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The loft doors click shut and Alec sags back against them, sighing deeply. It’s only around six in the evening, but it feels much, much later. The world is stuck in that liminal space between sunset and darkness, leaving just enough light to make Alec wonder whether he should turn on the lamps. Everything is bathed in sepia tones falling through the windows, washed-out and almost soothing, if only it didn’t make the flat feel more empty.

He rubs at his face, tendrils of pulsing pain climbing up the back of his neck and into his temples. The objective silence of the loft makes it worse - cars keep driving on the road below, someone is playing loud music, but up here everything is too quiet, devoid of Magnus’ usual familiar presence. It doesn’t feel like a home without him, instead only like a space to inhabit, one with a bed too big and too many coffee cups for one person.

Alec toes off his boots and sets his bow down in its usual spot, before making his way through the living room and towards the kitchen. While passing by the couch, he shrugs off his suit jacket and tosses it carelessly onto it, shoulders rolling to try and diffuse the tension in his muscles.

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Person A is living life as normal ( whatever the definition of normal may be for them ) when one day a portal opens. The cause of it is up to you, but somehow they’re sucked into it and are popped out in front of Person B, who has whatever their canon relationship with A is. Person A is very confused, but things seem alright until somehow a topic regarding A’s past comes up, and B seems genuinely confused when Person A refers to it as part of their past, instead claiming it’s from Person B’s own history.

aka. Person A gets sucked into a portal, leading to an alternate universe where A and B have swapped backstories.

Day #300: Days Gone By

Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer started dating during their Senior Year at Canterlot High - right around midterms. Like you’d expect, they ran into a few awkward moments in the early Days of their time together before gaining a deeper understanding between each other and what they both wanted and expected out of their relationship.

They’re both far from perfect, but took every chance they could to learn from the other and grow as individuals to continue on even stronger…

…And in the coming years, a wedding was on the way! But, while Twilight and Sunset were in the midst of rushing a bit to get some things moving along, with a month or two to prepare for a [somewhat small] wedding, they heard news that a certain pony friend of theirs was in the middle of preparing for her own!

With the help of a couple party planners, the girls visited Equestria for a very special event to celebrate the engagement of not only themselves, but of Princess Twilight and Princess Luna. [ image collab with @royalsketchbook ]

Their day full of bliss came and went in the blink of an eye, but will always be embedded in the hearts of those around them. Everything was beautiful. They received plentiful gifts and support, and had an exciting honeymoon in France. After returning home, they even adopted a cat, to keep Spike company during the hours they may not be around. Their little family was growing…

…and growing? Somehow, by an unexpected combination of love, empathy magic, and the mirror, they have a baby girl on the way. It was a rocky start, but they’re on a mission to learn all they can about parenting in the short amount of time they have to prepare.

Temporarily, they’re residing in Equestria with Moon Dancer until the baby is born. It was a very tough decision, but the side effects of portal hopping to a fetus are unknown, and Equestria is a safe place they can keep tabs if any sort of magic were to go haywire.

It’s been an incredibly long journey so far, but nothing worth fighting for has ever been an easy thing to accomplish. Seven months down, allegedly four months to go.

I figure Day 300 would be the perfect milestone to summarize the gist of what’s happened so far in SSD! I know this is something that will be beneficial to new readers, but also maybe a nice refresher for the old ones. Thanks so much for keeping up with this blog! I couldn’t have made it this far without all of you rooting for me and liking what I do. Here’s to another 100 days!

Wejdź, a pokażę ci, co czują ptaki, szybując wysoko nad oceanami.
Co jastrzębie oko ze szczytu dostrzega i co czuje zwierzę, gdy przed nim uciekasz.
Zanurkuj w głębiny, tam gdzie ryby płyną i zrozum delfiny, ich mowę niewinną.
I bądź kroplą deszczu, gdy zmienia się w kryształ i tą skamieliną, o której nie słyszał nikt.
Przy mnie czas staje w miejscu - możesz go cofnąć, wybiec bez przeszkód.
Pokażę ci nowe wymiary podróży.
Dam dostęp do najgłębszych wymiarów duszy.
Połączę cię z ciałem świetlistym jak gwiazdy byś wziął je ze sobą i dzielił się z każdym.
Przekroczysz bariery struktury swej jaźni.
Mój świat się zaczyna od granic fantazji.
Bez wyobraźni nie ruszysz z miejsca, mistyczne pojazdy zwiedzają wszechświat.
Przy mnie zrozumiesz kim jesteś, gdzie idziesz rozpłynie się ego i klamry fizyczne.
Gdy zniknie dualizm pojmiesz, czym jedność, poszerzy się obraz ogromny jak niebo.
Nade mną już fiolet z tysiąca płatków.
Przyodziej koronę namaste, bratku.
—  Kali x Pawbeats - “Portal” (Chakra)

highwarlockkareena  asked:

if they don't do 'mundane driving' think about magnus taking alec out for a spin for the first time in an open top sports car, or on a motorbike - something fast.

alec wasn’t sure what to expect, all he knew was that magnus was pleased about something. god he was pleased. he had that million dollar smirk tucked into the corner of his mouth that made alec’s heart thud just a little faster. alec had been able to taste how smug he was on his tongue when magnus kissed him awake.

but that had been the morning and it was a whole day without a single hint as to what magnus had up his sleeve. a whole 12 hours of remembering magnus’s grin and the way his eyes were glinting, without a word except for a short request.

“just be back here by, let’s say 7 o’clock?” each word was murmured into alec’s lips between more slow kisses, burnt into alec’s brain for the remainder of the day. he looked forward to the both of them being home every single night, but now there was this curiosity on top of it, tugging him back home.

of course the day went slower because of that. it decided to drag on for what felt like forever and he had tried multiple times, attempting to be sneaky in text messages for a hint at what they’d be doing. but he could hear magnus’s deep laugh in every word of his responses. it left him biting back a grin and shaking his head as he waited for the clock to count down.

finally though, finally he was able to leave. he got back to the loft in record time, faster than he ever had before, curious and confused considering magnus’s texts had dropped off a couple of hours ago when he seemed to get tired of alec trying to get information out of him.

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If I had Rick Sanchez’s reality-hopping Portal gun, I would waste the potential by only going to realities where my favourite cartoons weren’t cancelled against the creator’s wishes. In fact, I would go to a reality where it was illegal to cancel a cartoon against the creator’s wishes and just binge-watch the nonexistent seasons of my favourite discontinued cartoons.

Taakitz hc dump

  • Taako loves pet names obviously but when Kravitz starts calling him some he is NOT ready and just soaks up the love and attention. 
  • Honeymoon stage?? nope it’s just a continuous case of puppy dog eyes and hand holding and “No YOU hang up first” 
  • Kravitz use his cool portal hopping powers to drop little trinkets and cool stuff he finds for Taako. he usually wakes up with a gift nestled on his pillow. 
  • Kravitz and Taako do the thing where you put your hand in someone’s back pocket to touch their butt.
  • Kravitz will just stare at Taako just lost in how pretty he is while Taako debates on if something is worth stealing or not. 
  • Bone puns
  • Magnus and Merle casually bringing up the whole tentacle thing and Taako having no shame like “If i wanna tentacle my bf’s dick I’ll do it rn. Try me.” 
  • I just want them to be happy christ
Soul Bond -Afterdeath-

Soul bonding was said to be the strongest peek in ones relationship. Though not everyone could have a soul bond, both partners would have to love each Other in equal amounts. If one decided that they the no longer love their partner when their souls are bonded it could leave the others soul to shatter. It could physically bring pain to the other. If the soul bond is forced it could also result in great pain.

Luckily that wasn’t a real problem for Death or Geno. Though nither one of them understood the feeling. Well Geno did but due to some experiences in the past, he never wanted to get to attached to Death. On the other hand, Death had no idea what this feeling was, he felt it once before but it wasn’t this strong. He hates it, it makes him feel all awkward and warm. It also frustrated him, he wasn’t really made to feel a great amounts of emotions, as it could interfere with his job.

  Death tried everything to find out what this emotion was, it only made his frustration worse. He looked around the ruble of the town he was drawn to. Earthquakes oh how fun. He was cautious, awaiting the aftermaths as he went through his book. Geno had helped him fix it after the stupid flood he got caught in because no other god seemed to have felt the need to warn him of the dangers of Monsoon season. The memory of Geno’s laugh, his smile, the fact he called Death cute because the god became frustrated at the hot glue gun, it made that stupid feeling return.

  The god crossed the last name off the list. Groaning as he shoved it in his cloak. He made his way through the town, tragic. He imagined everyone going about their day when a magnitude 7.5 Earthquake came in and destroyed the place. Man was nature merciless, children to adults. But it didn’t really faze Death, he was used to it.

  He was about to open a portal back to Reapertale when the urge to visit Geno hit him. Geno, his best friend, the second person to believe him. And there goes that feeling. Why was it that every time he thought of Geno the feeling would burst like a dam overflowing with water. That’s when Death had an idea, maybe Geno knew what he was feeling and maybe then Geno could help rid of this stupid feeling.

  Death opened a portal and hopped into the void, a smile formed on his face when he saw Geno sleeping peacefully. For once. His face felt warm, did him being in that town somehow get him sick? No that could be it, he didn’t feel sick, just warm. Death made his way toward Geno, he gently shook the other awake.

  “Hey Geno, Geno wake up” Death spoke hushed. Geno’s eyes fluttered open as he sat up, he yawned, there was the feeling Death hates. “Hey Death is everything ok?” Geno turned to face his friend, “Yea, ya’ know when we were talking about this whole ‘developing emotions’ thing?” Geno thought for a moment, “yea why? Did you get angry at your cloak again cuz if so-” “N-No its not that! Besides that was only once and I’ve made adjustments!” Geno smiled at the memory of Death falling face first because the clumsy god tripped on his own cloak, “alright if you say so” Death looked away, hiding his 'Embarrassment’ “look I need help figuring out this slightly new emotion it won’t go away” Geno looked at Death in a concerned manner. Hoping the emotion wasn’t any where near depression, even though Geno was halfway convinced that Death already knew that one well. “Alright, what’s up?” Death gripped the ends of the sleeves “ Lately I’ve been feeling all warm and fuzzy, and I hate it. Its like every time you come to mind it makes itself known. And I can’t keep myself from smiling and thinking of you.” Geno’s conceded look flattened… Death loved him… He didn’t want that. He loved Death too, but that was the issue, he was already so attached to the god. But a relationship with him…. He couldn’t bare to lose Death too. It hurt Geno so much but he had to tell his friend. “ its called love Death” Death tilted his head in confusion “I thought that was Level Of ViolencE, I don’t feel like a murderous type of warmth” Geno did what he could in holding back a smile, “ not that kind of Love Death. You see the love I’m talking about is when you really like someone more then just friends and you feel like they make your world so much better.” Death smiled “Then I guess I love you” Geno’s soul sank. “Geno? Is everything ok?” Death reached his hand out before it was slapped away, Death was taken back as he pulled his hand to his chest. “Did I say something wrong? Is that not how it works?” Geno shook his head “no you did it right, its just… Death I can’t love you back”

  Those words, why did they hurt the god so much, he was used to people telling him how much they hate him. So why did that hurt? Why did he feel hurt? Its not like Geno physically hurt him, why did his soul hurt? Death felt something glide down his face, his had subconsciously moved up, lightly touching his cheek. He moved his hand down. Water? Was Death crying? He never really cried before, he’s seen mortals cry all the time. He tried to speak but the words didn’t form. Instead anger began to rise. Geno hurt him for no reason. It was rude to say the less. “Fine” Death spat before dissapering. Leaving Geno alone… Regreting his every choice.

Y'all thought this was going to be cute huh? Lol think again! Anyways I’ll probably make a part two.


Death- @renrink

Geno- @loverofpiggies

lightdax  asked:

Since we'll never see it happen, at the end of the Silver Age when Team Psychic fell through a Genesis Portal...where did they end up? (If it's possible to answer.)

There was another installment of the Silver Age saga in the works, and in that version they got dumped out in Sonic’s world, present time. Or at least Silver is. Gold and Schlemmer get separated, and the trouble starts when they try to get in contact with Silver…

Sorry for being cagey, but I’m not quite ready to spill the beans on where and when they are, as I might wanna tell that story someday! Also as that story was only in the pitching stage, it was very subject to change so take this with a grain of salt. I think somebody else was writing a story between the first Silver Age arc and my next story, no idea what that one was about.

The plan was that they don’t ever stay in one time or place for very long; Team Psych is frequently hopping portals a la Sliders, looking for a way back to Onyx City and hoping to find a way to improve the fate of the future.

Hiveswap, Cherubs, Fantrolls, First Guardians, Limebloods: How Does This Concern Me?

New year, new theory! With Hiveswap hot on our heels it’s fitting that we kick 2017 off with a bang, right? Gotta get my bets in before the races start! You know what they say right? Go big or go home.

So let’s make the first theory of the year a Hiveswap plot forecast!

Let’s talk about how the fantroll we saw for 2 panels might actually tell us how Doc Scratch and cherubs factor into the plot of the game.

This is definitely a lot more interesting than the Handmaid.

Longish post warning. We’ve got some potential to discuss.

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I'm curious. The Portal-Hopping crew left Cassie on the platform in episode 6, and the door they had to open for Lukas, Petra, and Ivor to get out would still be open because they can't close it from the other side, so couldn't Cassie mine the platform down to one block and use the rest of the blocks to bridge over to the open door? My friend and I tested this, and it could happen, so is Cassie possibly still alive?

Yes it does appear that the fate of Cassie Rose was pretty ambiguous……


8D Finally done! This is a storyboard I made for Don’t Starve, it’s basically my idea of how they would ‘escape’ the DS world once and for all. Obviously nothing canon, just did it for fun. This also serves as a ‘prologue’ for my new comic called “Shadowbound” that’s starting this month!


Now that Charlie is the Queen and Maxwell has been demoted to joining the survivors, they work together to bring her down and escape once and for all. Scarred and battered, the survivors finally reach her throne room and distract her attention away from the throne (being that she somehow isn’t confined to sitting on it), and Maxwell summons a monster to take the seat instead.

Because the monsters were technically created by Maxwell, with the very magic that possesses you when you sit on the throne, it only gets deflected (when the shadows are shown wrapping around the dragon’s neck but then falling instead of consuming her) and the throne is left vulnerable. The Deerclops smashes it to pieces, and the broken throne is what ultimately breaks the cycle and tears a hole through the very fabric of the dimension, leading back to the real world.

This makes the DS world (called the ShadowLands in this story) fall apart, and even the monsters start getting sucked into the portal. The survivors hop through, but Wilson hesitates, realizing that Maxwell isn’t going with them. Maxwell insists that he goes while he stays with the monstrous-and-raging Charlie, and at last he finally parts with his spellbook (the Codex Umbra), throwing it into the portal as well.

Wilson is teleported back to his home in the mountains, and as he happily runs inside to probably cry and never want to step foot outdoors again, the other monsters from the ShadowLands loom around him in the forest; looks like he hasn’t seen the last of them.

Meanwhile, the Codex Umbra falls in some unknown location, and sinks into the mud.

Prompt: Steve x Darcy: Is it too late? (My Dear)

So I have lowkey shipped this couple for years, not because I was ashamed or anything, but because there were so much amazing fanfiction out there for them already, and I was slightly (a lot) intimidated by it. So I didn’t think I’d be able to get their voices right or do it justice. But I decided recently to broaden my horizons as some you who follow me might know already. And the wonderful human who runs @shieldshockfanfic​ gave me some prompts to run with and I decided on this one, it just hit all the right angsty notes with me. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU to @shieldshockfanfic for the heartwarming encouragement to help me be brave. Much Love to you!

Hope you enjoy the read.

You can also read it on Ao3 for your convenience.

Summary:  First there’s a kidnapping. Then a bullet. And all Darcy really knows is that she despises portals.

As far as kidnappings went Darcy’s one was pretty creative, she’d have to admit, albeit grudgingly and Tony would have to finally give up the good alcohol, for her to ever reveal that little truth nugget.

Portals weren’t an unusual thing in the science labs, no matter how many times she had threatened the genius/deranged people she called her friends, that portals were a bad time waiting to happen.

She was right. Darcy was always right, which was why it was super annoying that no one ever, ya’ know, listened to her.

But the portal that had Darcy immediately glaring at, with all of her only-one-cup-of-coffee-today fury didn’t actually come from Jane or more shockingly, Tony. It came from some brightly dressed assholes in yellow hazmat suits.


Of course, she threw her cup at one of the idiots head and of course when they started making grabby hands, she shoved Jane into one of the rooms made for a very specific reason; keeping The Hulk from squishing people. She slammed her hand on the red button that everyone said not to touch, and locked the furious and cussing scientist/future Queen of Asgard inside.

She never claimed to have superb self-preservation skills, but she’s sure someone would be totally proud of how she took a swing at another henchman, knocking him on his ass.

It’s her, she’s the one proud of knocking him on his ass. She didn’t even have the training for that move! And they said movies can’t teach you things.

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MCSM Countdown Day 8

Lukas couldn’t sleep, no matter what he tried. He’d thought the night before had been bad, anxious about what sort of “game” Jesse and Ivor would have to go through, but that was nothing compared to what he was feeling right now. Now Jesse was going at it alone, relying only on the other competitors when no one knew if the speech would be enough to get through to them. And to top it all off, Jesse had taken Hadrian’s deal for her freedom in exchange for theirs, which now included the imprisoned Axel and Olivia.

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Bam A lam

Farris stared at the wanted poster. She looked at her crew then back to the poster. “Well between this kid and Wolfgang. We are gonna be busy.” she laid the poster down to give them a good eye view him. “I do not have a poster on Wolfgang so he will be harder to track but I think we can do it. “ she got up. 

Farris moved over to the controls. “I have something important to show you.” she pushed the seat back and The Scarlet Rose moved through the air. It would take them a few hours to reach the destination. “I have my father’s ship. The Black Sails. It’s stationed on the coast of Stranglethorn. “ she wheeled the Rose towards Booty Bay. 

The Rose came to a rest on the docks. Farris motioned her crew to come with her. She had a stage coach waiting on them as they arrived. They reached the destination where The Black Sails rested. They were looking for a ship but.

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miami-morty  asked:

Mimi leans against the wall, sucking on a lolly, watching the boy who just portaled in. "Looking for something, bb?"

He jumps at the voice, looking around quickly before his eyes land on Mimi. “Oh, Jesus, y-ou scared me..” He bends down and puts his hands on his knees, trying to breathe. He guesses the portal hopping method didn’t work. When he realizes what an mess he must look like in front of her, his face goes red and he shoots a quick, half-smile. “Yeah, something like that.” His mind is definitely elsewhere.