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Chell cosplay help??

Im working on a chell cosplay, almost finished just need the orange jumpsuit… Im cosplaying portal 2 chell so the top doesn’t matter too much in terms of detail. Im hoping to be able to buy the jumpsuit as a finished product I can modify. I am a girl, 5'0 and the same body type as chell (thigh gaps are for losers!).
If anyone can send me an amazon link to good jumpsuits I would be very appreciative! My price range is hopefully under $35.


Looked at a Rat Den today, after I spontaneously decided to test my new xbox controller to see if it works on Portal 2 for the PC. Pleasantly, I am surprised and happy to say that not only does my controller work, but I rediscovered the amazing attention to detail ValvE invests in their games. I did some analysis of this tiny bit of level and keep seeing new things.

A few details in here struck me, notably the graph above this Chell drawing. “TENACITY” written as a title, (x) seems to mark a point in time, and the values that the curve follows seem to be the variable that will ascertain Chell’s success when she’s up against GLaDoS. (Or Wheatley?)

 Rattmann drew up a lunar cycle above his picture. It’s almost as if he gave up using the gregorian calendar as a means to predict when to wake her and opted to go by a more constant measurment system: Nature itself. The cyclical thing that is the moon. (Period jokes off the table??)

The main question is… What exactly does the value of x signify? Is (x) Chell’s determination? Is it a complex calculation based on every factor Doug can significantly come up with that may affect Chell’s chances of escape?

The other notable thing in here is the geometrical set up on the floor. The cups and consoles seem to be stacked in an artistic… Almost religious fashion. In fact, the same can be said of most murals by Ratmann. A lot of them paint Chell as the main figure, creating a sense of almost messiah-like idolization. Could she be part of a grander scheme? A key player in an important mission? Can she get him out of aperture? Is he simply so fond of her that he wants to get her out? Or is it something bigger? 

I wonder what “Bell” he references in his text, as well. Perhaps the wakeup call that wakes Chell? “Knell” Is a very solemn word for a bell sound as well. A very dreary atmospheric little rhyme.

Last but not least, “This thing like seeing, but not with my eyes”. The face drawn on this mural has googly eyes. That much is obvious, but what isn’t super obvious is that there seems to be another moon motif in this drawing.There’s one specific dark dot on the round white shapes, Looks a bit like that large crater that casts a shadow on the lunar surface. The dot simultaneously resembles a small pupil. The pupils on the face drawing are very reminiscent of two consecutive stages of the lunar cycle, Evident because the eye to the left has a smaller space of “eye white” than the right one. Looks like the shadow of the moon eclipsing further and further.

Considering all the moon mention in his art, I’m beginning to suspect the extent of his genius is larger than just following Chell’s “determination” as a charted, steady variable. I think Ratmann somehow FORESAW that Chell would be on the verge of death, up against Wheatley as the ceiling is ripped open. I think he knew ((by some impressive means ??) that Chell would need to be able to SEE the moon, aim the portal device at it and shoot a gateway to it from earth in order to get rid of Wheatley.

This leads me to also suspect Doug might’ve guessed exactly what will happen at the end of Portal 2, possibly he guessed all the events of the game before they even happened. He knows Aperture Science by heart. He knew both Wheatley and GLaDoS’ programming inside and out, to the extent where he could guess how they would interact with Chell, and each other inside the ruined facility. Prospectively, he understood every detail of what would go down once Chell wakes up. The thing he needed to calculate, in order to wake Chell from cryosleep at the opportune time; was WHEN THE MOON WAS APPARENT. When it was most visible, and when she could flush Wheatley’s flawed ass onto it.