not caring that the other Error could lurk the corner and tear into it. He offered it freely and with complete love. While it seemed so bright and pure, there were pieces that had been torn, cut, bitten, even tiny strings of familiar blue pierced and sewn through it. For now, however, he simply focused on Error’s soul. It was the first time he had looked at someone else’s soul before. Despite the wounds of his soul, Error smiled sadly as he held the soul so preciously, like it was fragile glass. He ran his fingers down the soul slowly. “Your soul’s so beautiful, Blueberry…”

Error sighs, going back to the original conversation as he looks down. “T̷̵h̕a̶͜͞t͘̕ ̶͠É̡͢r̸͡r̴̴o̷r̨͜.̵.̴͘͝.̵͞h̢̧a̶̕d͜ ͟t̵͞h͠͏e̕ ̷̶͡m̨͘͝a͏̵x͘͡į̸̛m̵͟u̸m ҉͝L͠V́ ͜o̵̧f̷̸ ̸99̢.͠.̡̕.̡T͜h͟é̸ ̶́ǫ͘͜n͜͞l̡̕͝y͠ ẃ̛͞a̶̢y̢̧ ̴͘t̴͢o ̀r̶ea҉c̕͝h͠ ͘͢t͘͡h̢͡a̸̸t ̧͟n̵͝͠u͏m̷͢b̕͜er̢͠ ͢҉i̷҉s̸ ́͢b̨̡̀y ̡d̀e̛͡ş̵t́͠ŕo̴̡͟y͘in̛͡g͜ ̕҉an҉ ͟en̛t͢i̷͠re̷ ̶u͏̨͞ņiv͡è̶͢r̕͞͏s͝e,͡ ҉t͏a̴͡k͟͡i͢n͡g͢͠ ̀b͏͏i͟͜l̢͘l҉͠io̴̧n͘͏s̨̛ ̛o̴̷͜f̧͞ ͏l҉i͘v͠҉̧eś̀.̴.͠.̡͟I̸̸͠t ͝s̨ḩǫ̶u̢̨l̵d̡n̕'҉t͟ ̢̀é͟v͡e̛̕n ͞b҉e poś̴͢s͏̸͝i͟͟b͠҉̶l͡e̢͟͝.̧͟.̵̧̧.͡I̶̡t w͘͟͡a͘s͏͟ ̨̧ņę̀v͜͠e͠r̴̛ ̡m̧̨̕e̸͘an̶͡͝t̷ ̡́͟t̨͜o͟ ̴͝b̧̧e҉ ͘͜b͞҉̨ut̸̴̡ ̸͜t̷҉h͏͝e̕n̵͝͠ ̧̢̛t͜h̢̛e͝ ̕m͏ų͜l̶t́͘͟į͡v͜͝ér̸̨s̀͢͠e̸ c̵̡͜a͜͝m̵͟͡e ͝҉҉t͞ó̡ bȩ͘ ̛a̴̶n̕d ̶̕th́̕͠e ̵͡b̷̡҉o̷͘͠u̶n̵̵̨d͘a̢r͘ie̡̕ş̴ b̵ȩg̡a̡͞͝n̷̸̡ ̕t͏͢o ́b̧͢l͏u͠r̨͞.̨̛.̷̧͡.͢͠”̸͢

Error looks to his black soul as Blueberry touches his soul, his fingers trembling.“̷I ̧͟h̕a̧c͡k̨͝e̸d̡͘ ͢͜͡m͏̴͢ỳ̀ ̸͡o͝w҉̸n c̛o͢d̴̢i̢̕n̢g̢̧̕.̛.̢.̨M͏y ̛͡L̢̕V̡̨͘,̧ ̸͘͢to̢͜͠ ̀éve̶̶r̵̵̕y̸oņ̵͜e̡͡͞ ̧̡͝ȩl̵̀s̵͝e͏,͠ ͘͢i̸̧̧s ̛1̷̶.͟ ͏̢͏My͟͟͟ ͢tr͏ư̶̢e̶͜͡ L͠V̵ is̶ ̡͟͞9̷̶̢8͢.̶̀..̛”̀͘̕

Blueberry’s eyes widened so much as he Error revealed his secret. Even his soul seemed to tremble at the thought. So many lives…Had he been like all the other Error…? Killing them all without any thought? Blueberry took a deep breath, stroking Error’s black soul gently. He even leaned down to bonk it just gently with his teeth, being so delicate with the affection as Error’s cheeks flared lightly. “I…can’t imagine you hurting anyone…But…of course…Y-You are an Error…I…It is expected…”

Blueberry hated saying it as he blinks tears from his eyes. “But now…you are different…and you…s-saved all those souls…And you…you saved me…For all the LV you say you have…I can’t imagine anything more beautiful to me than this…You…Your everything, right here in my hands…”

Blueberry smiled as he nuzzled the soul against his nose gap, watching the dancing glitches move through the soul as his own soul simply seemed to grow brighter just from watching Error’s soul. “W…What happened in the past…I-It can’t be changed…What…What matters now is…right n-now…and things…here…with us…w-with the studio…our family…Where we belong.”

Error hissed softly at the strange feeling to his soul. He hadn’t felt anyone touch his soul in so long, not since…“͏B̕-Bu͠t͡..̷.͝Th-̀T̷ha͜ţ’s j̛u͘s̛t͠ ͘i͟t̡.͜..̸H̴-̵H͞e͜'l͟l͠ ́àl̢wa͡ys͟ b́e ͠st͟r̷on̷g͞e͟r̷ t̴h҉-tha͝n͟ m̨e͝..̸.T͡h͢àt͢ ̢ẃa͝s҉ j̸ust f̶r͠o̵m ҉o-͞onȩ ̷u̶n͘iv̸er̕se…͏T́h-The only̨ r̕easo͡n͜ I'm͟ ̵no͏t͠ 9̨9̶ i͜s͟ b̀-͟b̶ec͞a̛us͢e I'̷m͏ ҉th͏é o͟nly͠ s-̛su̶r͘v͢ivo͜r.͝..͘H͡im,̸ ́th̡ou̕g̸h.͡.͝.̨H-His ̨L̢V̵ ͡w̷ou҉l̸d͜ b̢e.̕..͡ǫ-o͠ve͡r 9͝0͟0́0̨ ͢i͡f it ̶cơu͏ld͟ ̶ģ-g̷o ̴p͜a̕st ̵that.̸.͏.̧”

Blueberry continued to gently kiss and nuzzle his soul as he listened to Error. He so gently touched it, caressed it, giving every gently touch he could before he smiles. “You need one more…to be stronger than him…or equal…”

“Then kill me. Then you will have your 99, and you can protect the studio. You have my soul there, in your hands…It could be quick and painless…” Blueberry had no fear in him as Error could sense from his soul in his hands. It just shined brightly, full of his love and desire for Error. Error widened his eyes at the other, shaking his head quickly. As an Error, the temptation to reach LV. 99 was there, but…“̨N-N͢o͞..̴.I͝-I͡ ͢can’t…No ͠a͠m͟oun͝t ͏of̨ ́L͘V ̨w͜iļl͡ ͝E̛V͡E̵R ̛m̵ake ͠mé s̢t̢ŗon̢ǵ e̸n̕o͠ųg̴h͝ ̛t̕o l̡i͟v͏e͢ ͢a l̴ife with͟ơut ͡y̡o̶u ͟i̕n ͘i͘t…”

͘"͜Be̸sides…͝I-̴I ̡c̸o͡uld҉ ̶n͢ev͠eŗ des͠t͝r҉oy̵ ͜a̢ so͠u̸l̶ as ̛pre̛ciǫu͠s͞ as͝ y̨ou̸rs..͢.N-̢N̴o͞t͠ a̸ga͞in…“̀ Error muttered as he held Blueberry’s soul to his face lovingly. Blueberry moved forward then, slowly, his hand still cupping Error’s being. He wanted to question what Error meant by again, but he wouldn’t push it. He knew he would love Error, secrets and all. He simply smiled. “It would be so simple…A…And even if I turned to d-dust, I would always be with you. Look at my soul.”

They both looked down to Blueberry’s soul. “Look at how it glows for you…No words I can ever speak will be able to show you my feelings better than this.”

And indeed, it held no doubt, no fear. Simply love, completely uncapped and unrestrained. But still, Error shook his head. “N̨-́N͠e̸vér̡…I…͢I-͝I̶ ͏n͏e͝ver͝ wan͘t͏ ҉to ̨reac̛h ͜L̕V.͝ 9̕9̧..̕.̡N-No̴t͏ i͠f I can̷ h-͢he҉l̷p͡ ̷i͡t.͢.̸.I͘-If ͠I͘ ͘eve͢r r̛-rea҉ch ͡9̴9.̢.͞.̛I͞-It's͘ ̀bec҉a͜use ̸I͞ ̧k͢il̸ĺed ͜s͝-͠śo̢meone ̨to ̶sa͞ve͏ you.̢..S͝o͏…"̀

"J͏u͠s͘t̢..̵.͝k͞-k͡ee̷p l̛e͞t̵tin͜g̀ yo̢ur ̡soul s-shi̷ne̕ ̕for me̕.̵.."̷  Error mutters softly as he kisses Blueberry’s soul in his hands lovingly. Blueberry gasped, whimpering softly as he felt the kiss, much more powerful than if it was on the surface of his skeleton. The touch was gentler than the pain the other Error had inflicted on it, the strings painfully tight where they had been sewn across the surface. "It will always burn brightly for you, Error. Always. You are the reason it is bright at all.”

“Good…Because no matter how lost I am in the dark, your soul is my beacon.”

The next morning, as Blueberry woke up, he found that the ground of the multiverse he fell asleep in was much more comfortable tha- He paused, looking around as he found himself in his dressing room, sitting on his bed. Snoring gently besides him, Error slept peacefully, his trademark red glasses resting on the table closeby.

With a flash of light Swap fell through a portal into his living room. He was an absolute mess.

His clothes were mismatched, various red versions of clothing mixed with his normal blue. His pants seemed to be his normal but they were a little too big for some reason. He’d somehow lost his chest plate which left him with a white t-shirt that looked like it has blood stains. A rather expensive looking diamond ring was on his ring finger for some reason and a pair of handcuffs were hanging from his wrist.

There were various bruises, scratches, and a few deep cuts all over his body. A circle of bruised bone was around his left eye socket akin to a black eye and a small crack next to his mouth on the same side.

On top of everything he had a pounding headache and was soaking wet. If he were to give any advice at the moment it would be not to go to the surface when drunk and reckless. Especially don’t do so and bring along a bunch of close alternates that are equally as bad at making decisions.

He flopped on the sofa and resigned not to move for 50 years.

Imagine a first contact scenario for some poor, unprepared investigator of a Lovecraftian horror style. He’s just activated some mysterious ancient machine which opens a portal, and through that portal comes some fifteen-foot conical creature with lots of wiggling tentacle arms and no obvious head, just bulges on its top, and a couple of its tentacles just flop on the side bonelessly like they were half-discarded snake skins, and through it all this creepy high-pitched screechy noise, and the poor investigator has a horrible fright and begins to question his own sanity…

… while the alien was in the process of putting on a sweater when the portal in its living room equivalent suddenly went on and he sort of stumbled through it, and it still hasn’t managed to pull the thing on properly and his head is covered with it and he can’t see and this place smells weird and where is that arm hole in this sodding sweater anyway? and the creature just complains under its breath in this high-pitched whine because he doesn’t even realize there’s someone else in the same room.


I brought home the Portal and build another room on my lab. I must make sure to keep these rooms locked when I ain’t at home.

I don’t know what’s on the other side. But I felt watched while I was calibrating it. Something or someone is on the other side.

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(tag @nsfw-manda-of-the-6, for consistency and just in case!) It had been nearly a week since Tien returned from the newest realm and encountered Blackwell. Her memory of the fallen paladin was fresh in her mind while she was giving her reconnaissance report to Queen Delmira in the negotiation room. The young queen listened to the gargoyle's reconnaissance of the neighbouring realm, while her brother-in-law took notes for the kingdom's spy corps. A portal shimmered within the negotiation room...

The Portal tore itself open, poorly formed but enough to allow someone passage. After a moment Blackwell stumbled out, his armor smoking and his tome clasped tightly in one hand, an axe in the other. He surveyed the room quickly, eyes wary of everyone.


 So in a homebrew game, my sorcerer ended up causing a war between gods, our warrior died so many times death made him immortal, a alchemist with ridiculous charisma and a pretty lenient  DM. We were assaulting the god of Magicks realm when its start to destabilize and my party has to bail or die by being one with nonexistence right before fighting him. 

DM: Before you open the doors to gods room, a portal opens. One of your generals comes out and says, “ Come with me if you want to live”

ALL THE PCs :(OOC) “WE ROLL TO SEDUCE Time(me)/Space(The other 2)”

DM: Well I highly doubt that’s going to happen but I’ll allow it

The alchemist and I roll 20 and warrior rolls a 1. 
DM: (screaming into  A Nearby Pillow) “YOU FREAKING SEDUCE TIME AND SPACE, EXCEPT FOR YOU”(at the warrior) “Reality notices your horrible pun filled advancements and is so disgusted that instead of just making you die, IT DELETES YOU FROM EXISTENCE ANYWAYS" 

The DM proceeds to angrily make me and the alchemist gods and leaves before anyone is allowed to do anything while shouting “IM KINKSHAMING TIME AND SPACE”