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It’s DaRMA! Originally the Logic Core (the cake core) but repurposed significantly to be a manager of the maintenance and disassembly of Aperture’s hazardous materials and locales. She can float! Being filled with lighter than air gases and made of light metal alloys, she appears to swim and bounce along the superstructures of Aperture. Her design was conceptualized by the Military Android department, her model function being either to service an open air facility like Aperture or attend to facilities beneath the waves.
Her personality core is a hippie and a marginal cook, but enjoys doing it even if its no longer a directive for her. She was purportedly part of the Genetic Life-form program.

darkromdemon  asked:

I wonder what the Crews (Boneheads, Toons, etc) would do if they ever found a Portal Gun, bet they would have a lot of fun with that

Depends on who has it. More curious characters (Jack, Papyrus, Mickey) would probably mess around with it to see how it works, and maybe try to find a way to use the portal gun in a more utility kind of way. And then you have characters would probably use it just to mess with people (Sans, Felix). And then there those who probably don’t care enough to be using the portal gun constantly.

"I have an idea."

(Playing a prerolled 3.0 module at a convention with a fairly large group of random players and I am the only mage. Earlier in the adventure, we defeat a sorcerer in a cave, and I find on him a ring, but whoever rolled my mage did not give me Detect Magic, so I pocket it for later examination. Later that day, we find ourselves on a ship just a few hours out to sea when a massive whirlpool appears with a portal in the center and starts to draw us in. We exhaust nearly every avenue of knowledge checks and escape methods to no avail, when finally:)

DM: The ship teeters on the edge of the whirlpool, about to fall in.

*Group starts OOC mass dialogue*

Me: “Wait!” *every head snaps to me* “I have an idea.” *to the DM* I reach into my pocket, take the ring I found earlier, and throw it into the portal.

DM: *stares, mouth agape* … what?

Me: I throw the ring into the portal. (Note: My logic was that it was likely magical, and thus the two magical energies should destroy each other and close the portal, thus stopping the whirlpool- and we would pray we didn’t get blown to bits in the process.)

DM: *takes a long, drawn out breath* Okay… *looks at notes* We’re not going to be needing these anymore… *closes handbooks* … Or these… *packs up dice* …Or these..

(P.S.: As it turns out, the ring was a Ring of Portals to the Abyss, and the whirlpool as a portal to Hell, so basically, I created a fold in the planes that collapsed on itself and drew every plane of existence in all realities both actual and potential into one plane. We then spent the next two hours RPing a journey through this new reality to seek the Creator and the Destroyer to reset reality to the moment we began the quest, and that was where we ended. Where we declined the quest.)

To anyone who thinks Rumple chose power over Belle:

Rumple did not choose power OVER Belle. He chose it FOR Belle. And only because he honestly thought that the crystal was what the portal was targeting. 

Rumple knew a portal was about to appear to take something. But he was not expecting that something to be Belle. Why would he? No one cares about Belle but him. Who would honestly be trying to get her? Rumple JUST got the crystal back. It is FULL of SB’s magic and he KNOWS that Emma, Regina, and Henry are after it. He probably thought it was them trying to get the crystal back from him. And even if he considered that it might be someone else making the portal, the logical choice would be that they want the crystal because it is full of magic. Something full of magic is valuable and useful (whether for good or bad). Belle is not considered valuable (or even a person) by anyone other than Rumple (unless they’re trying to hurt or blackmail Rumple of course) There was no reason for him to think that anyone was trying to steal Belle. And he chose the crystal FOR Belle, not OVER Belle. He was literally JUST about to wake her up. His hand was already starting to wave over Pandora’s box to let her out. He thought someone wanted the crystal and its magic, which he needed for Belle. That’s why he chose it. You can see him hesitate because he wanted Belle but he rationalized in the few seconds that he had that someone was trying to get the power. He made a split second decision and unfortunately he was wrong because he didn’t know who was making the portal.

So in the few seconds Rumple had to make a decision I imagine his rationale went something like this:

Ah shit a portal is forming! What is it here for? *looks at Belle (in box) looks at crystal* *looks back at Belle and then back at crystal* They must be after the crystal that’s the only thing that makes sense. I NEED that for Belle. I can’t let them take it. *takes crystal and looks back at Belle* *Belle in box disappears through portal* WHAT?! BELLE!! *panics and cries and frantically searches for Belle* No no no no no no no NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOO!! Why would they take Belle? This can’t seriously be happening right now. Why won’t they just fucking let me wake up my wife??!! That is seriously ALL I FUCKING WANT TO DO. WAKE UP MY WIFE AND TAKE HER ON A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD. WHAT THE FUCK IS SO WRONG WITH THAT?!