portal radio

Finding the Right Frequency


Rating: T

Summary: The portal isn’t everything Ford was dreaming it to be. Bills betrayed him, Fiddleford is gone and rest is a luxury he can’t afford. Whilst trying to determine what’s real and what isn’t, Ford stumbles across a late night radio station with a painfully familiar voice. (warnings for sleep deprivation, paranoia)

Based on a text post by @gravity-what and this comic by @peekabooitsmiko​. 

AN: Commission from JK! I was super pumped to do this when they came to me and I’ve got to make a shoutout to @gravity-what and @peekabooitsmiko for making it possible. (I really hope you two like this, I hoped it would be a nice surprise for you ♥)

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86.2 FM FTW!


Otherwise known as the baby from the Blue Sky epilogue ‘Kick’, and the (unofficial) sequel to that, 'Ready or Not’.

She’s a bit older here, of course. About 14, I would say.

Her name and certain aspects of her design (namely her hair and eye colors) come from the author of Ready or Not, alistairweekend, and her existence in general comes from Blue Sky author waffleguppies. The rest of her design is of my own speculation.

Seguramente, ésta será la última oportunidad en que pueda dirigirme a ustedes. La Fuerza Aérea ha bombardeado las torres de radio Portales y radio Corporación. Mis palabras no tienen amargura sino decepción. Que sean ellas un castigo moral para quienes han traicionado el juramento que hicieron: soldados de Chile, comandantes en jefe titulares, el almirante Merino, que se ha autodesignado comandante de la Armada, más el señor Mendoza, general rastrero que sólo ayer manifestara su fidelidad y lealtad al Gobierno, y que también se ha autodenominado Director general de carabineros. Ante estos hechos sólo me cabe decir a los trabajadores: ¡Yo no voy a renunciar!

Salvador Allende, 11 de Septiembre, radio Magallanes, ultimo discurso.


Cave Johnson here. Ever wondered to yourself “How do I get rid of those pesky neighbors without looking suspicious”? Well, old Cave have the solution. From the same lab boys who brought you the combustible lemons comes… Exploding radios! Give one to your annoying neighbors, let them turn it on and get distracted by the catchy tune then BOOM! No more problem. Just try to change the station now. Cave Johnson, we’re done here.


Tony has a Let’s Play now…

Yep! Tony’s playing Portal! And we got him doing the whole thing, so if you like where this is going, then GOOD! THERES MORE OF IT! YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET ENOUGH OF TONY BEING JUST A GOD DAMN NERD sorry that was an outburst. Enjoy.