portal gun cosplay


London Film and Comic Con Satirday highlights! I went as Rick, and my friend went as Hanji from Attack on Titan.

We met a Rick and Morty cosplayer pair that I knew from last year, and told us about a Rick and Morty meet, and what you see here is what happened! So many Ricks, Mortys and a couple of Gzorpazorps! (Spelling? I dunno)

Enjoy the zaniness!!! It was such good fun meeting all the Rick and Morty cosplayers.

FYI I made my portal gun, and I also made the portal we all used in the photoshoot. It was a big hit ^_^


Mashup cosplay incoming? After seeing that fanart (I wish I could trace the artist, that’s NOT my work), I decided to see what a Guzma/Rick mashup would entail. A prop bottle of booze might be a thing but I gave a Portal Gun-themed PokeBall a shot. So here’s the Portal Ball, able to summon any Pokemon from any dimension known to man. Could summon an Ultra Beast, could also summon a Gazorpazorp Pikachu. You never know EDIT - artist of that fanart: http://fightbeast.tumblr.com/post/148797568616/i-had-to-draw-it


Made this yesterday and finished it this morning/in class

It’s a home-made prototype portal gun, I call it “Portaltype X1″

It does light up, just the front three green lights though and I made it using only things I found around my house, it was very spur of the moment. 

I felt like more of a ‘Rick’ Morty because I don’t really swear and burp and I’m a nice, sweet Morty (also the hair).