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I need to do commissions… but I also wanna take AU prompts… go ahead and send AU prompts and I’ll get to them in between commissions. 

 AU’s I’m familiar with: 

 Drifting Star AU (Mabel/Ford in the portal)

Dimension Jumper AU (Addi/Ford in portal)

Drifting Dimensions AU (Addi/Ford/Mabel in Portal)

Reverse Falls AU (flip flop roles) 

Relativity Falls AU (flip flop ages) 

Monster Falls AU (peeps be monsters) 

Spy AU (peeps be spies) 

Better World AU (better world from journal) 

Mage AU (peeps be mages) 

Evil Stan AU (Stan gone cray cray w Bill) 

Reverse Portal AU (Stan in portal) 

Fordgotten AU (Addi memories go bye bye)

Combinations are also accepted.

(Some lines are taken from the show & changed a little)

“Can you get me through?” Charming asked as he tossed the flattened hat on the table. You couldn’t help but agree with Jefferson as he rolled his eyes Charming asked him. Like seriously? Do you know who you’re talking to?


“Can you get them back? Can you get it to work?” Jefferson laughed at the comment, you couldn’t believe Charming even asked a question that stupid!

“If only you knew.”

“You had a little girl’s tea set in your car and a stuffed rabbit toy, so I’m thinking you have a daughter you love. Well, I do too, and a wife and they’re out there somewhere. In the Enchanted Forest or a void, I don’t even know, but I’m going to get them back.” Jefferson noticed you grow tense when Charming talked about your daughter. He grabbed your hand underneath the table to calm you, you squeezed back. Trying to keep yourself from lashing out. He turned back to Charming.

“They’re in the Enchanted Forest for sure, I just can’t get there.” Charming perked up.

“So it still exists?”

“It exists, I don’t know if that matters since we can’t go there if you were listening,” Jefferson explained. Charming didn’t seem pleased by this answer.

“So you won’t help me?” Your husband leaned back in his chair, growing more annoyed with these questions. You couldn’t blame him. He pointed at the hat.

“I’m a portal jumper, and you destroyed my portal so I guess you’re out of luck.” Charming reached across the table and grabbed Jefferson by his scarf, pulling him across the table.

“I’m the closest thing left to a sheriff here, so I can just throw you and your wife in a cell until you figure out a way.” Without a second thought, you grabbed Charming by the cuff of his shirt and socked him in the face. He fell to the ground, holding the side of his face.

“How dare you! I’m sorry about your wife and daughter, but at least they remember you. Do you know how hard it is to have to watch your daughter laugh and smile with a different family? Someone else tucking her in at night?” Charming was about to speak up, but you gave him no chance to.

“I don’t care if you’re Prince fucking Charming. We were cursed with keeping our memories, while the rest of you lived like nothing was wrong. Two lives stuck, cursed worse than ever. Two lives forever at odds, double the pain and double the suffering.” Jefferson taking a protective step towards you when Charming stood up.

“The only way you can get them back is by using magic. And that’s all the help we’re able to give you, I’m sorry.” You pointed at his face, “But don’t you dare threaten my husband again.”

Jefferson x Dark One!Reader moodboard requested by @thorne93 

You knew taking the Dark One’s power for yourself was not only dangerous but also a decision not to be taken lightly. But you were tired of feeling weak, of feeling unimportant. So you made your plan, you bided your time for the perfect opportunity.

The power that came with being the Dark One was indescribable, people feared you and for once no one looked at you with pity. Until a strange man came to your castle, a man named Jefferson. He was a portal jumper and nothing like you had experienced before. He was a whole new level of dangerous… and you welcomed it.

The Worst Kind of Hero (Jefferson x Reader)

Originally posted by mrsevilgenius

Prompt: Hi! I was wondering if we could get one for Jefferson, the infamous Portal Jumper, who falls for someone unlikely: An Innocent Princess. It would be nice to see the irony of it since OUAT kinda implied that he was morally ambiguous before fatherhood. Thank you!

A/N: I fucking love Jefferson. He’s my favourite. Also his dialogue was one of the best things I ever had the opportunity to write and I loved it. Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this story!

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My mental image of Nancy from Seanan McGuire’s “Every Heart a Doorway", a book about recovering teenage portal jumpers that I had been meaning to read for months and months.

Nancy is a former visitor to the world of the dead and SUPER reluctant to reintegrate to the world of the living, not when there must be a return door out there somewhere. Quick design of how she looked in my head, on the left in her preferred fashion and on the right in the outfit she wears when she’s introduced.

May try and do this for the next book I really enjoy as well, it’s good practice for me and kind of a fun way of recommending stuff I’m reading :3



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Avengers x reader x avengers cast

Imagine: Loki causes chaos in your dimension and now the cast of the Avengers in a different dimension are stuck in your dimension until the Avengers can figure out how to send them home.

A/N: this is one of my ideas that I am absolutely in love with. BTW, Bucky and Sebastian will be included and you are dating Bucky. Wanda and Pietro are included; however Miss Olsen will not be in this a lot. Mr. Johnson will be though!!! You have a metal right arm and metal left leg from an accident with a train….lol

Genre: Humor, Adventure, Mystery

Rated: Everyone

Warning: swearing, different dimension

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagine

You were sitting in the middle of the two groups, face palming and sighing. Earlier, Loki had somehow opened a dimension and a few people were transported over.  You knew how he did it because you could do the same thing anytime you wanted. You were called a Portal Jumper, the fancy name Dimensionalist. You could jump into different dimensions and open doors that were originally closed. That was how you met the group to your left. The famous actors to a movie made in their dimension called The Avengers. You had stumbled upon them when you had passed out from your injuries you had got from an intergalactic Space explosion and Chris Evans had tended to your wounds. The group to your right is the group you originally lived with before you had stumbled upon the actors. You had known them all your life because Clint had taken you in when you were a baby when nobody wanted you and became your adoptive father. You have never called him dad but you knew you would one day. When the Avengers had found out about your abilities, you were immediately put under protection and recruited as an agent. You were friends with all of them, one way or another even though it was kind of weird to see two of everyone. You looked up at Pietro when he cleared his throat and Pietro asked.

“(y/n), I am confused. Who are these…people?”

You sighed and rubbed your cheek. Standing up, you stretched and crossed your arms, hissing slightly at the cold sensation or your right arm.

“These guys are different versions of you. However, you are called their alter egos. For example, Aaron is an actor and he portrays you in their movie about you guys. You are his alter ego.”

Steve asked, clutching his belt and cocking his head to the side.

“So they are our doppelgangers?’

“In a way, yes.”

Bucky pursed his lips and looked up at you. You looked at him and asked him quietly.

“Are you alright?”

Bucky shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck. Chris Hemsworth, Thor’s ego, asked.

“(Y/n), are you and…Bucky together?”

Sebastian looked at you and you blushed, nodding quietly. Bucky snarled out, clenching a fist.

“Yeah, you got a problem with it, asshole?”

You face palmed and Steve asserted.

“Bucky. Enough.”

“Thanks, Spangles.”

Steve nodded and Wanda asked, sitting beside you Indian style and levitating.

“So if everyone else has an ego, where’s mine?”

You observed.

“I guess Ms. Olsen was far enough from the extraction site to avoid it. However, I can guarantee she saw it all.”

Wanda nodded and Jeremy asked.

“How are we gonna get home?”

Tony walked in with Bruce, moving holograms away and explaining.

“You’re probably going to be stuck here until Reindeer Games is brought here and takes you home or Portal Pogo Stick over here takes you.”

You rolled your eyes and stated.

“I can’t take them home. There are too many risks. Loki probably rigged the portal. He’s not an idiot.”

Thor walked and stood beside you. He put his hands on your shoulders and asked.

“You know of the portal jumpers, yes?”

“Considering I am a dimensionalist, yes I do. Why?”

“There were old stories about the Portal Jumpers on Asgard that explained that if a Portal Jumper took more people than they were capable of, they got lost in the galaxies forever. Floating aimlessly until another portal Jumpers found them or they died.”

Thor turned and you bit your lips. Clint jumped up, looking at Tony when Tony said.

“She can take a couple trips.”

Clint yelled.

“You are not putting my daughter in danger, Stark! She’ll lose energy and if she tries to take more trips than she can manage, she’ll kill herself and everyone who is with her.”

Jeremy’s eyes widened and he asked you.

“Wait, you’re my daughter in this dimension?”

You grabbed your head, a pounding in it and you yelled, voice getting louder as you yelled.

“Everybody just shut the FUCK UP!”

You created a small shockwave and everyone stopped. Tears pricked your closed eyes and you covered your face. You turned and said before escaping to your room.

“I’m so sorry I’m weak.”


Clint growled and yelled at Tony.

“Good fuckin’ going, Stark!”

Tony rolled his eyes and Bucky looked after your form. He stood up slowly and the actors watched him. Bucky looked at Tony and said, lowly and pointing at Tony.

“You better fucking fix this before I fix your face.”

Tony turned and walked away. Bucky glared at his form and Steve put a hand on his shoulder.

“Come on, Bucky. It’s not worth it. The guy’s gonna be a tool either way.”

Natasha huffed and walked to your room, turning back to look at everyone and said.

“You guys’ are obviously too engrossed in being a bunch of whiney bitches. I’ll be with (Y/N).”

Clint looked at Natasha and asked.

“Tell her I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Got it.”

Natasha walked off and Scarlett asked.

“How are you her father, if I may ask?”

Clint looked at Scarlett and explained, sitting down.

“A long time ago, (Y/N) was left on the doorstep of my farm when she was a baby. No note, no nothing about why she was there. I took her in as my own and when I found out about her ability, I didn’t know what to do so I took her here to ask for help and now you can see what this job has done to my little bird.”

Chris Evans piped up.

“How come her alter ego isn’t with us?”

A voice made everyone jump.

“Because my alter ego is dead.”

You walked in and Clint walked to you, hugging you tightly. He asked in your hair as he kissed your head.

“Are you alright, little bird?”

You nodded and Natasha hugged your around your arms as you sat on the floor beside Clint’s leg, your head leaning on his knee. Clint started to caress your head as Natasha sat with you and Robert asked.


You nodded. Mark then asked.

“No offense but do you know how she died?”

You deadpanned as you looked at him.

“I killed her.”

Everyone got quiet and Steve looked at you with wide eyes.

“Why would you do that?”

You looked down at your hands.

“Because she would have to endure the same thing I go through now. She would be just like me.  Good thing I got her at such a young age.”

You stood up and ordered.

“If you have a problem with me preventing a life having to deal with a lifetime of misery, then go ahead and arrest me. Kill me even. If you don’t, then…yay. Whoop de doo. I wasn’t going to let my ego suffer like I have too. I’m going to find a way to get you guys home so please be patient with me.”

Thor looked over at you and you turned towards him. Thor held out a hand and asked.

“Would you like to take a walk with me so you can hold in your anger?”

You smiled softly at him and replied.

“Thank you but I’ll refuse. I’ll be ok.”

“Well, at least take a drink to cool yourself.”

Bucky said from behind you. You turned and grabbed the water.

“Thank you, James.”

He smiled a bit and Evans asked.

“(y/n), is there more than one dimension?”

“Oh yeah. Hundreds upon thousands.”

Mark asked.

“How do you choose which dimension you want to g to?”

You smiled and asked, gesturing to Sebastian.

“Well you know how in Once Upon A Time, Jefferson has his hat that had different doors? Well, it’s kind of like that. However, I don’t have a hat though that would be so cool.”

You laughed and Sebastian smiled. You continued.

“I travel through any kind of elevator. Kind of like the phone booth in Doctor Who. I type in a certain number pattern into the elevator and when the door closes, I’m in the dimension. “

Jeremy asked.

“Are there any side effects?”

You shrugged and nodded.

“If you are a beginner, you will get nauseous, dizzy, a pounding migraine and sometimes blurry vision. “

Hemsworth asked.

“Is there certain ranks, so to speak, for a Portal Jumper?”

“Yes. Beginner, Novice, Apprentice, Master, and then you earn the title Dimensionalist.”

Robert asked you.

“What is your rank?”

You gave a triumphant smile.

“I am Dimensionalist.”

Thor added.

“It takes years of jumping to attain that status. Lady (Y/n) is a very skilled Jumper. It is not uncommon for other jumpers to come to her for advice.”

You smiled and Sebastian asked.

“How long have you been…jumping?”

“Since I found out I had my ability. Translation: 9 years. Now, it does take longer for someone to attain that status. However, if you do jump like there’s no tomorrow then you’ll be like me.”

Evans then asked you.

“How…how did you lose your arm and leg?”

You looked down at your said limbs and chuckled darkly.

“Ironically, train accident. Fell off like Bucky did but I hit the side of the mountain before I hit the rock at the bottom…my leg went first.”

The room was quiet and Evans said.

“I’m so sorry-“

“-Nah, its ok. You were curious.”

You stretched again and jumped when a familiar voice stated.

“Well, this is weird.”

You looked over and got up, smiling.

“Jefferson, hey! Didn’t know you were gonna stop by.”

Jefferson gave you a smile and tipped his hat. You rolled your eyes and he explained.

“I was coming to ask you a favor but it…seems you have your hands full. Uh. Why is there two of everyone and three of me?”

You rubbed the back of your neck and simply said.


Jefferson nodded and you asked.

“What is it that you needed?”

Jefferson cleared his throat and took your arm, turning and walking away from the group.

“I need a favor, obviously.”

You asked him when he got farther away from the group.

“What is it?”

Jefferson asked.

“I was wondering if you could tell me which dimension has my female counterpart.”

You frowned and asked.


Jefferson looked to the left and then back at you and stated bluntly.

“Because I need to kill her. She stole from me, humiliated me in front of everyone, and hurt Grace.”

You got a deadly look on your face and Jefferson took a step back in caution.

“She hurt grace? Dimension 37, gateway 23154, code 23154. Since you’re probably gonna use your hat, doorway 33.”

Jefferson smiled and thanked you, kissing your cheek and walking you back to the group.

“You never cease to please me, darling.”

You shrugged and Jefferson pulled out a suitcase made specially for hats. He opened it and took out a beautiful hat that looked like his.

“For a beautiful and trustworthy person.”

Jefferson set the hat upon your head and you smiled.

“Thank you, madman.”

Jefferson shrugged and tipped his hat.

“I must be going.”

You smiled and waved and turned back to everyone. Sebastian was looking at you with wide eyes and you smiled at him, tipping your hat. Chris E laughed and shook his head.

“Sebastian has been so tense since Jefferson walked in. He fuckin turned to me and whispered ‘I’m starting to feel like I’ve gone mad.’ When Jefferson walked in.”

You laughed and hugged Sebastian, patting his back and whispering.

“Don’t worry, Sebby. I’m gonna get you home somehow.”

You pulled back and Sebastian nodded, offering you a small smile. Tony walked in and handed you a smoothie, saying.

“Come on, Portal Pogo Stick. We got work to do. Plus I wanna test out this new skin synthetic that I made on your arm and leg.”

You beamed and then touched Tony’s neck with your metal hand, asking.


Tony immediately bent his neck back and fell over. You laughed hard and Steve chuckled, shaking his head.




Scattered: Part 9

Notes: Fluff/Angst. Hopefully you guys are still enjoying my story without smut? kinda nervous about that

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Dimensionalist pt 5

Dimensionalist pt 5

Avengers x Reader x Avengers Cast


A/n: Phew I am so so sorry that I keep just showing up and disappearing. IM SORRY BUT IT CAN’T BE HELPED. So recap: Hansel (Jeremy Renner’s alter ego) showed up bloody and bruised *le gasp* NUUUUUU. BUT! YOU GET TO pooooooortal juuuuuuuuuump. Oh snap!

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Suspense, Friendship, Mystery, Family

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing, different dimension reader, Duplicates, violence, slightly graphic content, slight nudity.

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You sat beside Hansel as he slept, wrapped in bandages and you patted his head with a cold washcloth. Jeremy was sitting beside you and you whispered.

“I know it must be really weird to see this…I’m sorry that you have to.”

Jeremy looked over at you and pursed his lips, furrowing his brow.  He looked back at his duplicate and he shrugged.

“It’s ok. You get used to it after a while.”

You looked over at Jeremy and he gave you a small smile. You smiled back and Mark came in, asking.

“Is he…ok?”

“Yeah, Dr. Banner said that he had two broken ribs but nothing too bad. Other than scratches and bruises, he’ll live.”

Mark nodded then gestured.

“Uh, Pietro, Wanda, and Aaron wanted to come in but-“

“-I don’t know if Hansel would like that. He’s kind of claustrophobic.”

Jeremy chuckled and then paused when Hansel groaned in pain. Hansel slowly opened his eyes and you shot up, asking while lightly touching Hansel’s cheek.

“Hansel, are you ok?”

He gave you a little smile and replied.

“I don’t know, am I?”

You chuckled and Mark walked little closer, eyes wide in wonder. Jeremy shrunk back a little and you responded.

“You got your ass kicked. You have two broken ribs, contusion on your stomach, a couple scratches here and there, and a bruised skull. Dude, what happened?”

You gently padded his forehead and Hansel answered.

“There was an ambush and I got separated from Gretel-“

Hansel’s eyes teared up and he shook his head.

“-I couldn’t remember which key to use so I picked the one that I knew would lead to you. (Y/n)…”

You looked at him, asking.

“Yeah, what is it?”

“…Gretel wasn’t there. If I don’t get back, she’ll think I’m dead and do something irrational.”

You sighed and soothed.

“It’s ok…I’ll go to Gretel and tell her that you’re ok.”

Hansel widened his eyes and Mark asked.

“Wait, (Y/n) are you sure about this?”

“Of course, I portal jump all the time!”

Jeremy asked, Hansel’s eyes shooting towards him and his eyes widening even more.

“How can all of these people portal jump? Are they Dimensionalists too?”

You gave Hansel an I-will-tell-you-later-look and he just sighed.

“They are indeed portal jumpers but they aren’t very skilled. That’s why we all have codes or keys or specific doors we go through because lower ranks can’t just…do it.”

Jeremy nodded and you informed.

“Hansel, I want you to stay here ok? I gotta go tell my friends that I’m leaving.”

He nodded and fell asleep, sweat running down his forehead.

‘I don’t know what to do…I still need to get everyone home…how am I gonna get all of this done in such a little amount of time?’

You didn’t know. You trekked up the steps leading to the lounge and everyone looked up. Steve asked.

“Is he alright?”

You nodded and informed.

“I have some good news and bad news…”

Jefferson looked up at you and everyone sat on the edge of their seats.

“I have to portal jump and go to Hansel’s dimension to save Gretel. She wasn’t there for the ambush but Hansel is scared that she’s gonna think he’s dead and do something irrational. The good news is that it won’t take me too long. Plus, Jefferson and me have to go to Storybrooke and go to the old library and look up more about…portal jumping with multiple people. “

Jefferson frowned and you gave him a just-roll-with-it look.

“When you portal jump, even for a Dimensionalist, the max number that a jumper can take is two. Taking multiple trips could kill me and everyone with me and I can’t put that risk on everyone. This trip back and forth is going to take a lot out of me which means I can’t do anything. Jumping by myself already takes a lot of my energy and I don’t want to risk the lives of my friends by trying to take three.”

Everyone nodded and Bucky asked.

“When are you going to be back?”

You shrugged and looked up, calculating the time within your head.

“It might take me a while to find Gretel but if I do it within about three hours, me and Jefferson can get to Storybrooke within that day. With the research we are going to have to do…I might be gone three days and that’s the minimum.”

Wanda and Pietro asked.

“What’s the max?”

You shook your head, shrugging and guessed.

“It might be a week if we find nothing. We have to go to other Dimensionalists and there are very few. The Doctor (doctor who reference!!) is probably one of the most famous jumpers but he’s always very busy so we might not get to talk to him. So that narrows it down to…two other Dimensionalists.”

Chris Hemsworth frowned and asked.

“Two? You don’t mean Jefferson and yourself, do you?”

You shook your head.

“No. One of the other well known portal jumpers with the title Dimensionalist is one of Roberts’ egos. Sherlock Holmes. It would make sense that he would be a Dimesnionalist considering he is a detective and a freaking genius yet smartass like Tony.”

Tony glared at you while everyone else chuckled.

“Uh, excuse you. I am not a smart ass, like you, I am just brutally honest.”

You rolled your eyes and explained.

“The second portal jumper with the title Dimensionalist is one of Scarlett’s Egos named Lucy.”

You shivered.

“God, that woman is so freaking creepy.”

Scarlett laughed and Chris Evans joked.

“Dude, I wouldn’t want to mess with that woman. She might as well be Mystique from X-men….no? Not funny?”

He looked around and through his hands in the air.

“Oh come on, guys.”

You rolled your eyes and joked back.

“Lay off the coffee, bro.”

Chris rolled his eyes and you did your impression of him.

“’Oh my god, I just love Star Trek!’”

Chris glanced at you with wide eyes and you did another impression of him.

“’Can you get me a coffee? Thanks Bro.’”

Chris laughed and you grinned, saying while walking to the elevator.

“’You’re my boy T Hammer.’”

Hemsworth laughed out while Chris smirked at you, licking his lips. You put your hand up.

“But wait, here’s my favorite: I don’t wike it.”

Chris let his head fall back with dread and he laughed out.

“No! Oh come on, (Y/n)! Why are you so mean to me?”

He looked at you.

“I don’t wike this treatment.”

“I do…I wike it a wot.”

Chris glared at you and Jefferson stood up, waving and you two went into the elevator. You pushed in the code 54672 and your whole world went numb as you felt yourself being sucked into a different dimension. It took a lot out of you trying to hold on to your conscious and body so when the doors opened, you were gasping on the floor as Jefferson rubbed your shoulder, blue eyes wide in worry. You stood up, holding onto him and scrunched up your nose at the rotten looking door in front of you. The elevator had changed to a little shack and you looked at Jefferson. He was frowning a bit and he asked you.

“How do you know all of these strange people?”

“Well…I actually don’t know…I just portal jumped a lot I guess and ran into these ‘strange people’”

Jefferson nodded and you took out your gun, instructing.

“There are many mystical creatures here so I advise you to stay close to me. They will eat you if you don’t. If you see anything that might look to be a witch, kill it.”

“What if it’s not a witch but just a normal person?”

“Then oh fucking well, their life was gonna end sooner or later.”

Jefferson looked at you and you shrugged. You could smell the mold and mildew radiating off of the door and when you pushed it open gently, the rusted hinges broke and the door fell. You froze, listening for anything out of the ordinary. When you felt that everything was ok, you stepped out and the smell of the forest hit you. It was nice to smell the forest but you knew Jefferson was probably uneasy as hell. Suddenly, there was a howl in the distance and you jolted, spinning around and Jefferson’s jaw tensed. You turned back and smelled smoke.

“I smell smoke. The town must be right up-“

“Stop right there or…(Y/n)?”

You felt your jaw slacken and eyes widen.





ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 2, episode 8 : Off With Your Head!

present : The grown-up Alice and Jefferson are reunited and embrace as old friends. David and Mary Margaret try to work on their marriage with Archie’s help. Regina attempts to reestablish herself within Storybrooke but faces extreme disgust and prejudice from most of the townspeople. The only one still willing to welcome her back is Henry, prompting her to reevaluate her priorities and decide to get her family back, no matter the cost. Having assisted in Regina’s return to society, Mayor Gold warns her that Emma has already broken the Curse’s element of frozen time and that it’s only a matter of time until she restores everyone’s memories, and then Regina will have hell to pay.

past : In the Land of Wonder, Rumpelstiltskin and Hightopp wait to be executed and the Servant’s dagger falls into the hands of Princess Coquelica. Seeing the tension between Coquelica and Hightopp, Rumpelstiltskin takes advantage of her, leading her to unleash the full force of the dagger, thus overthrowing her mother’s regime in a bloody coup. Ascending to the throne, Coquelica becomes known as the Red Queen, growing increasingly corrupted by the dagger’s power. Hightopp finds and frees Alice, but she reveals that she has lost the key that was her totem to the Land Without Magic. Alice and Hightopp explain to Rumpelstiltskin that there are two other portal-jumpers and offer to help him reach them, but he believes he has been duped by Hightopp and refuses to listen. Rumpelstiltskin returns to the Land of Ever now understanding the key ingredient for his Dark Curse from his experience with Coquelica: the caster must kill the thing he or she loves most.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Salma Hayek  as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Archie Hopper, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

guest stars include : Diane Kruger as Alice Liddell Hargreaves, Anthony Mackie as Jefferson/Tarrant Hightopp, Natalie Dormer as Princess Coquelica, Judi Dench as Queen Iracebeth, Elle Fanning as Young Alice Liddell, David Dastmalchian as the March Hare/Slick, Michael Pena as the Dormouse/Dryden

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What’s the Deal with Neal? Or, Why NealFire Gets No Love

Oh, Neal– you’ve suffered a truly craptastic childhood and spent most of your time on-screen racing through THREE realms to help the son you’ve known for a week … only to be met by widespread indifference at best by the OUAT fandom, as far as I can tell. I know there’s a small but vocal minority who ship Neal with Emma, but even they spent a lot of time defending Neal from various and sundry charges leveled at our favorite portal-jumper from other parts of the OUAT fandom.

It’s lit by the magical properties of Characterius No-Carius!

In which Regina is the fandom

But why is this? Is Neal really that bad a person, or is there something else going on here? Please note this essay isn’t a defense of Neal, in shipping terms or otherwise (the Neal essay is here!)– it’s merely a rundown of reasons I think he’s not more popular. Namely:

  1. Poisoning the Well
  2. Neal’s Flashback Problem
  3. Baelfire is Neal?!
  4. Guilt by Association
  5. There’s No Time!

Ready to fall down a psychological portal to a realm of rampant speculation? Then let’s go!

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Wishin’ and Hoping


“He does more than that, but basically yes,” Jefferson answered.  “Just…if you meet him, avoid making a deal.  They rarely turn out in your favor.”  Jefferson was going to try to keep Emma and David away from the Dark One, but he supposed sooner or later, if she stayed with him, the two of them would meet.  “He’s one of the most powerful magicians in the realm.  The only ones more powerful are the fairies, but I’m not sure they’re a safer bet.”  Honestly, after hearing some of Rumplestiltskin’s gripes about the fairies over the years, Jefferson had developed a bit of an aversion himself.

Jefferson crinkled his nose at her question.  “Doctor?  Who is the Doctor?” he asked, wondering what she was referring to.  He considered all he’d learned through his travels and suddenly he remembered that name from another realm.  “You mean that Time Lord?  I don’t mess with them.  They hate portal jumpers as we don’t care as much as they do about messing up timelines and such.” Besides, traveling to different times was difficult.  Jefferson was capable of such magic, but it took a lot of energy on his part and it wasn’t always successful.

He smiled as she came out, dressed in the nightgown and dressing gown he’d purchased for her.  “Feel better now?” Jefferson asked, his arms still rocking David slowly.  There was a knock at the door again and Jefferson got up, baby still in his arms as he opened the door, seeing two men with a cradle in front of them. “Bring it in and place it near the bed, please.”  They did as he asked, leaving just as quickly.  “Seems like we have a place for David to sleep now.”  They’d have to make it up for him, as it only had a basic mattress in it, but it would do for now.

Emma knew about Rumplestiltskin and his deals. They were always backwards and ones every fairy tale taught her to avoid. Never trust a fae.. “Thats a lesson we usually learn. Shady deals with guys who promise the moon aren’t ever good.” It wasn’t so crass, but she didn’t feel up to playing lightly with her words. The idea of Rumple as a magician was a bit.. new, she’d felt a momentary dread at the idea of it, but focused to shove it away. 

“The Doctor is this time traveler. Tons of shows and movies about him, able to travel everywhere. Her eyes widened when he seemed to pick up on the name, surprised he was so keen to it. Though he sounded like it was personal and for not the first time she felt this was all a dream. 

Her head nod as he asked her condition, knowing just having the blood cleaned up had done wonders. She had just crawled back into the bed when the knock sounded, Emma looking to the door as she slowly reached to the food, knowing she may as well eat before David was occupying her arms once more. “Thank you– For everything again, its more than I would have back where I came from.” Both in prison or as a thief… 

OUAT, Camelot, and Merlin: What We Know

Since OUAT freely draws from multiple stories and legends it isn’t surprising that references to Camelot have been cropping up since S2. Whether or not these were fun easter eggs or intentional hints is hard to tell. 

Camelot is only directly mentioned in 3 episodes. S2 “Lady of the Lake” (the title is it’s own reference to King Arthur lore), S3 “Lost Girl”, S4 “Heroes and Villains” and it is the location of Jefferson’s “meet-cute” with his wife in the graphic novel “Out of The Past”. Add that with what we have gathered about the Sorcerer/Merlin and we don’t have a ton! So I thought I would put together a quick reference list and a few speculations.  Here is what we know about Camelot, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table. 

  • Camelot 
    • Is a separate kingdom and likely it’s own realm. It is referred to by name in all three episodes as a separate and distinct place. While it could be like Arendelle and just separated from ‘Misthaven’ by water or distance the fact that Jefferson, the portal jumper, made a stop there indicates it could be it’s own realm. Plus for story reasons this would be more interesting. 
    • It is a land with magic. The gauntlet that Rumple brings back in S4 is magical and they talk about Excalibur being enchanted. 
    • The stories are well known to the people in the Enchanted Forest. Snow immediately recognizes Lancelot’s name, Charming uses the legend of Excalibur to motivate Snow and both of them know about the Knights of the Round Table. 
  • Lancelot 
    • A Knight of the Round Table that fell from grace because of a woman. Lancelot compares his situation to Charming’s and King George’s feud and the implication is that he was in love with the woman. This is likely a reference to the classic Lancelot and Guinevere tale of adultery. 
    • The S2 episode also mentions that Lancelot was raised by a lake which is also in keeping with the legends.
    • Cora said she killed him but A&E said in an interview that we shouldn’t take her word for it. So it’s possible he could come back. 
  • The Holy Grail 
    • It probably exists but has not been obtained. Lancelot says “In my kingdom there is legend of a cup that has the power to grant eternal life.” This is a pretty good description of the Holy Grail, though not using the specific title was probably on purpose in case A&E wanted to use the Grail for something else later on. 
  • King Arthur 
    • Has never been mentioned at all. Since he is the ruler of Camelot and owner of Excalibur I find that interesting.
    • Lancelot’s affair with Guinevere is often the inciting incident that brings about the Fall of Camelot. Given the time since they first met Lancelot it is possible Camelot could have fallen already. So Arthur could already be in Avalon waiting to be revived. They could also make King Arthur a deposed ruler and Mordred the King of Camelot. (Technically Mordred dies at the Battle of Camlann at the same time Arthur is mortally wounded but they could take liberties)
  • Merlin
    • In S3 Charming calls him a “benevolent mage” but I think it likely this is just legend. 
    • He has been around a long time. In the S4 finale the Apprentice says that anciently he fought The Darkness and that lead to the creation of the Dark One curse. So he is much older than Rumple or Hook likely by centuries.  
    • He has powerful magic. He has created several magical “positions” and objects. The power sucking hat, the Author job and quills, the Dark One, portals to different lands, a prophecy that allowed the holder to break through the Dark Curse and Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone enchantment ( if Charming can be believed). 
    • He can see the future. He provided Ingrid with a prophecy and seemed to know that she would choose the right thing in the end. He also said that Emma and Lily’s fates were intertwined. Prophetic ability was often a key part of Merlin in legends. 
    • He either can’t act on his own or chooses not to. The Apprentice has been spokesman and magic wielder for him. It’s possible that, like the legends, Merlin is trapped somewhere and thus will need to be freed. 

So that’s what we know. If I have missed anything feel free to add to the list! This barely scratches the surface of the King Arthur canon. Arthurian Legends are one of my favorite things so I am sure this is just the first of many speculations and info pieces! Also my ask is always open for questions or speculating.

Once Upon a Time Villains

So I made a random list of villains that I think would be cool to see on Once Upon a Time, with most of them being unrelated to a lot of characters. Here’s what I came up with:

  • The Big Bad Wolf from the 3 Little Pigs: He could or could not be related to Ruby, since he turns into a wolf. He can speak while in that state either by incredible self control or magic. He could be a badass guy-liner wearing villain.
  • The White Witch from Narnia: She could lure Henry and appear through a portal that Geppetto had built (An ordinary wardrobe that maybe he never knew contained a world inside) long ago, that is just lying there and carrying dust in his garage/woodshop that he decided to give as a gift to the Charming family. Henry could become a Prince or a King.
  • Hades from Hercules: HOW COULD YOU NOT? The sass and the muses.
  • The Huns from Mulan: The Huns get re-awakened in Storybrooke. Mulan finds out about it and works with Aurora and Philip to get to find a way back to Storybrooke, since she’s defeated them once before and would definitively know how again. Especially since she finds out that Shang and Mushu are in Storybrooke.
  • Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog: An old acquaintance of Rumpel’s, who he’s made deals with/worked with. Or maybe his song/quote “I’ve got friends on the other side” could be useful when someone on the show dies, goes under a sleeping curse, or he has some relation to the Wraith.
  • Jack Skeleton from Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Scar from The Lion King
  • Ratcliffe from Pocahontas: There aren’t many natives on Once Upon a Time, but it would be amazing if they could introduce them - including Pocahontas - from another land. (Ratcliffe could be a portal jumper from his own land). He accidentally ends up in Fairytale-Land later and decides he doesn’t like them either for using “Magic”, so, when he ends up in Storybrooke, he decides that these people are no good and should be all killed. (Yay genocide).
  • Not really a villain but… The Boy Who Cried Wolf: The boy keeps finding it hilarious running into the Sheriff’s department or Granny’s Diner and saying there’s a wolf in his yard, but there actually isn’t. One day everyone gets sick of him, so Ruby goes and transforms into an actual wolf in his yard and scares the shit out of him and he never cries wolf again.
  • Tzekel-Kan from The Road to El Dorado
  • Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmations